Johnny Depp issues apology after comparing photo shoot to being raped


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Apparently, Captain Jack Sparrow REALLY doesn’t like having his picture taken.

In an interview for an upcoming issue of Vanity Fair, actor Johnny Depp reportedly compares a magazine photo shoot to being sexually assaulted. “You just feel like you’re being raped somehow,” Depp said. “Raped … It feels like a kind of weird — just weird man.”

Understandably, the quote — part of an excerpt released Tuesday by the magazine — ran afoul of many readers, prompting the Oscar-nominated actor to issue a statement apologizing for his remarks. “I am truly sorry for offending anyone in any way. I never meant to. It was a poor choice of words on my part in an effort to explain a feeling. I understand there is no comparison and I am very regretful. In an effort to correct my lack of judgment, please accept my heartfelt apology.”

Depp’s latest film, “The Rum Diary” opens Oct. 28.

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  • Greg Miller

    After Kristen Stewart got hammered for tessentially the same thing, you’d think J.D. would have been a bit smarter than that…

    • MJ

      I sure am glad I have never misspoke. It sounds like a bummer when you regret something you said…but like I said, it’s never happened to me, and obviously some other perfect posters.

      • Farrah Fawcett

        I was a perfect poster once.

      • Jaded

        Just absolutely excellent, Farrah Fawcett! LMAO!

      • Bill

        Well he walked in there and let them take his pictures. It’s nothing like rape. Catching on the way to the gym morning when he looks like dog crap, then he would be correct.

      • Bob R

        you’ve probably never misspoken in front of a million people – you make a decent point, he shouldn’t be ostracized for this – but really, think of who you’re talking to

      • tang2

        What a tool. Pampered celebrity making tens of millions complaining about being photographed. So quit acting and go work in a factory if you want anonymity. The self absorbed bubble these people live in is incredible.BTW,I wanna share a good news to you.My best friend ,she just has announced her wedding with a millionaire man who is a businessman!they met via Millionaireloving.C óM is the largest and best club for rich people and their admirers to chat online. …You do not have to be rich or famous. ,but you can meet one , It’s worthy a try,Maybe you wanna check it out or tell your friends!

      • The Truth

        ^ Speaking of idiotic self absorbed tools who think people give a crap about their job (at being a LAME ad poster nonetheless!)

    • Mcfly

      Hey Farrah, did you feel raped during that photo shoot when they took your picture for that poster?

      • Farrah Fawcett

        You couldn’t tell by my beaming smile and hard nips that I was having the time of my life?

    • Larisa

      Yeah cuz no doubt J.D. reads up on the shiz Kristin Stewart says….

    • Vincent

      I don’t think Johnny Depp reads the trash mags or knows about what Kristen Stewart or any other teeny bopper says or when they say it.

  • CRob

    Good thing he didn’t involve Hitler…..
    We might have the Pirates movies yanked from shelves…. guess “insensitive comments” only apply to some, not all.

    • CRob is a moron

      If the ramifications for insensitive comments actually DID apply to all, then your beloved Fox ‘News’ would be off the air, and then what would you watch in between teabagger meetings and Klan gatherings?

      • CRob

        Wow – you just revealed your own insensitive nature while pointing out those “ramifications”. Kudos.

      • CG

        Sorry I didn’t mean it

      • CG

        I love Johnny Depp and I really didn’t mean what I said I swear

      • Cindy

        Mr. Moron, blah blah ad nauseum.

      • CG

        What I ment to say regarding the comment was I’m glad he didn’t use Hitler too. I really didn’t mean to say that you called Johnny Hitler so I’m sorry for taking your comment the wrong way

      • CG

        I really don’t like Hitler

      • Yep he is a moron

        LOL. At least Depp knows how to apologize properly. We all make mistakes, it’s how we deal with them afterward. When I heard his comment, I was like “Yeah, stupid is just how I’d feel if I got raped.” But the apology for the Hitler comment was just mind numbingly stupid and kind of a “hey you misunderstood me can I have my job back now?” apology.

    • CG

      How dare you call Johnny Depp Hitler

      • Adolph

        Ich möchte mich auf den film Johnny Depp zu porträtieren.

      • CG

        I didn’t mean it please disregard this

      • ^


    • Jiminy

      Not insensitive. Just incredibly STUPID.

  • Pete

    What a tool. Pampered celebrity making tens of millions complaining about being photographed. So quit acting and go work in a factory if you want anonymity. The self absorbed bubble these people live in is incredible.

    • Rachel

      If you know very much about Johnny Depp, then you know he is a private person and lives as off the map as possible. He doesn’t even watch his own premiers. give the guy a break, I think he’s is eye candy, and a kabillion other women feel the same. He never wanted to be a top sexiest man in the world, WE made him that. He just has a job acting and yes he is good at it. Give him a break.

      • elizabeth

        I agree with you, I couldnt count the times ive put my foot in my mouth, he is only human.

      • CG

        Thank You

      • Linda

        So because he’s a private person it’s okay for him to compare doing a photo shoot to being raped? Since when?

    • Brett

      He was just confused. Since he gets paid all of those millions and gets photographed, it’s really prostitution and not rape.

  • Rachel

    I understand his reference to being raped. Poor choice but not intentional. It HAS been used in the past as a term meaning TAKING something away from you. As feeling violated. Thanks for the apology Johnny, but I understand what you meant. Yes, I can say that because I was date raped and know what it’s like.

  • “doesn’t like having his picture taken”

    Then why do you dress like you’re trying too hard to be noticed?

    • Rachel

      I saw Johnny in my city watching a pro basketball game. Security had NOT been notified that he was coming and it was only by accident that I recognized him. He was near the front row and had a few friends with him. I looked up and saw his eyes and he saw me. I didn’t make a bigdeal out of it and he gave me a wry smile of thanks. He was dressed Johnny style, He wasn’t dressed in diamonds, high heels and fur coat for a basketball game like some rich people are, too impress I assume. He just looked CLEAN and relaxed. He has his style like it or not.

      • ^

        “I looked up and saw his eyes and he saw me. I didn’t make a bigdeal out of it and he gave me a wry smile of thanks.”

      • jimbo

        would you let Johnny rape you? What about in your backdoor?

      • Rachel

        Jimbo, Johnny wouldn’t have to rape me. He has too much class for that. He made a mistake and also an immediate apology. As far as seeing him at the basketball game, Im in law Enforcement, (not rent a cop security) and yes he did acknowledge me. No matter what is said here you are condeming him no matter what. And CLEAN does matter, I leaned over to get paperwork from my partner three feet away. May you find something else to rip on today.

      • rachel

        rachel to @Rachel…you say ..that he saw you and you didn’t make a bigdeal out of it?..REALLY? If I see Johnny I’ll go CRAZY!!

      • “ARM”

        What was the game match up and year? Was it the Miami Heat? Depp’s a big Dophins and I think Heat fan as well.

    • ^^

      HaHa. He looked CLEAN ?

  • elizabeth

    I knew what he meant and it didnt offend me, matter fact I could see how he may feel violated in his life, even though this is a life that he chose. So get a grip people!

    • ^

      If Tracy Morgan had made the same comment, I guarantee you that you would be offended.

    • kari

      definition of
      rape [ rayp ]
      forcing of somebody into sex: the crime of using force somebody to have sexual intercourse with somebody
      instance of rape: an instance of the crime of rape
      violent destructive treatment: the violent, destructive, or abusive treatment of something

      I don’t think he necessarily misused the word based on the last definition. I definitely can feel where being harrassed by papparazzi is like the last definition. They’re taking away from your life violenty.

      • Linda

        And if he had used to word violated no one would have a problem. But he didn’t did he. Instead he chose the word rape and that is where the problem lies.

  • Jenny

    I find it interesting that Stewart got her head handed to her, but Depp gets excused for not liking his photo taken in a calm, quiet studio with lackeys getting his coffee, lighting his cigarettes etc. If he doesn’t like it, then don’t do it. No one is forcing him. Poor pitiful misunderstood Depp, give me a break.

    • ^

      True dat. Maybe he’ll use this as research for another zany, unwatchable role. He’s turning into Nic Cage.

      • rachel

        No way! Please don’t compare him with others..Johnny is unique and he said he is sorry,what more do you want?! And when he said that he described it as if he had been violated..BUT NOT IN A SEXUAL CONTEXT…can you understand it?Stop bashing him..he can’t say what he think?..



  • Craig

    Wow, JD, way to put yourself in the middle of something you could’ve avoided. Not good, or smart, at all

  • CG

    Johnny’s a very private person who doesn’t like to have his life and space invaded hence why he moved to France away from the prying eyes

    • UGH

      Why don’t you try some reading comprehension? He was talking about magazine photo shoots, not paparazzi.

      • Blonde South

        Which makes it even worse in my opinion. I will forgive him because he is my favorite actor, but that really made him come off spoiled and whiny. He has to pose for cameras all the time when he’s acting. What is the big deal? It’s his job. And he gets paid millions to do it. Having people pamper and fluff you up and then standing in front of a camera and playing the sexy angle while people tell you how good you look is nothing at all like being raped. That was a horrible comparison for him to make and an incredibly poor choice of words.

  • getreal

    Come on! Lighten up, people. I’m ready for some football, pirates, and common sense.

  • Boof

    Seriously, who freakin’ cares!

  • Lanny

    Really? Are people not allowed to express their feelings anymore. If that is how it feels to HIM then what is the problem. About the only way to be politically correct anymore is to hide under a rock and never open your mouth …. the world is becoming a very sad place.

    • ^

      When the majority of your fan-base is swooning women, you really have to watch what you say.

    • Santana

      Well he’s clearly never been raped so it came off as insensitive since he has no idea what he’s talking about.

    • house

      *nods* man who cares! so he said raped…& evryone is bit^hing & whineing bout it..hello last time i checked this is america freedom of speech….!? my god..its like retard youcant say it someone whines bout it…get over it people!

  • Cameron J

    If anything, being forced to apologize after some group crucifies you for saying anything not perfectly PC (which they more than likely say as well when no one is looking ) is closer to the truth than a photo shoot.

  • cmc

    I guess he had to stop and think if he’d rather his daughter go through a photo shoot or go through being raped. I guess it was a no-brainer when he actually stopped to think. Good actor, but he’s not exactly a Mensa member, is he?

    • PJ

      Good actor yes. Big sellout also. I bet young Johnny Depp would punch today’s JD in the face (ie—post – Pirates)

    • LM

      Well said! I get that he feels “violated” or even “invaded” somehow, but “raped” is not the appropriate word at all. I still love him though, so I’ll forgive him for his unintentionally poor word choice.

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