'Breaking Dawn -- Part 1' trailer: Wedding! Feathers! Life-threatening hybrid baby! It's all here!

We’ve been teased, and teased again. And now, finally, the first full trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1 (out Nov. 18) has arrived. For those of you who prefer to remain SPOILER free, be warned: Like so many other movie trailers, this one serves as a two-and-a-half-minute summary of much of the entire film.

We see Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) get married. We see Jacob (Taylor Lautner) still yearn for Bella as he says goodbye. We get a fleeting glimpse of Bella and Edward’s bed-breaking, feather-scattering honeymoon. And we see the aftermath of their horizontal shenanigans: Bella’s pregnant, with a seemingly impossible human-vampire hybrid, who is growing so fast it’s killing Bella, and poses such a threat to Jacob’s wolf pack that they’re determined that it (and Bella) should die before it’s born. But not if Jacob has anything to growl about it. Check the full trailer below!

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  • Shannon

    I wonder where the movie actually cuts off. I guess it’s right where Edward’s about to cut through Bella’s womb.

    • ouchkabibbles

      I read that it’s around the time Bella wakes up as a vampire.

      • Liz

        That make since cut it off from the only part worth watching

      • Shannon

        Ah, ok. Well, that’s still more than I expected them to show in the first part.

      • Shannon

        I’m still wondering if that love scene is as long as its shown in the trailer. Probably very close to that.

      • Edward

        Don’t hate me because I look like I have downs syndrome



      • daji

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    • Judy

      I thought the end of Jacob’s part of the book (while Bella’s in her transformation pain-coma) would make the perfect half-way point.

      • AdminMAJA

        The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Watch Online in HD here:


    • LOL

      America hates crap.

      • Edward

        No, you love me. Face it boobkiss

    • Heather

      Come one people. Its going to end when Jacob inprints on Renesemee and we know Bella isn’t dying but transforming into a vampire.

    • Ash

      Why are these two hot guys, one a vampire and the other a freakin’ werewolf, so fascinated by this mouse boring human girl?

      • ew-bot

        It’s her mystique, You never know what she’ll walk into next. Keeps ‘em guessing.

    • bethany

      no not acctully cause it cuts of where bella opens her eyes and we see she is a vampire!!!

  • jordan

    Well the trailer gave, for me, way too many spoilers away. I mean, literally all they have left to reveal in the movie is what happens to Bella with the baby. I know most people have read the book, but that trailer was the movie’s rising action, climax, and a lot more that, to me, they shouldn’t have given away in the trailer.
    Now, after that mini-rant, I thought the trailer was pretty awesome, though.

    • Shannon

      Jacob makes a cute doula.

    • Aiden

      Completely agree.
      Breaking Dawn seems to have scored the best director they’ve ever had for a Twilight movie. No offense to the first three, but I got more excited watching this 2-minute trailer than seeing all of the prior films. Kudos to Bill Condon.
      What a shame, though, because it’s certainly not the best book in the series. Perhaps film will enhance it.

      • tvmarie

        I agree, Breaking Dawn is actually the worst book in the series, but with a director like Bill Condon, all that will be glossed over. Both trailers look good–looking forward to the movie.

    • Karate Pants

      Aughhhh!!!!! Where did it go???
      It seems to have been pulled down everywhere.
      Can someone possibly act it out for me? Please?

      • Karate Pants

        Okay, found it. You can all put your dramatic arts degrees away, thanks.

      • ew-bot

        I was half way through staging it with sock puppets. Hmm, maybe I’ll finish it…

    • Anonymous

      I think they’re pretty much assuming that most people who see the movie have read the books and know what’s going to happen. So there really shouldn’t be any spoilers.

    • Toooldbutloveit

      Yeah, it did seem like they hit all key points of the book befor Bella (spoiled rotten) has baby. And totally agree – Trailer was fantastic! :)

  • kate

    I have so much respect for Bill Condon and the trailer looks good; so i’m more likely than not to see this.

    • Lily

      x 2 – I loved Twilight; couldn’t stand New Moon; thought Eclipse was OK. But with this great trailer and Carter Burwell back to do the score for BD, I’m feeling hopeful again and will definitely see it.

    • wino

      this trailer looks great. it seems that the worst book of the series will have the best movie(s). and agree wl. karate pants, hope the final battle deviates from the book.

  • HC

    i was really hoping they would do away with that whole creepy baby storyline, oh well….

    • StewyFan

      Well since the whole book is based on that creepy baby storyline, that would have been impossible.

      • Karate Pants

        I am still holding out some hope that the “battle” ends differently, even if it deviates from the book.

  • miss k

    Bravo Bill Condon, looks better than expected!

    • Rosa

      And this is why I love Kurt. :’)Haha, no, actually I kinda like it that Sebastian shows up. I mean, I don’t Iike Sebastian and still think Klaine is pefrect, but I’d kinda like to see Kurt and Blaine having a dramatic fight, because Sebastian does I don’t know what with Blaine. And then, eventually they make things up and we have our Klaine couple back.

  • charlotte

    I can’t wait to see that baby chew it’s way out. So awesomely bad!

  • Shannon

    No one’s wearing scrubs

    • Natalie


  • meredithmhood

    I just saved $8. That’s the whole fricken movie!

  • nodnarb

    So Part 2 is all about Jacob falling in love with the baby?

    • Shannon

      And Bella’s newly-vampiric self. Yeah, pretty much.

      • Edward

        I’m awesome. Just face it.

      • Gwen

        @Edward- Do you sparkle?

    • Deb

      That AND the other vamps wanting to kill the baby and the ensuing vamp civil war.

  • Shannon

    It’s the blushing bride and groom…if she had any pigment in her face and if he had any blood.

  • Josh

    Yeah wed and bred that 18 year old girl! Who needs college and family when you can be an immortal, unhealthy possessive with relationship with a vampire!!


    • Shannon

      Yep. That’s the whole selling point all right. And in this economy, you’re better off finding a nice, wealthy, possessive vampire to settle down with. Ha……ha…..

      • charlotte

        Ah yes, I feel an essay on comparing and contrasting the new boom in Sugar Babies and Bella. Makes me nostalgic for college.

      • Josh

        But what’s a guy to do? Lady vamps just have weird visions and mope about NOT having kids. Oh well I’l just have a daughter and find a good vampire to for her. Or if that doesn’t work out, find a werewolf who’ll imprint on her while she’s still a baby, because you know, who wants a girl to have choices and independence that aren’t tied to a man? NOT ME!

      • Shannon

        lol, charlotte: “Sugar Babies and Bella”. There are a multitude of engaging Twilight critical essays out there, but that’s certainly one worth adding to the mix.
        And Josh, you’ve totally got it all figured out. Go forth and procreate daughters for the sole purpose of marriage and/or imprinting upon by prevalent fantasy figures!

      • Josh

        Word, my daughter’s going to be awesome. Well insecure and “clumsy”(she’ll tell you this quite often) and she won’t really have to much of a personality, but all fantasy figures will have the hots for her and she for them. She’ll consider suicide if they don’t pay attention to her. I think I’ll name her Bella.

      • Shannon

        Good call, man. Good call.

      • Josh Fan

        You’re awesome, Josh.

    • I lied to you the minute i said i do

      if the vampire looked like michael fassbender then i would totally throw away my life for some sexy time

      • Alyssa

        you would have to share him with me. And only if he has the glowing eyes and pale skin. NO SPARKLES. I dont think Michael would play anything but a real vampire anyway. Johnny is playing one in ” Dark Shadows”. My eyes already had orgasms when watching Michael in ” First Class”.

      • charlotte

        I *just* finished watching Centurion on Netflix streaming. Yeah, I’d become a drip like Bella for Fassbender any day.

    • L

      It’s fiction. Get over yourself.

    • Hedwig

      If you’ve actually read Twilight, you will know that the Cullens attend school all the time and have multiple university/college degrees. They don’t give up school because they are vampires, and so Bella probably won’t either.

  • Shannon

    I’ve never understood why Edward didn’t use a condom. No, really. I mean, I know they were stupid and thought she couldn’t get preggers, but he’s so freakin’ overprotective of her that you’d think he’d want to protect her from that venom. Er, whatever. Then you’d have no wacky Renesmee storyline and even wackier Jacob-turned-werewolf-Woody Allen as he imprints on the newborn baby.

    • Edward

      Because he thinks it’s the governments job to regulate HPV vaccination.

      • Shannon

        You see, Edward? This is why you knocked up Bella in the first place! You’re sadly misinformed! Vampires don’t carry STD’s. It has to do with the whole being dead and frozen solid thing. lol, umm…but, I appreciate your sudden political perspective.

      • Josh

        This is why they need to teach Vampire Sexual Education in schools in books written by Bored Mormons Housewives.

        See Sarah Palin! SEE!!

      • Shannon

        lol, exactly! It’s pretty ridiculous how much he doesn’t know. Especially considering his adoptive dad is a doctor. And the fact that he’s been around 100 years or so.

      • Karate Pants

        I am so happy. THIS is what the message boards should have been all along. *sniff* I KNEW there was intelligent life out there…
        I think vampire sperm – since they’re uncommonly strong and age so quickly that a whack session would mean a sock full of zygotes – they could certainly chew through latex. So what would said condom be made of?

      • Shannon

        Heh, thanks for your insight, Karate Pants. You’re right about the latex chewing. Goodness, does nothing from a vampire enjoy a good chewing session?? Don’t think so. Anyway… For future vampire/nonvampire relationships, NASA would probably have to get in on the deal and design a condom strong enough to hold up against vampire venom. They would have to design one that would mimic vampire flesh, I assume. Oh, and it should definitely sparkle, but not just in the sunlight… Uh..yeah.

    • Alyssa

      I never understood what the hell kind of name is Renesmee? Then again I dont care about this tripe, or miss constipation

      • Shannon

        It’s a horrible name for sure. But, then Jacob couldn’t call the little hybrid kid, his future wife, “Nessie”. And what would we do without that?

      • Tiffany

        I think it had something to do Renesmee is a combo of Renee and Esme, and also because 18 year olds tend to give their babies stupid names.

      • Cameron J

        It means all teens are stupid. You should know this if you’ve been here awhile. *sigh*

    • tvgirl48

      I didn’t really get that either. Although once you suspend your disbelief to accept that vampires without a pulse can still…um, rise to the occasion, it’s hard to nitpick about this kind of stuff.

      • Shannon

        Yeah, I try to suspend my disbelief as well, but Stephenie Meyer went ahead and tried to explain the possibility of the whole thing, in the context of her world, of course and it still made absolutely no sense.

    • L

      Meyer addresses that on her website. Let’s just say they don’t make one strong enough.

      • Shannon

        lol, did she really? You know, that’s the one thing she’s said that actually makes sense.

    • Shannon

      When Lady Gaga said, “I wanna take a ride on your disco stick”, she might’ve been referring to Edward Cullen.

      • ew-bot

        This idea has sparkly marketing potential. “My first…”

  • Shannon

    Those CGI wolves are cute. Not as cute as the real wolves used on True Blood, though.

  • EL

    Looks like the comedy of the year!

    So many laugh out loud moments.

    • Shannon

      I have indeed laughed out loud during these movies. Including the parts that aren’t intended to be funny.

      • charlotte

        Yes, they are brilliant comedies. Whether they know it or not.

  • Dominic

    The Twilight Saga: The Return of Kristen Stewart’s Obsessive Facial Tics.

    • Shannon

      Indeed. I also call it “The Twilight Saga: The Vampires of Ga’hoole” because those copper contacts make the entire Cullen clan look like fanged owls.

      • m1

        If this was a tweet, I would retweet it.

      • charlotte

        If this was facebook, I would like this.

      • Edward

        If this was Obama, I would actually vote for this.

      • Shannon

        hehe, thanks, fellow humans and oddly political vampire lurker.

    • District 12

      her facial tics, open mouth, loud breathing, bleh she is soooooooo bad

      • Shannon

        I actually enjoy her in Indie movies, though.

      • District 12

        I have seen almost everything she has been in and I can’t stand her, she ruins a movie for me.

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