'Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' trailer: Lisbeth takes center stage

If the first official trailer for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo left you wanting more context — despite Trent Reznor and Karen O’s kick-ass cover of “Immigrant Song” — you’re finally in luck. The latest clip, which is just as moody as the first, maps out the dark story and introduces us to Lisbeth Salander (a transformed Rooney Mara), the “different in every way” hacker who becomes intertwined with a troubled journalist (Daniel Craig) hired by the aging patriarch of the Vanger dynasty (Christopher Plummer) to solve a puzzling 40-year-old murder. For as much as the trailer reveals — Lisbeth’s own sexual assault trauma, the mysterious Vanger family — there’s still plenty of blink-and-you’ll-miss-them hints of what’s still to unravel. Watch the full clip below to investigate:

What did you think of the longer, more detailed Dragon Tattoo trailer? Does Mara capture Lisbeth’s sharp idiosyncrasies?

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    Can’t wait!

    • why

      Someone should tell Daniel Craig what a Swedish accent sounds like. Not impressed. I like fincher but this looks like your standard mystery thriller. The accents are all over the place and it makes me want to see the original.

      • MrsGarcia

        Even better, read the book!

      • Tiffany

        The swedish version had good acting, but it was a completely boring take on the story. The pacing was slow, the imagery was too bright and widely shot (they would show a whole room instead of focusing on the people), etc. For suchstylishly written books, the Swedish films were not stylishly filmed.

        And I don’t think Daniel Craig was going for a swedish accent, so I don’t understand what that comment is about.

      • Melinda CUddy

        You SHOULD see the original, before the American version..it (the original) captures Stieg Larssons’s characters perfectly. Not sure about the US version…we usually change things up.

      • k

        you’ll be very disappointed by the remake….once you see the original with noomi rapace. there’s no way rooney mara can even come close to rapace’s performance.

      • thin

        Gah. The original films severely shortchange several major characters over the course of the trilogy. I am bewildered by people who say they’ve read the books and that the movies are great adaptations of them. They’re not. They have a great Lisbeth and an okay Blomkvist, and that’s about the extent of it. I was particularly bothered at how marginalized Erica Berger was in all three films.

    • PK

      After seeing this trailer, I’m definitely more intrigued with the film. I read the books and absolutely loved them. I thought the Swedish films did a good job but I wouldn’t say they were fantastic. I won’t be running to the movie theater on opening day for the film but will be checking it out once it hits the On Demand menu.

      • PK

        But when I watch this version, I will feel as though I’m cheating on Rapace who completely nailed Lisbeth. Rooney Mara has some very very big shoes to fill.

  • Lily

    Is it just me or does this “look” very similar to the Swedish version?

    • Kevin

      Just you. The Swedish version “looked” like a TV movie.

      • why

        If the Swedish version was so bad it wouldn’t have been an international hit and the greedy tards in Hollywood wouldn’t be remaking it in English to milk more money out of it.

      • Mike

        Are we all forgetting it was a book first?

      • K8

        Yes, and it did not follow the book very well. I hated the Swedish adaptations. This one already looks like it follows the darker storylines of the book more.

      • zack

        The book was originally in Swedish as well… and that got translated into English… now the movie… so what…. plus its David Fincher … so that says something of what to expect – a good movie!

      • julie

        nothing says thin like the chemotherapy look

      • VesperMae

        The Swedish movies looked like TV movies because they were.
        Actually, they were shot as a mini-series, two episodes/movies per book.
        I prefer the mini-series, it is excellent and way more detailed than the short movies.
        Watch the mini-series!

    • mae

      this looks way better.

      • Cheryl

        it’s the same exact movie! Americans just can’t appreciate foreign films with subtitles.

      • Reek. My name is Reek.

        Sorry Cheryl, but the Swedish version had good acting but bad directing and bad writing. I am hoping the American version will be bring it all together.

      • Dave

        Has nothing to do with subtitles. I watch foreign movies all the time. The Swedish adaptations of these books were just mediocre films.

      • Tiffany

        The swedish version had good acting, but it was a completely boring take on the story. The pacing was slow, the imagery was too bright and widely shot (they would show a whole room instead of focusing on the people), etc. For such stylishly written books, the Swedish films were not stylishly filmed.
        And I don’t think Daniel Craig was going for a swedish accent, so I don’t understand what that comment is about.

      • soz

        Actually Cheryl, if you watched more foreign films, you would probably have higher standards for them.

        These movies weren’t even bad. They were just meh. Then again, I thought the books were meh too.

      • Anon

        The movies were not the best in my opinion. Just because I’m American doesn’t mean I don’t watch foreign films. I actually hate watching dubbed versions of foreign films because I can tell that they’re speaking a different language and it bothers me. Subtitles are always the way to go. Just because most Americans don’t watch foreign films doesn’t mean that they all don’t.

    • Mockerfab4

      Not you. i thought the exact same thing!

      • Lily

        Thank you! I loved the Swedish films. Noomi Rapace IS Lisbeth Salander.

      • Adwina Lambert

        wat a very unnecessary remake tsk! tee-hee!

    • A-K87

      I was hoping for something which could be distinguished from the excellent 2009 version. I’m not saying that Fincher’s will be worse but… is it artistically relevant to have spent 10 times the 2009 version’s budget to put out an adaptation which looks almost identical?

      I think Fincher should have spent his time on something fresher. It’s a shame that Zaillian wasn’t braver and tried to depart from the source material to give use something truly new. I’m sure he’s talented enough to do so. This will be a really exciting trailer for those people who haven’t seen the 2009 adaptation, I must admit.

      • CollegeKid

        Zaillian did depart from the source material. The new film will have a different ending than the book. Fincher said all this in an interview with W Magazine. Supposed to be a better finish to the story. I personally felt that the Swedish films had a horrible script and they really didn’t do the book justice. Rapace was great but Mara could be too. She sure as hell looks like what I had envisioned Lisbeth would look like as I was reading the books. I will reserve judgement on Mara until I see the film but so far she looks amazing.

      • A-K87

        I can’t judge the ending from this trailer, Collegekid. I can just go on what is in there. I don’t read W magazine funny enough (I assume that it is aimed at Women). I personally believe that Zaillian is talented enough and was paid enough to create something which is easily distinguishable from the 2009 adaptation but is still recognisable as TGWTDT. So far it’s only the language and score which seem very different to me. I, personally, think Zaillian missed an excellent opportunity to create a beast which is a totally fresh film which did not necessarily follow the book entirely faithful. This trailer for me screams, ‘Very Stylish But Lacks Artistic Relevance’. After all, books and movies are different medium and thus the best movie isn’t always the most faithful adaptation.

    • Tiffany

      I dont think this looks ANYTHING like the Swedish films. They used too bright of lighting, and this looks way more stylish and creepy. Fincher is great at setting a mood. The Swedish films weren’t paced very well, but the acting was good.

  • Bruce Bluewood

    I want to see more Swedish stars in the sequels like Dolph Lundgren, Malin Akeman and Lena Olin.

    • Orawan

      You cannot beat the deal. Got a newer Brio Antique Swedish Pull Toy for his chatsimrs gift. We have never had any service troubles.

  • Johanna

    Wohooo!! The Swedish invasion of Hollywood continues! Hahah.. freakin’ fantastic, can’t wait! Heading to a party in Stockholm tonight wearing my new hot dress for a beer in the sun! :)

  • pie thrower

    Loved the book. The movie should be awesome.

    • derklempner

      The movie WAS awesome, as well as both sequels. This is just Hollywood’s attempt at making a buck off an already-successful series. I have a feeling this version won’t hold a candle to the Swedish films *or* the books.

      • Sean


      • matt

        First of all, it’s not Hollywood, it’s David Fincher… The best filmmaker of the last few decades. Secondly, it’s DAVID FINCHER and it’s going to be friggin fantastic. Seriously, the man has only slightly stumbled once with Benjamin Button- but has an otherwise spotless resume. I’ve seen Seven 50 times and the ending STILL gets me. “What’s in the BOX?!!” :)

        I loved the original “Tattoo,” and I’m seriously looking forward to see Fincher’s interpretation of the book. (Which it’s supposed to follow more closely than the original TV movie).

        Don’t be too quick to throw in the towel on this one.

      • Edogg

        Shut up. This is David Fincher, not Brett Ratner, not Shawn Levy, not Catherine Hardwicke. He’s a real filmmaker, not some Hollywood hack. Get it into your head. This will be really good, regardless of your loyalties, numb nuts.

      • Jake

        Agreed Edogg! Whether or not it should’ve been re-made for American audiences is irrelevant with a man like Fincher on board. It will be fantastic because that’s what he does…and he does it better than most directors working today. I for one am looking forward to seeing him get back to his more visceral content like Seven :)

      • Kelly

        Thank you!! I am so tired of these “it will never be better than the original” comments. Um, there’s a great chance it will be, and it’s just because it won’t have subtitles.

      • Kelly

        Oops. Supposed to be “it’s NOT just because it won’t have subtitles.”

      • Q

        Get over yourself. Stop acting like you’re some kind of intelligent person for watching a movie with subtitles. The Swedish movies weren’t that great. David Fincher can direct a better movie with his eyes closed. Subtitles has nothing to do with it.

  • Ripley

    And there are the accents – horrible.

    • Believe It Or Not

      Rooney is playing it as a Swedish character doing an English accent. Sounds right to me.

      • Jiminy

        But why???
        They speak SWEDISH in Sweden, not English.
        They’ve already done away with the Swedish language; seems very condescending to simply have the actors do what American/English-speakers interpret as “Swedish accents.”

      • cal

        Actually many people in Sweden also speak English. It’s pretty common. A lot of TV is in English. Ok, I’ll be quiet now.

      • thin

        Fact has no business being in the EW comments section! What were you thinking?

    • Mockerfab4

      The trailer doesn’t quite give us much of Rooney’s dialogue, but she does sound awkward…

      • cr

        But Lisbeth is awkward, accent or no accent.

    • Been There Done That

      Many people from Sweden speak English as a courtesy when in the company of Americans or Canadians.
      They are very polite.

      • A-K87

        And I guess the Americans are too arrogant to bother learning another language when in Sweden? Or is it that the Swedes are very polite when in English speaking countries? I went there as an Englishman and spoke the language to be polite to the citizens whose country I was visiting.

      • Been There Done That

        Bra for dig. ; )

      • Dahlberg

        @A-K87 I probably went to the only school system in the country that offered Swedish language classes. When we tried speaking Swedish with the old timers, however, we learned that in 120 years, the Swedish language had changed, different pronunciations, etc. We also eat food on holidays that real Swedes wouldn’t touch — lutefisk as an example. It’s hard to keep up w/ a language that you can’t practice with native speakers. Look up a picture of the Lindstrom MN water tower tho.

  • StewyFan

    Yeah, this looks good. Really good. I’m actually rather impressed by Rooney Mara. I was concerned, but she seemed to have captured the vulnerable and frail side of Lisbeth more so than Noomi.

  • Megan

    This is everything that is wrong with Hollywood to me, and the movie industry in the U.S. Why would any one need to remake what was a perfect film version of the book? Oh, because ppl are too lazy to read subtitles..?

    • Sean

      More importantly, why would anyone need to post on the message board or read an article about a movie that they have no intention of seeing.

      • Jonny

        haha…some of these people are just idiots. Any David Fincher fan would know that his film’s are works of art . Any triliogy that puts all 3 movies out in the same year is missing some things (Swedish version).

    • Edogg

      Another idiot who doesn’t research into who is actually behind this film. Great. If this was made by Micheal Bay or some other mediocre to bad film maker I would agree with you. You are what is wrong with the movie going public.

    • Jenn

      And some “ppl” are too lazy to type “people”.

      • Jiminy


      • Woot

        In love with this comment.

    • PJ

      It wasn’t perfect. Not even close.

    • RyanK

      It was a good film. Good. Not great, in my opinion. And CERTAINLY not “perfect”.

    • Jake

      Idiot. David Fincher did this and the Swedish films are good, but far far far from great. Not even in the same hemisphere as perfect! And lets talk about what was cut from the book and how the ending was changed to a degree that for me, betrayed Lisbeth’s character. It didn’t portray Mikael and Lisbeth’s bond all that well either IMO. Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara both LOOK more like what the book describes as well, him being actually handsome with striking eyes and she being slim and boyish. I can’t wait for this film, it’s going to be fantastic.

      • StewyFan

        I agree with you. I think the Swedish films are good, but not great. And the fact that people are saying that they are untouchable and far from remakeable is preposterous to me. This is David Fincher. And this trailer shows a glimpse of what he has done with this story.

    • Q

      Perfect??? Did you even watch the movie and read the book? It was far from perfect.

    • Joanne

      “Good luck to Tony Blair and all candidates for British party eadler”, actually what I meant was “f**k off the lot of you, I hope Tony is being unsaddled the same way that I was being.Have a very good and comfortable night.

      • Adrian

        i agree with him. don’t get me wrong - i liked the swedish film a lot but it was a fuikcng taggart episode compared to fincher’s adap which was also waaaaaaaay closer to how i pictured it in the book. obviously i have no idea if this is why you prefer the swedish film, but i’m getting reeaaaally sick of people saying that purely because it’s a foreign film and it was made first. personally, i truly cannot understand how anyone who has read the book can prefer the swedish adaptation.

  • Keith

    WOW. This looks like it could be stunning. And Trent Reznor’s work her is beyond sensational.

  • legallyblonde


    • UGH

      My eyes.

  • elena

    I’m in total love with Noomi Rapace and what she did with Lisbeth, so I’m a bit apprehensive to see Rooney Mara inhabit the same character (although withholding judgment until I actually see the film). I do think Daniel Craig has more panache as Mikhael than the swedish actor (sorry guy).
    Just like every other commenter, I’m a bit confused why there must be Americanized remakes of awesome foreign films…but who knows. Maybe this one will be better?

  • Reg

    Read the books…. all three. There is no way to capture the suspense and the detail in a film.

    • Seriously

      Np, but no movie ever can capture perfectly any book (though a few manage to improve on dreadful books *cough* Bridges of Madison County *cough*). The intent of a movie adaptation is never to be a perfect representation of the book on film, but to reinterpret the story into a different, more visual medium with different narrative needs. If you go into a movie adaptation expecting to see the whole book perfectly represented, you will be inevitably disappointed, and you might possibly miss out on enjoying a very good movie.

  • April75

    why remake a perfectly good movie? sure the actors are more famous in this one, but the original was superb!

    • Lil Jo

      Think it has to do with us Americans being too lazy to read a movie while watching it!

      • Q

        No it doesn’t. It has to do with the Swedish movies being mediocre at best and having a superb director like Fincher make a worthy adaptation of the book.

      • Seriously

        Please, reading a movie with subtitles does not make you superior, especially since this is the only subtitled movie you ever saw and you inflate the quality of it because of that. The movies were good, with a great performance by Noomi Rapace, but they were not superb.

  • Jenn

    It’s time to get over the remake people. What’s done is done. I liked the Swedish version also, but I’m looking forward to a new interpretation.

    • A-K87

      Jenn does it really look like a completely new take to you? I’d be more excited if they adapted the book LESS faithfully and set the story in the US. The closest adaptations aren’t always the best. I think that there were a lot of people more intersting in the dynamics between the characters rather than the specific political system in Sweden. I personally loved reading about the unusual culture and politics if Sweden and would regard ‘Sweden’ as one of the main characters. I do, however, believe that people (mainly outside of the USA) would be more inclined to watch a completely fresh looking movie with a totally distinct look to the 2009 adaptation (even if it isn’t as faithful to the book). The best film isn’t always the most faithful adaptation.

      • Dahlberg

        Your post was unintentionally funny to me. I grew up in an almost-all-Scandinavian enclave in Minnesota and these books present a more familiar culture to me than American culture. Of course, we do call Sweden “The Mother Country.” Immigrant Scandinavian culture isn’t represented in Hollywood. Presenting one face in public while having another in private; progressive politics; taciturn as a way of life. I’m afraid Fincher will lose the Scandinavian element in his adaptation.

      • Seriously

        Why would you want it set in the US when Sweden and its recent history are so much a part of the story? You would strip away one of the most compelling parts of the books.

      • Carlos

        maybe try a handful of nuts. heck make it sateld nuts; almonds, walnuts,brazilians. anything but peanuts and cashews nearly. lots of good fat and amino acids in nuts. the only issue is figuring out to carry around enough nuts and it not be a hindrance.i’m sure there are different options but that’s the first thing to pop in my head.

  • Mary Mosholder

    I hate when people ask “Why remake a foreign film?” It’s because most people don’t watch them. I surely don’t. I”m sure they’re great but reading subtitles for two hours isn’t my cup of tea.

    What’s wrong with making a novel accessible to people in America?

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