Box office preview: 'Footloose', 'The Thing', and 'The Big Year' step into the ring with 'Real Steel'


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Please, Louise!

Footloose takes on Real Steel at the box office this weekend, and the dancing country rebels will do their best to overcome Hugh Jackman and his boxing robot.

Also arriving in theaters is horror prequel The Thing and bird-watching comedy The Big Year, neither of which seem like major contenders. Here’s how the weekend may shake out: 

1. Footloose – $19 million

This remake of the 1984 dancing classic has kicked up some surprisingly positive reviews, and it may boogie its way to a solid opening weekend as well. Paramount spent just $24 million on the film, which was directed by Craig Brewer (Hustle and Flow) and stars Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough. With Footloose‘s massive name recognition, large 3,459 theater count, and Paramount’s very confident advertising campaign, the studio should have no trouble eventually recouping that cost. Some cautious, Kevin Bacon-loving moviegoers aren’t yet convinced that this new Footloose is worth their time, and they may wait to hear positive word-of-mouth before paying for a ticket, so this weekend, don’t expect the film to post huge numbers. Footloose may cut loose to the tune of $19 million.

2. Real Steel – $15 million

Last weekend’s rockem-sockem champion has a long way to go before it matches its hefty $110 million budget, but Real Steel‘s solid “A” CinemaScore grade and strong family appeal should help it avoid the hefty 55 percent drop that a special effects adventure film like this would typically see in its sophomore frame. The Hugh Jackman vehicle should fall by a slimmer 45 percent down to $15 million.

3. The Thing – $11 million

A prequel to John Carpenter’s 1982 original remake of The Thing, this Mary Elizabeth Winstead-led horror film, which was reportedly made by Universal for $38 million, doesn’t look poised to match the iconic status of the original, but it will almost certainly outdo its $19.6 million total gross. (Of course, that number doesn’t account for inflation.) Advertising has made the film look less like a must-see event, and more like a derivative creature feature, and buzz just hasn’t built for the prequel. The Thing shouldn’t be too negatively affected by its weak critical response, as horror movies tend to be rather review-proof, and The Thing may scare up $11 million out of 2,997 theaters.

4. The Big Year – $8 million

Fox’s $41 million Steve Martin/Jack Black/Owen Wilson bird-watching collaboration has struggled to effectively hook audiences by looking like an unclear mix of comedy, adventure, and boring competitive birding drama. Comedic actors playing against type doesn’t usually attract moviegoers (see Punch Drunk Love, Funny People, Greenberg), so I doubt that the core trio will pull in many viewers. Fox’s low 2,149 theater count doesn’t communicate much confidence on their end, either. The Big Year might have a small weekend with $8 million.

5. Dolphin Tale – $6.3 million

The swim-away hit has splashed up a cool $51.8 million thus far, and thanks to strong word-of-mouth and tiny week-to-week drops, it may enjoy one more weekend in the Top 5. The Ides of March could take that fifth place spot away, but George Clooney’s other recent political pictures, The American and The Men Who Stare At Goats, fell by 56 and 53 percent, respectively, so Ides could be looking at a precipitous drop as well. Dolphin Tale, meanwhile, will likely see another slim 30 percent decline down to about $6.3 million.

What are you looking forward to seeing this weekend?

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  • LOL

    What a pile of crap.

    • GUS

      LOL, you ripped me off man, you know that Warrior is the best film ever made, it changed my life, not that Fast Five crap!

      • tang2

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  • Kyle

    Looks like seeing 50/50 again but I’m not ruling out Big Year.

    I see LOL is changing it up finally.

    • LOL

      You could stay home and watch Fast Five, that’s really your best bet.

      • Greg

        Footloose isn’t the same unless the remake Romancing the Stone, Splash, and Goonies all at the same time so we can have a successful summer like that again. Oh well.

      • 1984

        Hey Greg, The Goonies came out in ’85, Footloose, Romancing the Stone, and Splash came out in ’84 …84 also saw the release of Ghostbusters, Beverly Hills Cop, Gremlins, and The Karate Kid, so yeah it was a pretty great year in film!

      • The Truth

        Fast Five gave me diarrhea, so painful, I still have the craps two days later!

    • Brian Williams

      This story just in….Fast Five is a Huge Pile of Crap!

  • LOL

    Actually I hate admit I kinda want to see “The Big Year”

    • LOL


    • LOL

      It’s just that Owen Wilson and Jack Black are in it, and they’ve never been in anything but crap. Steve Martin hasn’t made anything but crap in years and David Frankel isn’t near the same level as Justin Lin. But I do like birds, if only it was starring Vin Diesel, The Rock, and Paul Walker.

      • Tony Carlson

        Owen Wilson did “The Royal Tenenbaums” and “Bottle Rocket” both classics, and Jack Black did “School Of Rock” a great comedy, otherwise yeah most of the films they did were crap, Steve Martin is a legend though!

      • LOL

        All of those were crap. Steve Martin was funny in the 80’s, since then, crap sad to say.

      • Tony Carlson

        and this is true because you say so?

      • Tony Carlson

        I was half agreeing with you, but “eF” you now!

      • LOL

        I am a truth teller, I just call it as I see it.

      • Tony Carlson

        no you are a Bullsh*t artist, it is the truth that “The Royal Tenenbaums” and “Bottle Rocket” are both classics, no argument, the truth period!

      • LOL

        They are both crap, although I will admit Bottle Rocket is less so, almost to the level of a fart, but still crap.

      • Tony Carlson

        again just your wrong headed opinion..go pleasure yourself to Paul Walker dude!

      • Dany Lloyd

        So basically you are saying that every movie made from now on has to star Vin Diesel, The Rock, and Paul Walker, or it is crap?…oh yeah your nt a troll…too friggin funny!

      • LOL

        I would also add Whney Cummings she is a star in the making!

      • LOL

        but yes that is what I am saying!..Dany I am glad you understand!

      • Greg

        Owen Wilson is a character actor. I would love to see him do something outside of the normal roles he plays though.

      • Deke

        @LOL: Owen Wilson’s last film was “Midnight in Paris,” which will probably be nominated for a handful of Oscars.

      • LOL

        Oscars are crap, most movies nominated these days are crap. Fast Five, the best film of this year, indeed this century, won’t even get a nomination, which I consider a badge of honor.

  • Kevin Bacon

    I hope that the remake of my movie “Footloose” crashes and burns!

  • Tony Carlson

    Steve Martin needs a hit, so does Jack Black otherwise they might not be in another film!

    • Deke

      @Tony Carlson: Watch your back, Lieutenant. I read an article that mentioned a possible “Foul Play” remake featuring Kate Hudson. Hopefully, that’s just a rumor, but the way things are going these days….

      • Gloria Mundy

        I am impressed that you got the reference, Beware of the Dwarf!

      • Deke

        Dear Hollywood: Stanley Tibbits called. He said, “Please do not remake ‘Foul Play,’ and if you must, please do not cast Russell Brand to play me.”

    • Jose

      Jack Black had one, Kung Fu Panda 2.

  • Justin

    America wants to beat he crap out of LOL!

  • Paul Walker

    My ass get’s real wet every time I think of you LOL!

  • LOL

    I’m sorry that I know what’s good and you guys don’t.

    • Pancho Villa


      • LOL


  • Hillary Swank

    Hey LOL, pay me 50,00 and I will agree with you, I will even show up to your birthday party!

    • LOL

      I didn’t invite you to my bday party…it was last week and enjoyable though.

      • Hilary Swank

        I won’t come unless you pay me!

      • LOL

        Oh, you’ll come.

      • Hilary Swank

        that would be extra!

  • LOL

    It already happened! I never did invite you! I don’t think you understand!

    • Hilary Swank

      Pay me and I will come, but like I said 50. 000 is my asking price for birthday parties with evil dictators!

      • LOL

        Maybe next year.

  • Hilary Swank

    Ok but don’t tell anyone, can’t afford it to be leaked to the media again!

  • Honestly

    Footloose looks horrible did not need a remake , The Thing did not need a remake either, probably see the bird comedy with Steve Martin and Jack Black!

    • Dirk

      The Thing isn’t a remake, it’s a prequel to John Carpenter’s The Thing. It centers on the Norwegian camp the alien came from in the 1982 movie. I would dismiss Footloose, but it’s directed by Craig Brewer, so it has me curious.

      • Honestly

        Prequel, sequel, remake whatever it is, still looks awful and pointless!

      • A Real Man

        Footloose looks so gay..I hate gay movies!

      • Greg

        The Thing isn’t a remake. It is the next Star Wars. Hm Wait a second…

  • Dolphin

    I am still hanging in there!…bite me Brad Pitt and George Clooney!

  • Canadian

    Why does EW persist in making reference to box office takes 20 or 30 years ago and that add “well not adjusted for inflation”. Obviously….it’s the worst kind of journalism…if you can adjust for inflation, you can do some division and figure out how many tickets a movie sold…the fact there are billions more people around also has an effect so why even try to compare box office of movies more than 10 years apart???? PS and retire the word iconic already…

    • LOL

      Hey Canaduan, thank you for that iconic post!

      • Hikmatullah

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  • Darrin

    Once again – Carpenter’s 1982 version of The Thing was not the original. The original came out in 1951; Carpenter’s version was a remake.

    • Honestly

      yes we know this!..directed by Howard Hawks, starring James Arness, so what is your point?

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