Hilary Swank to donate Chechen party appearance fee to charity


Image Credit: Musa Sadulayev/AP Images

Earlier today, Hilary Swank released a statement apologizing for attending the Oct. 5 birthday party for Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, who faces several allegations of human rights violations. “If I had a full understanding of what this event was apparently intended to be, I would never have gone,” Swank said.

A rep for Swank tells EW the two-time Oscar winner will also donate her personal appearance fees from the event “to various charitable organizations.” Swank has weathered criticism from the Human Rights Watch for going to the event, including calls for her to give back any money she had received for the party in the southern Russian city of Grozny.

Actor Jean-Claude Van Damme and violinist Vanessa Mae also have come under criticism for appearing at the party, but have not made any public statements.

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Hilary Swank regrets attending party celebrating controversial Chechen leader

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  • Action Jackson

    Why does she get paid to attend parties? Does she act out a scene for the guests. I understand musicians getting paid for singing, but why actors?

    • lisa g.

      Lmao I know right!

      • Greg

        Someone got fired.

      • Nicosis

        Pony rides for the kids.

    • Sad

      I have no idea why an actress would show up to an event and get paid just for being there. Like you I can understand if it’s a singer or a dancer doing a performance at the event but paying someone just to show up and say happy birthday to you is shady. Can’t she find a better way of making extra money on the side?

    • pie thrower

      @Action Jackson: She gets paid so the Prince or whatever royalty it is can say he got head from the one and only Hillary Swank.

      • etm

        @pie thrower
        Yikes, with those teeth! Hope she was careful.

  • Boris

    Guess this is what happens when these hollywood dingus’ try to make high-brow political gestures by showing up at parties for people they know nothing about.

  • Dirk

    I kind of doubt Van Damme will be giving any money back.

    • Henry

      He needs every bloody dime.

    • Justin Poppiti

      I agree, dirk.

  • dee123

    How long does it take? A few minutes looking up his name right???

    • Sad

      What’s disturbing is that the Human rights group contacted her ahead of time and listed this man’s crimes warning her not to go. She KNEW ahead of time. Now she is trying to play dumb like she didn’t know. I’m actually disappointed in her that she is making things worse by trying to lie her way out. Two thumbs up to the Human rights group for releasing a statement calling out her lies and shaming her into donating the money to charity.

  • Jem

    Ofcourse only because it got her negative publicity. What is with these celebs being paid to attend parties for countries they know nothing about? She stood up there and gave this grand speech about the country and she knew nothing about it. Just being paid to show up for a paycheck. This is how vulgar our celebrity culture has gotten. And Swank is supposed to be a “real actress”. This is a joke.

    • CeCe

      So true! I guess money trumps morals!

      • Nicosis

        Noooooooo reallllllllllly?!!??!!

  • Henry

    Donating? Really? Why, Hill’? Is it because you got caught? How ’bout you do this: make your money like the rest of Hollywood. Japanese commercials. And how ’bout we opt to not see your films for a while? Oops. Guess we’ve been doing that for some time, now.

  • Alex

    Everyone who is criticizing is a hypocrite. If someone threw money at you, YOU would all go and you know it. Sour grapes, jealousy… that’s what it boils down to. She was offered a sum of money for her presence and she took it. You would do the same.

    • Julie

      Just because YOU apparently would doesn’t mean you speak for the entire rest of the world. I wouldn’t go to a party for someone like this no matter what I was offered. My sympathies for your complete lack of ethical and moral standards.

    • Henry

      Uh…no i wouldnt.

    • weaverjac

      Sorry Alex, but you are dead wrong. No, I would not even consider accepting an invitation like that. I will gladly stand before God and deny your statement about the majority of mankind. I seriously doubt that means anything to you, but to me it is everything. Save your fingers and don’t bother to respond to me. Nothing you say will matter in the least.

    • Justin Poppiti

      Henry, your hubris is staggering. Clearly, you don’t speak for every human being in the world. I, for one, would NEVER attend that Chechen’s party.

      • Henry

        If I had a quarter for every time I heard some idiot overuse the word ‘hubris’. Your lack of an evolved vocabulary is equally staggering.

      • Henry

        I was saying I wouldnt attend either, wordsmith.

  • jpratm

    i think its lame to get paid to show somewhere like getting 1million or more per film is not enough. Please. Douchey.

  • charity

    So she only apologizes after she’s been called out and only donates the fee after she’s been criticized. Did she really think she was going to get away with it?

  • Anonymous

    Here’s an idea for you, Hil. How ’bout you return your appearance fee, and make the same charitable donations out of your own pocket? Why force the charities to accept blood money? Oh, that’s right. This way it doesn’t actually cost you anything.

    • Henry

      Glad i could be such an influence on your apparant lack of style.

  • LowJack

    Wow so now the human rights group can actually control where people go now? I didn’t realize that they were given that power over people last time I checked. Weather people are rich or not people have the right to go where ever they want. Yes maybe the birthday party was not the best choice of places to go. Also yes I understand that the man celebrating is a d-bag. But I am so tired of these damn groups getting all fired up over the smallest miss step. I mean Hillary didn’t stand beside the man when he did all the bad stuff. She got paid to show up somewhere. It was a job plain and simple. Yes it may not be right and we may not agree with what she did. But last I checked one of the freedoms of human rights is the freedom to go anywhere you damn well please and to do what they did makes the human rights group a bunch of hypocrites. They only care when they know it’s big enough to get them them into the headlines. You only kid yourself if you think otherwise.

  • Alex

    This situation was disgusting. She should have known better and if she didn’t, the people around her should have. Lots of actors have very little education and in this case, it shows. She may be a great actress but she needs to spend more time reading and less time worrying about speaking fees in places she knows nothing about.

  • julax

    Well Hillary is really not the smartest cookie anyways, I am not really suprised that she showed up…

  • tresorparis

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  • viviennewestwood

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