Box office update: 'Footloose' on top with $5.6 million on Friday; 'The Big Year' D.O.A.


Image Credit: K.C. Bailey

Alright, box office, you can perk up any day now. This lull is just getting ridiculous.

Paramount’s Footloose remake danced to the top of of the box office on Friday, with a slightly underwhelming $5.6 million, and it could be headed to first place with a $16 million weekend. Meanwhile, last weekend’s victor Real Steel dropped 45 percent from last Friday, down to $4.5 million,. The Hugh Jackman vehicle should find $14.5 million over the Friday-to-Sunday period.

Universal’s The Thing prequel started its run in third place with $3.2 million, and it will likely earn just $9 million by weekend’s end. The Ides of March and Moneyball filled up the next two spots on the chart with $2.2 million and $1.7 million, respectively. Ides may climb to $6.5 million, and Moneyball could bat up another $5.5 million. The Brad Pitt picture will likely get passed by Dolphin Tale, which also earned $1.7 million on Friday and may swim to a $6 million weekend.

The weekend’s other new wide-release, Jack Black, Steve Martin, and Owen Wilson’s bird-watching comedy The Big Year, couldn’t get off the ground, taking in a wretched $1.2 million, putting it in eighth place. It may earn only $3.5 million.

1. Footloose – $5.6 mil
2. Real Steel – $4.5 mil
3. The Thing  – $3.2 mil
4. The Ides of March – $2.2 mil
5. Moneyball – $1.7 mil

Check back tomorrow for the full weekend box office report.

Box office preview: ‘Footloose’, ‘The Thing’, and ‘The Big Year’ step into the ring with ‘Real Steel’

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  • Teuta

    Steve Martin, Jack Black, Owen Wilson, Brian Dennehy, Rashida Jones, Rosamund Pike, Dianne Wiest, Anjelica Huston, Jim Parsons, Anthony Anderson, Tim Blake Nelson, Kevin Pollak.
    From the cast alone, ‘The Big Year’ looks like it will make a billion dollars.

    • Dan Davis

      With the exception of the fact that the studio failed to promite the darn film.

      • John

        yeah, you would think that with that cast and from the director of Marley and Me and The Devil Wears Prada, Fox would have put a lot more effort into marketing the darn film. This is what happens when you dont

      • Tarc

        Until i read this article, I’ve never even heard of the film, and I’m a entertainment news junkie. *That’s* how badly they promoted the film.

      • Mr Eko

        Except for the fact that the movie look god awful in the trailers. Not a funny line in any of the TV spots. Owen Wilson hasn’t been funny since Wedding Crashers. Steve Martin since the 1980s.

      • Tony Carlson

        Steve Martin was very good in 1999’s “Bowfinger”, agree about Owen Wilson though!

      • kate middleton

        Yes – I had never heard of this film, never seen a commercial for it, never seen an online ad for it and had no clue who was in it. Weird.

      • craig

        this is to MR EKO. get your ass off the computer chair and go see midnight in paris. owen wilson has been in a hilarious film this year

      • Mr Eko

        @ Craig. Owen Wilson did his version of a Woody Allen impression in Midnight …. and Woody Allen hasn’t been funny since …. oh yeah, he’s not funny.

      • Asha

        We saw 50/50 last week and they advertised for The Big Years before it. We go to the movies weekly and this was the first time we had seen something for it. I thought it looked like it would be pretty good! I think we might see it for our weekly Sunday movie.

      • craig

        Mr Eko you are an idiot! wonder the smoke monster killed you on Lost!

      • Deke

        I saw “The Big Year” on Sat. It is very good, but it is not the kind of movie I was expecting. I thought it was a screwball comedy, but it’s actually very poignant. The situations are funny, but it’s not a “laugh out loud” type of movie. Simply put, it’s a movie for adults. Steve Martin is excellent. Jack Black is quite good and remarkably restrained. Owen Wilson gives a performance that is more like the one he gave in “Marley & Me” than “Wedding Crashers.” For those of you looking to see Jim Parsons, he only does a cameo role that has him on screen for less than 3 minutes.

    • Lisa Simpson

      I’ll have to see it this week since it will be gone by next weekend.

    • Liz Lemon

      What is that? Never heard of it, but the cast is great.

      • Darin

        There’s one more cool person in “The Big Year”: Joel McHale.

  • Brandt

    Footloose’s Julianne Hough is really gorgeous and very talented. It’s an incredible performance, just wonderful.

    • mark in nyc

      well except that she can’t act. You are right.

      • Bruno

        shawn5042 on May 25, 2011 These are made like the old water pumping iubrtnes as far as the blades are conserned.There is a reason why these type of blades are no longer used to generate power.Its a good idea but i see there isnt a power curb on the videos i watched so far.Just percentages you will save in what they call low winds.Id like to see a full power curb.I even seen one up close at a local country store they are sel;ling but again no real specs.they say it produces power in 2mph winds what 2 watts?Interested but

    • Ryan Seacrest

      I think Julianne is a fabulous actress! She’s simply marvelous!

      • Templar

        Makes a great beard, too.

      • Little Bunny Foo-Foo

        But it’s true sweetie.

      • Snooki

        Yeah like Julie Anne Huff is a super great actress and everything, she’s like Merle Strip only she can dance!

      • The Sitch


      • @Snooki

        You know, Meryl Strip would be a great porn name.

    • Reality

      you sad the same thing yesterday spam artist!

      • Adwina Lambert

        true dat templar… julianne is a gorgeous piece of beard of that twinkie fairy queen ryana she-crest tee-hee!

    • I said it FIRST!

      When all is said is done Julianne Hough will be remembered as this generation’s Meryl Streep, she is that good!…can see 10 oscars in her future, just a remarkable talent!

      • Bob

        Are you her mom? The Meryl Streep reference gave you away. Julianne is a talented young lady, but be real.

      • GUS

        Julianne Hough is better then Meryl Streep, she is the female Brando or Laurence Olivier, will be remembered for years, she is just perfection..her performance in Footloose will be studied for years!

      • Meghan

        No, just no.

  • Kimberley Walsh

    It is unfortunate that ‘Chalet Girl’, ‘Father of Invention’, ‘Texas Killing Fields’ and ‘Trespass’ are only getting a limited release. They all have interesting casts (‘Chalet Girl’ – Ed Westwick, Felicity Jones, Tamsin Egerton, Sophia Bush, Brooke Shields, Bill Nighy) (‘Father of Invention’ – Kevin Spacey, Heather Graham, Johnny Knoxville, Virginia Madsen) (‘Texas Killing Fields’ – Sam Worthington, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Jessica Chastain) (‘Trespass’ – Nicolas Cage, Nicole Kidman, Cam Gigandet). It would have been interesting to see how they would have done commercially if released nationwide and they deserve better than to go unnoticed by the public now.

    • Captain

      I;ve seen Chalet Girl, it’s a good movie but they tragically underuse Sophia Bush. The biggest talent in that movie.

    • Reality

      Every friggin week the same damn post from you. you make me want to kick you in the balls, you are way worse then LOL….will have to admit though I thought “Tresspass” was getting a wide release, goes to show how much Cage and Kidman have fallen!

      • John

        Well, it is directed by Joel Schumacer, so there’s a reason why its in limited release. I wouldnt blame Cage and Kidman though

      • Sith Lord J

        Next up for Nick Cage Peeing fire in Ghost rider 2

      • Reality

        Sadly, most of the normal moviegoing public could care less who directs a film (with few exceptions, Spielberg, etc.)..they are attracted by the actors and story, and 10 years ago Tresspass would have gotten a huge release on either Cage’s or Kidman’s name alone, now sadly no one cares, too many bad films for Cage!

    • Another Random Name

      It is unfortunate that “Sir Craps a Lot”, “Dirty, Ugly, Vag”, “Can’t Act” are only getting a limited release. They all have interesting casts (‘Sir Craps a Lot” – Nicholas Cage, Paul Walker, LOL, Ernest Borgnine, Adam Sandler, Daniel Craig) (‘Dirty, Ugly Vag” – Juliette Lewis, Meg Ryan, Rosie O’Donnell, Melanie Griffith, Sherri Shepard) (‘Can’t Act” – Ed Westwick, Julianne Hough ,Antonio Banderas, Sophia Bush, Denise Richards, Sean Willim Scott ) . It would have been interesting to see how they would have done commercially if released nationwide and they deserve better than to go unnoticed by the public now.

      • John

        Dont you dare diss Ernest Borgnine. He is a hollywood legend.

      • LOL

        Ernest Borgnine is crap!

  • DGH

    The Box Office will rebound when Hollywood starts putting out quality movies and stops with the remakes.

    • John

      The box office will rebound on October 26th when Puss In Boots comes out

      • Liz Lemon

        Lol. Not gonna lie. I do want to see that. Three Musketeers may also make some money since it’s in 3D.
        The next quality film coming up appears to be Martha Marcy May Marlene and possibly Anonymous (with Rhys Ifans…those trailers look good).

      • LOL

        I have to admit, the part where he’s lapping up the milk is funny. Otherwise, it looks like crap.

      • king

        LOL. and of course you know crap, your life is crap!

    • Tarc

      Or, heck, why don’t they just release some movies that people might want to see? Times are dark, so some entertaining, light-hearted, fun, intriguiging movies would be fun. Footloose is a start, but there isn’t a single other film that’s been released in weeks that I have any interest at all in seeing. The Christmas season, sans anything great like Harry Potter, is going to be a total dud. Hollywood is going to be in deep, but deserved, pain until late next spring. Where are the new Star Wars or Indianna Jones movies? There are so many great books to adapt – but Hollywood is poor at doing it.

      • Andrea

        IA. I live right down the street from two movie theaters. I love going to movies, but there hasn’t been anything released in the past several weeks that I have wanted to see.

  • LOL

    America loves crap,

    • DGH

      For real just look at the Fast Five movie every moron in America went to see that crapfestQ

    • DRG

      LOL is right. Not only does America love crap, but this week it is loving it some recycled crap. America lowers to bar and no longer demands original crap but settles for remade crap.

      • Dan Davis

        The Footloose remake is well received by most critics.

      • DRG

        It scores a 58 at Meta Critic meaning “mixed to average” reviews.

      • wakeforce

        You’re free to leave America anytime you feel like it. According to you, you’d like to dictate what America likes, which isn’t very American. Let people spend their money on what they want. Apparently everyone was buying the new IPhone.

      • Jo

        @DRG..Rotten Tomatoes has it at 73% positive reviews from many of the US’s top critics. So well received is the right term.

        BTW — LOL spends his/hers/its time trolling the EW boards posting the same one or two postings…either America Loves Crap or that Fast Five was the worlds best movie ever. The person’s a boring idiot trying to get rises out of people. Other then this one post here — I simply choose to ignore it.

      • DRG

        @Jo — the 73% at Rotten Tomatoes includes a lot of critics who just have a blog. Among top critics it is only at 53% which qualifies it as rotten.

    • LOL

      I only do this because I care, I’m trying to help my fellow Americans. I could be out birdwatching, my true passion, but I choose to try and make a difference. It takes up a lot of my time, this is true, but if it helps, then it is time well spent. And yes, Fast Five is an amazing film, the best of this century, I just want Hollywood to live up to what it has shown it is capable of.

      • Reality

        Fast Five gave me diarrhea, it hurt for days I have to crap everytime I think of that wretched film..Fast Five = Ex-Lax

      • Darin

        My friend is a theater usher. He said more people took multiple bathroom breaks during Fast 5 than during any other movie in the Cineplex.

    • OLO

      Crap loves America.

      • LOO

        Loves America crap!

      • OOL

        Love America Crap, truer than the red, white and bluuuuuuuue!

      • Mojoo

        The post brought back miomrees of my days in PG Mass Comm class, where the film studies teacher was taking us through a textual analysis of Charulata. While one would imagine such an exercise to be a real killjoy, it was actually a very absorbing experience. It gave me an opportunity to fully appreciate Ray’s eye for detail. In the opening sequence just before the lorgnette scene, there is a shot of the wall clock, which strikes 4 o’clock. Madhabi then goes on to peer at the outside world through the windows of her house. Exactly 15 minutes later, the clock strikes the quarter hour and she asks the household help to make tea. Ray deliberately matched real time to cinema time to drive home the sense of ennui in the protagonist’s life. Like the famous swing sequence, on which reams and reams have been written, Charulata contains numerous moments of cinematic magic conjured up by the master.

      • Gondaliya

        fanntarded on September 29, 2011 What would you mocemrend snacking on that doesn’t require you to prepare a sandwich, or make your own fruit bowl?

  • DGH

    Plus who the hell ok’d a bird-watching movie………

  • Marshal

    The HUGE lack of marketing for The Big Year is hurting it

    • DGH

      or the fact that its about birdwatching.

      • Jen

        I have seen no marketing for it at all.

      • Liz Lemon

        Exactly. There’s been NO marketing. I haven’t even seen a trailer for it and none of it’s cast has mentioned it. But it’s got a 39% on RT, so apparently it sucks. That probably explains it.

      • Santana

        I’d never even heard of this The Big Year movie until I saw this report here. Terrible marketing. Maybe they knew it was crap and decided not to bother with it?

      • OOL

        And it looks really unappealing. Steve Martin is no longer funny. He’s like Chevy Chase.

  • Carmen Vergara

    This week, Antonio Banderas’ new movie, The Skin I Live In, only got a limited release. Unfortunately only if is a Spy Kids, Shrek, Puss In Boots or Zorro film does it get a nationwide theatrical release. Several of the movies that he has appeared in over recent years have only gotten a limited release or gone straight to DVD such as Bordertown (2006), My Spy (2008), The Other Man (2008) and The Code (2009). I wish he would do more American mainstream movies like he used to. It is a shame. He is an underrated actor and should have joined the A-list years ago.

    • Dan Davis

      Plenty of his films have gotten wide releases. This one was a film he did in spanish, and at one point (and maybe still) he is an A-lister.

    • Reality


    • Santana

      Antonio Banderas has been in a LOT more wide release mainstream movies then you just listed there.

  • robert

    Footloose is GREAT!! Took the whole family and some friends to see it last night…. everyone loved it! The new cast is great, the dancing is amazing, and it’s a blast hearing that song and watching those dances again! go see it!

    • mark in nyc

      thanks Hollywood plant!

      • Baby Badger

        So if someone likes something you don’t then they have to be Hollywood Plant (never mind teh fact it’s getting good reviews)…I took my three girls to see it last night (thinking I wasn’t going to like it because my 42 year old heart belongs to the original) Let me tell you we ALL loved it! And the closest I am to Hollywood would be Hollywood Florida, 30 miles south of here.

      • Lisa Simpson

        It’s pretty obvious when someone is a studio shill. They claim to take whole families and their entire stable of friends. And, of course, every single person in this huge crowd had not a single bad word to say about the movie.

      • Tarc

        Prety much everyone I know that’s seen it said it was worth the cash – which is rare enough these days.

      • Reality

        There are more plants then usual this week, the same old “Should have got a wide release , blah blah” plus plants for Julianne Hough, , Antonio Banderas’, and this one for “Footloose”, and yet Fox could not even manage to plant a spam for “The Big Year” ..they must really hate the film!

      • Santana

        I think Fox forgot that The Big Year existed! I know the rest of us did.

    • Jack

      We all enjoyed it as well. Most of the theater was hummming or lip synching to songs too. A surprising number of theater goers were actually in my age range of 35 to 45, and were fans of the original judging from comments before the show started. Generally positive remarks as we exited too. And Mark — you are from NYC, cynicism comes naturally I guess. Too bad you can’t just read someone’s positive posting of a movie that they enjoyed as being just that.

      • Ty


      • 10


      • Ty


  • Becky Shaw

    Fireflies in the Garden should have been released years ago and it is a disgrace that not only has it been needlessly delayed but it is only getting a limited release. It has a stellar cast (Ryan Reynolds, Julia Roberts, Willem Dafoe, Emily Watson, Carrie-Anne Moss, Ioan Gruffudd, Hayden Panettiere) and shouldn’t go unnoticed by the public now that it is finally released.

    • Liz Lemon

      I plan on seeing it. It looks really good.

  • DeMarco

    A lot of people don’t know that the gorgeous and talented Felicity Jones and Sophia Bush are cougars in the week’s new release, ‘Chalet Girl’. Ed Westwick is 24, Felicity is 27 and Sophia is 29.

    • DRG

      Which makes them all practically geriatrics in Hollywood years.

    • Santana

      I didn’t know the CW was making films now.

  • Mari42

    I was hoping Real Steel would come in first again.

    • Dirk

      hey Mari42 I have some “Real Steel” for you, and it always comes in first, and second, sometimes even third if you are hot!

  • erin

    The Big Year could have been a cute niche film if it starred anyone but those three, and was done by Christopher Guest.

    • Darin

      It is a niche film as it is, and it’s a pretty good one. It will probably do well on DVD. I am a huge Christopher Guest fan, but if he had made this film, it might have just looked like “Best in Show” with birds.

  • sam

    Did anybody really expect the Footloose remake to be a big hit? It is a remake that didn’t need to be made. Watch the original.

    • Tarc

      I haven;t seen the redeux yet, but it wouldn’t take much to beat the quality of the original. Yes, I was a teen i nthe 80’s and liked the original (and loved the music), but it wouldn’t be hard at all to improve on the acting skills of Kevin Bacon and Lori Singer.

      • sam

        I didn’t say that the original was a great movie. But if you want to see it, you might as well watch the original. And although Kevin Bacon was young and inexperienced at that time, he is a fine actor. I suspect that the acting in the new one isn’t exactly great, given the cast.

      • Marie

        Unless you cast two non-acting dancers. Yes, the dancing is great, but the acting is so bad it hurts. This kid makes Kevin Bacon in the original look like Laurence Olivier. And the original at least had a little tongue in cheek feel to it (i.e. the tractor fight scene), this one acts like it’s gunning for an oscar.

    • Santana

      It’s not really doing all that bad either. It’s actually doing better then I expected anyway.

  • Dominic

    I saw The Ides of March and 50/50 last weekend, and they were both terrific. I highly recommend both of them. Can’t wait for Paranormal Activity 3 next weekend!

    • LOL

      Apparently America is tired of crap. Look at those numbers. It’s nice to see America rejecting crap and waiting for quality films.

      • Johnny

        It’s just so much easier to spend a few dollars renting than paying five times as much only to see a redo.

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