'The Avengers': New footage premieres at New York Comic Con


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The IGN Theater at New York Comic Con was packed with superhero aficionados psyched to get an early look at The Avengers—easily one of the biggest films of 2012. Along with a panel featuring stars Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, and Tom Hiddleston, fans were treated to a special sneak peek at footage from the film. We can’t show you a clip, lest Marvel send Chris Hemsworth to break our kneecaps with his hammer, but we can tell you about it.

It starts with a little girl in what appears to be India convincing Bruce Banner (Ruffalo) to help treat her ailing father. However, when they show up at the house, the girl sneaks out the window and he quickly realizes he’s been duped. The rest of the scene consisted of a confrontation between Banner and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) as the leather-outfitted S.H.I.E.L.D. operative tries to convince him to come with her without awaking the not-so-jolly green giant. It appears that Nick Fury and Co. are trying to track down the tesseract—that glowy blue cube from Captain America and (briefly) Thor—by its faint gamma radiation signature, and no one knows gamma radiation quite like Dr. Banner. There are a couple of moments where Ruffalo almost loses his cool and we feel like we might see a glimpse of the Hulk, but alas, his id is successfully suppressed.

Unsurprisingly, the Comic Con crowd lurrrved it, particularly any reference to what Banner calls “the other guy.” Producer and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, on the panel, hinted at the possibility of a sequel, as well as followed up on the idea of a film based on the Marvel property Guardians of the Galaxy. Also of note: The women in the room went positively bananas for Hiddleston, who reprises his role as the villainous trickster Loki in The Avengers, proving that girls do like bad boys.

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  • Emilio

    You fail to report the TDKR footage: You can see the Dark Knight and he is… dark!

    • Joe

      “lest Marvel send Chris Hemsworth to break our kneecaps with his hammer”

      Umm, it’ not your kneecaps he should break, he should break your goddamn @ss.

      • haisu

        The Avengers is cool with a hot babe and pounds of pure muscle. But nothing compares to The Dark Knight Rises, I can’t wait for July 2012. It’s the Caped Crusader last stand. In Nolan I trust.BTW,I wanna share a good news to you.My best friend ,she just has announced her wedding with a millionaire man who is a celebrity !they met via Millionaireloving.C óM ..it is the largest and best club for celebrity and their admirers to chat online.You do not have to be rich or famous. ,but you can meet one , It’s worthy a try,Maybe you wanna check it out or tell your friends!

      • luck223

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      • pennyworth

        Please. TDKR is going to be as mediocre as Batman Begins and without a dead Heath Ledger to bolster the film’s performance at the box office, it will earn half of what The Dark Knight did.

  • Christie

    I’m the most excited to see Tom Hiddleston as Loki again, he’s such a fantastic actor. Of course he’d get that reaction!

    • veronica

      Ditto. Loki was the highlight of Thor for me and I would love to see some sort of redemption for him.

      Though I find it neat that with all the buff men in The Avengers, the character that women seem to respond to most is the antithesis of those other men.

      • Kiki

        Other than Loki and Agent Coulson, I didn’t even like Thor. So I am glad to see Loki in The Avengers.

    • Chelsea

      Yeah, kinda obsessed with Tom Hiddleston nowadays. It looks like he’ll be another James McAvoy for me (meaning he never gives a bad performance and I’ll see him in anything). Love me some Loki.

    • Samantha

      Tom is a sex god and my husband. and chris evans is fine to

    • rattiganfan

      He’s very poor in Deep Blue Sea. Not virile enough. Wishy washy.

  • Jeffrey C

    I’m still kind of put out by Cap’s remark to Stark about the suit. Pretty tough talk for a guy who had his powers and hardware (shield) handed to him in large part by Stark’s father. At least Tony Stark BUILT the Iron Man armor himself.

    • jymmymack

      First, Tony and Cap don’t get along. It’s a long-standing dynamic. Second, Stark didn’t really have anything to do with the super-serum, which is what really made Cap the Capt. Third, he’s talking about how Stark only began fighting because he had the suit to be in with all its firepower, whereas Cap was willing to fight as he was: powerless and weak. He wanted to fight the good fight, even if it meant dying. His one-on-one, dig into the trenches fighting style is in stark (pun-intended) contrast with Tony’s shoot a bunch of missiles and lasers approach. Cap’s old-fashioned. He doesn’t like Tony’s cockiness, even if that’s the real reason we all dig him.

      • Jeffrey C

        Well, maybe it is a bit of sibling rivalry. Howard Stark was behind the Vita-Ray treatment, the Vibranium Shield, and getting Cap out of the USO. In many ways, he contributed to Cap being all he could be. Same with his son and the new element for his powered armor.

    • Jeremy

      I can’t help but think that scene will make more sense in context. It would be very odd for Steve to go from hating bullies to acting like one so quickly.

    • Brent D

      I’m pretty sure that Cap is saying that Tony doesn’t really have the integrity, which Cap (and Thor) still do without their “powers”.

    • spideymrw

      I’m not surprised because Tony Starks tather and Captain America had a lot of tension in the Captain America movie so I’m sure Captain America sees so much of Tony’s dad in him

      • Jane

        Which is a problem in itself, because Tony’s nothing like Howard. But then that guy in “Captain America” is also nothing like Howard. Argh, movie canon…

    • Mike

      you do realize it’s a movie right?

  • A.Tom

    I honestly thought I was the only one obsessed with Loki! I am glad to know I am not.

  • Steve

    Who is the “other guy” that banner is talking about?

    • Steve

      Oh wait, I’m guessing he’s talking bout his hulk self.

    • Molly

      Lou Ferrigno in green makeup and a wig, who else do you think?

    • Mikey M

      The Green Guy.

    • Chuck

      Edward Norton. No…wait…Eric Bana. Bill Bixby?

      • Jamaaliver

        Chuck is funny. =)

  • dm1701

    Well, the thing is about that exchange between Cap and Tony..Steve was a scrawny guy with a lot of heart and belief in doing the right thing with no need for reward/recognition…Tony is a hero, but he’s also an admitted ego maniac and center stage type of guy..so was his dad in a way, and Cap won’t realize until he fight alongside Tony, that he’s really a decent guy.

  • Becky Shaw

    I hope they include Ant-Man and Wasp in future sequels as well as some of the following villains:
    Baron Zemo, Collector, Count Nefaria, Egghead, Grandmaster, Graviton, Grim Reaper, Immortus, Kang, Korvac, Legion of the Unliving, Lethal Legion, Master Pandemonium, Masters of Evil, Morgan le Fay, Nebula, Space Phantom. Super-Adaptoid. Supreme Intelligence, Squadron Sinister, Taskmaster, Thanos, Ultron, Zodiac

    • dave

      In exactly that order?

      • Di

        Thanks Dave. That made me laugh.

  • JP

    The Avengers is cool with a hot babe and pounds of pure muscle. But nothing compares to The Dark Knight Rises, I can’t wait for July 2012. It’s the Caped Crusader last stand. In Nolan I trust.

    • Marlene

      I haven’t been excited since the footage & trailer were underwhelming to me. Catwoman looks awful.

      • Don

        I know right! They should have used Batman Arkham City’s design for Catwoman!

  • MarcHon

    I’m holding out for a cameo by Spidey. I think the extra scene during the credits will be with Spidey getting an invite and setting up the sequel.

    • ash

      That would be so great but aren’t the rights to Spiderman held by a different studio?

      • Stefan

        yeah, they cant use Spiderman or any if the x-men

  • srkim

    LazyCash4 DOT com

  • Grace

    I gotta admit- I’m most excited for Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner. I’ve always been a big fan of his work and I know he’ll do this part great justice. I’m really excited to see his take on Banner. Of course, I am excited for where they take Loki in this one, but I’m actually more excited to see him in Thor 2 after all this carnage is unleashed. Why is it 200 days away again?

    • Marlene

      Loki is going to be in Thor 2? Oh, thank god. I wasn’t planning on seeing the sequel since I thought it would have a new villain in it.

  • Koozebane

    Come back Edward Norton! Stupid Marvel! You should not have let him go just because he helped write the Incredible Hulk script (and took no credit for it). Norton will be missed by all.

    • Chelsea

      I agree…but at the same time I love Mark Ruffalo so I’m excited to see what he does in the role.

  • Erin

    Tom Hiddleston is an amazing actor. He played Loki brilliantly and I can’t wait to see him in The Avengers and Thor 2. BRING IT!!!

  • CM

    I haven’t been this excited about a movie since The Phantom Menace….ummm…hope it turns out better than that did. As long as Iron Man isn’t making fart jokes and Thor doesn’t suddenly talk with ghetto slang.

  • Samantha

    tom aka loki is just so sexy he should be the star of this movie!!

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