Johnny Depp's 'Lone Ranger' officially rides again, schedules May 31, 2013 release


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Maybe there’ll be a little less silver in those bullets, but The Lone Ranger has cut costs enough for Disney to give the movie the green light. Disney announced today that the film is back on track, and the new release date is May 31, 2013. “Johnny Depp, Jerry Bruckheimer and Gore Verbinski are such a talented combination and we’re thrilled to get back to work with them on The Lone Ranger,” a Disney spokesperson said.

The update on the classic cowboy epic was set to star The Social Network’s Armie Hammer in the title role and Johnny Depp as Indian scout Tonto, but when the budget soared to $250-million-plus, and Universal/DreamWorks’ Cowboys & Aliens underperformed at the box office, studio heads cried “Whoa!” In mid-August, two months before shooting was set to begin, the film faced the possibility of being scrapped completely.

Since then, director Gore Verbinski (the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies) and producer Jerry Bruckheimer have been negotiating with the studio in a bid to lower projected costs to a more manageable $215 million and keep the movie alive. The script, which adds heavy supernatural elements to the Western, was tweaked to reduce visual effects costs, and the stars are said to have accepted upfront salary concessions (likely to be repaid on the back end if the movie is a hit.)

The current target is for a February start date, when we will once again hear: Hi-yo, Silver! Away!

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  • Templar

    How long before they remake The Cisco Kid. With Depp playing Cisco? Jeez.

  • Elizabeth

    Supernatural and western movies should NEVER cross!!! It was a ludacris concept in Cowboys and Aliens! It’s a western. It needs a good old-fashioned villian with a big mustache. Don’t drag the Lone Ranget down the same path.

    • Templar

      Did you mean ludicrous? Ludicris is a rapper.

      • datruth82

        Actually, Ludacris is a rapper. Ludicris is just a word you made up ^_^

    • Rachel

      Unless its episode of Supernatural called Frontierland that was Epic!

      • Brett

        Or Billy the Kid vs. Dracula. That movie was AWESOME!

      • Joe

        That Supernatural episode was awesome!

      • CaptainFlyingSparrow

        LMAO I love that Supernatural Episode xD Can’t wait for the Lone Ranger! :D

    • taylro

      Apparently you’ve never seen Pale Rider or High Plains Drifter. Granted, those movies aren’t overly supernatural, but there are tones of it.

  • Tory

    They tried that with Wild Wild West as well and it was a disaster. Just because you CAN CGI everything, doesn’t mean you should!

    • Gimcy

      The movie was a disaster, but the TV show was a hoot!

    • Brett

      “Wild Wild West” sucked primarily because of Will Smith. Casting a hip black guy in a period Western worked once, in “Blazing Saddles,” and that movie had much better writers. I’m hoping the planned new “WWW” TV series will be more entertaining.

  • GnatG

    Who cares?

  • Ben

    Supernatural and western mix? Sounds like a bomb from DC named Jonah Hex. That was a great 1970s western comic book that was “tweaked” into a terrible movie. Also, The Legend of the Lone Ranger (1981) was critical and commerical dud. They need a good screenwriter before they film this movie. The name Lone Ranger is not enough to ensure box office sucess.

    • Drzinger

      Hello? Supernatural and Western mixed well with the “Wild Wild West” movie with Will Smith, and Back to the future 3 also had some scifi elements. There was also Bruce Cambell series(Brisco County Jr, i believe) that was riddled with a scifi plot. Not saying this is a hit, but the genres can be mixed if done properly.

      • Ben

        Virtually Everyone who saw the Wild, Wild West movie with Will Smith and Kevin Kline Hated it. The movie was a critical and commerical flop. It was on many 10 Worst of the Year lists. It recieved a lot of Golden Raspberry awards because it was so hated. If the new, 2013, Lone Ranger film is anything like the Wild, Wild West film, it will be one of the biggest bombs of the year, as was Jonah Hex (2010).

  • JLG

    Didn’t care before, don’t care now. Sounds like a total snooze.

    • Parker

      So, you’re posting because?

  • Rachel

    I love Johnny Depp so I will watch this for him, but yeah supernatural mixed with Western has NOT really been working in other movies lately. It be better if it was just a real Western instead.

  • Ferniesfreckles

    Can I comment that I still think that having a Lone Ranger that looks all of 15 is a casting mistake?

  • DB

    Just because it has special effects, doesn’t mean it will have science fiction mixed in with the story. Titanic had alot of CGI in it, as did Pearl Harbor and lots of other movies and there wasn’t any science fiction to the stories. Funny that some people hear the word CGI and automatically think it has to be science fiction. Makes people look ignorant that jump to that conclusion.

    • Whoa!

      I read that they are going against a tribe of indians who can change into werewolves! Finally the silver bullets make sense…but I have too much respect for the original series to watch this. Many others will, including my 14 year old son, who will undoubtedly tell me it was “pretty good”, just as he did with Indiana Jones and the crystal skull, which I also refused to see.

    • Joe

      @DB – read the article before posting…. ” script, which adds heavy supernatural elements to the Western” – supernatural elements sounds an awful lot of sci-fi….

  • RichLeC

    I had to Google “Ke-mo sah-bee.” That’s the spelling on Wikipedia.

    • Mike

      Actually, it’s Quien Sabe…or “I don’t understand you”
      and the Lone Ranger calls him “Tonto” which means
      “Crazy”…it’s really pretty funny.

  • meme

    $215 million to make this crap?

  • ks

    Nice to know Disney followed through, after leaving all the set designers to fend for themselves and hung them out to dry……..after they had gotten everything and while in transport, were told to “deal” with it by Disney.

  • Alex

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  • Biden

    A remake of this movie, not yet made, is all ready in the works.

  • Jessica

    Johnny Depp is pretty much the only actor(besides Dicaprio) that can sell tickets and almost guarantee a hit.How can they not give him whatever he wants? I don’t know about casting Armie Hammer (isn’t that the worst name?) they should go back to Ryan Gosling.I would love to see Ryan and Johnny team up.

    • Brett

      DiCaprio acn’t do that. Only Depp can do it right now. Even a crapfest like “The Tourist” made a little money.

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