Box office report: 'Puss in Boots' walks all over 'In Time' and 'The Rum Diary' with $34 million debut


Image Credit: Dreamworks Animation LLC

The box office had to contend with the World Series, a very early snowstorm in the Northeast, and Halloween festivities across the country this weekend, but audiences still managed to make it to the movies! That being said, grosses for new releases Puss in Boots, In Time, and The Rum Diary, weren’t all that strong. Check out how they performed below:

Dreamworks Animation’s Puss in Boots was the top dog cat this weekend, clawing its way to a $34 million debut, 51 percent of which came from 3-D screens, and 7 percent of which was from IMAX theaters.On paper, that number sounds good—and, to be clear, it is by no means a disaster—but the result comes with a Real Steel-ish caveat. Puss in Boots cost $130 million to produce, and it earned Dreamworks’ third-worst debut for a computer animated film, beating only Flushed Away and Antz, which started with $18.8 million and $17.2 million, respectively. The 3-D Shrek-spinoff, cost as much as Dreamworks’ Megamind, which opened in early November 2010, but that film began with $46 million, and it played well through the Thanksgiving season on its way to a $148.4 million total.

Puss in Boots entered theaters a week earlier, but it will need to endure even better than Megamind to earn back its budget. The “A-” CinemaScore grade it earned from audiences should at least make that achievement possible, but considering people are already familiar with the Puss in Boots character, it’s doubtful that the film will attract many uninitiated viewers. We won’t officially know where Puss in Boots is headed until next weekend, when we see how much the snowstorm, the World Series, and Halloween really affected the box office this frame. (My guess is not much—and I’m not just being catty.)

Second place belonged to Paranormal Activity 3, which fell by 65 percent to $18.5 million in its second weekend. The found footage horror sequel has scared up $81.3 million after ten days in theaters, and considering the huge business the film will likely do on Halloween, PA3 is only a day away from passing Paranormal Activity 2‘s $84.8 million cume. Not too shabby for a film that cost Paramount only $5 million to make!

Fox’s $40 million Justin Timberlake/Amanda Seyfried thriller In Time underwhelmed with just $12 million in its opening weekend. That debut is less than Timberlake’s last film, Friends with Benefits, which began with $18.6 million on its way to $55.8 million, as well as Seyfried’s recent Red Riding Hood, which debuted with $14 million on its way to $37.6 million.

Ads for In Time failed to effectively communicate the convoluted time-shifting story, and negative reviews likely kept older moviegoers away. Timberlake’s leading man status may not have helped matters too much, either—audiences seem to find him more appealing as part of an ensemble, like in The Social Network and Bad Teacher. Moviegoers issued In Time an unenthusiastic “B-” CinemaScore grade, which may prevent the film from finding the same kind of legs that time-jumping thriller Source Code ($14.8 million opening, $54.7 million total) enjoyed earlier this year.

In its third weekend, dancing remake Footloose fell to fourth place, dropping 48 percent to $5.4 million. The $24 million production has now earned $38.5 million after 17 days in theaters, and it will pass the total of Julianne Hough’s first feature film, Burlesque ($39.4 million), sometime this week.


Image Credit: Peter Mountain

Johnny Depp’s latest, The Rum Diary, stumbled out of the gate with just $5 million. Pirates of the Caribbean this was not. The disappointing opening fell in line with Depp’s other substance abuse picture, 1998’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, which debuted to $3.3 million and earned $10.7 million total. The Rum Diary‘s edgy story was always going to be a tough sell, and FilmDistrict’s President of Theatrical Distribution Bob Berney admits: “While we all wish the numbers were better, we’re proud of the film and its loving tribute to Hunter S. Thompson.”

The $50 million picture marks the third straight box office disappointment for FilmDistrict, the young distributor that found success with Insidious ($54 million) earlier this year. The studio has since struggled with both Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark ($23.9 million) and Drive ($33.7 million so far) recently. Unfortunately for FilmDistrict, audiences, which were 88 percent above the age of 25, gave The Rum Diary a harsh “C” CinemaScore grade, so it’s not likely to hold well in future weeks. Talk about a bad hangover…

In limited release, Sony’s Shakespeare tale Anonymous started with $1 million out of 256 theaters. That was good enough for a $3,774 per theater average, which does not merit huge expansions in the coming weeks. Young romance Like Crazy fared better, grossing $120,000 out of only 4 theaters, resulting in a $30,000 average. Richard Gere’s latest, The Double, was D.O.A., pulling in only $27,545 out of 11 theaters. It’s not likely to platform much further. Zeitgeist-y Wall Street thriller Margin Call continued to play fairly well, grossing $713,000 out of 140 theaters. It has earned $1.5 million so far.

Internationally, The Adventures of Tintin got off to an excellent start. Sony’s motion capture animation grossed $55.8 million out of 19 territories, including $21.5 million in France and $10.7 million in the United Kingdom, where its being distributed by Paramount. Sony is bragging loudly about the film’s performance, perhaps in response to some prognosticators claiming that Tintin is likely to underperform domestically. (The picture is based on a series of comic books by Hergé which were very popular in Europe, but only cult hits in the U.S.) We’ll find out how excited audiences are about Tintin on December 21.

1. Puss in Boots – $34 million
2. Paranormal Activity 3 – $18.5 mil
3. In Time – $12 mil
4. Footloose – $5.4 mil
5. The Rum Diary – $5 mil
6. Real Steel – $4.7 mil
7. The Three Musketeers – $3.5 mil
8. The Ides of March – $2.7 mil
9. Moneyball – $2.4 mil
10. Courageous – $1.8 mil

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  • meestermajick

    Hooray for Like Crazy!

    • Badlands

      Are you kidding me?!

      • meestermajick

        No. That’s what’s so great about indie films, excellent without spending a lot of dough. Just a consistent word of mouth and it could cover it’s $3million price tag.

      • Cake Boss

        @meestermajick your name sounds somewhat racist!

      • liao

        We no longer want Justin Timberlake ruining our movies. Kick his spoiled @$$ back to making bad music.
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    • Seriously…

      “On paper, that number sounds good—and, to be clear, it is by no means a disaster…”

      Umm, $34M for a movie that cost at least $300M to produce and market is a disaster. The film will be lucky to make $110-115 domestically. It will recoup its costs worldwide, but won’t even begin to approach Shrek-sized grosses.

      • Person

        Are you illiterate? It said the budget was $110 million.

      • meestermajick

        Woah. Easy, Person. No wonder you take it personally.

      • david

        He said marketing too but they not spent 190m on that,.

      • meestermajick

        Hats off to David. He’s more of a person than you, Person. Want to know why? Because he THINKS.

      • david

        Hey meestermajick, you know what yo can do with your hat, go away Troll, I don’t want your praise!

      • fiftysix

        There’s still a chance, tbh. Smurfs also started with around $30m in its opening weekend. Now it’s just passed the $500m.

      • Lionel Twain

        @david “They did “Not” spend 190m on that’….learn to use you consonants Mr. Wang!

      • Lionel Twain

        @david “They did “Not” spend 190m on that’….learn to use your consonants Mr. Wang

    • erywe

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    • Adwina Lambert

      Pixar films are cinematic gold and modern day classics!! Dreamworks flicks, Ice Age sequels, The Incredibles knock-offs and Happy Feet as owls or macaws, Shrek-spin-offs are pure pop trash!!!

  • Steve

    “In Time” was a MASSIVE disappointment. Was really looking forward to an original sci-fi story from the guy who made the excellent “Gattaca”. But this movie was a total mess. After a decent start, it falls apart 1/3 of the way through. It’s like they couldn’t decide what the movie was all about; it had the perfect setup for great allegorical social commentary, but would never go that deep. And the editing was atrocious; plot holes all over the place.

    • Izzy

      Justin T. is enough to keep me away from seeing “In Time”. Can’t stand that talentless guy.

      • David

        wow every other comment is JT bashing, I have a feeling it might be the same guy using different names, bashing him is like bashing Vanilla Ice Cream, it might be bland but it is not worth all this hatred either!

      • Justin Timberlake

        You dislike him too? I hate that bastard.

      • Rod from Indy

        Couldn’t agree more. Friends with Benefits was all about Mila.

    • Musica1

      I have to say that JT was good in this movie. I think the people knocking him didn’t even see it and so have no right to comment. I think the movie is good and is worth seeing, but it didn’t really live up to it’s potential. About halfway through it devolved into Bonnie & Clyde, which was kind of shocking considering the film’s beginning.

  • Dear Hollywood

    We no longer want Justin Timberlake ruining our movies. Kick his spoiled @$$ back to making bad music.
    Everyone with a brain

    • Dear EW

      quit trying to push the public into thinking Timberlake is “all that”, too.

      • ^^^

        “but his SNL hosting gigs are the best!”
        SNL should’ve died 15 years ago and JT should’ve died off with the rest of the boy band poseurs.
        Remember when he cried to his mommy when he got “Punk’d”? Haha. What a little crybaby b1tch.

      • meestermajick

        Woah, man. You crossed the line. No hitting at SNL.

    • markinnyc

      agreed. Besides the social network no film he has made has turned a profit. He does not bring anything to a film.
      This is the insular world of Hollywood, where everyone thinks they know what people like and only talk to other people with their same opinion, so Justin Timberlake gets put in a ton of movies, even though no one goes to a movie to see him.
      If In Time starred someone else it would have done a lot better.

      • The Hard Truth

        So glad his movie tanked!
        A REAL actor should get a leading man role, not this spoiled brat wannabe!

      • UGH

        He should be making bad straight-to-video movies with 50 Cent and Richard Grieco instead of getting a movie to headline in. What was the studio thinking?

      • ^

        He kissed enough a$$ to get that I bet.
        Either that or he’s got calusses on his knees.
        I don’t think banging Cameron or Jessica worked out for him.

      • @markinnyc

        I wouldn’t count his appearance in The Social Network as making that movie turn a profit. He basically played himself instead of his character. He needs to stick to making music or hosting SNL every so often. He’s alienating his fan base by sticking to acting.

      • jk

        Justin Timberlake is not the only “star” hollywood keeps insisting is a major boxoffice draw, cough brangelina cough.

      • mick

        I went to see In Time over the weekend and loved it. Everyone in the theater seemed to also. Timberlake did a great job as he has in the last few movies he’s done. Don’t know why the critics didn’t seem to like the movie but it wasn’t Timberlake they were blaming it was the director. Sounds to me like some of the comments are just haters in general.

      • Channing

        “Besides the social network no film he has made has turned a profit.”

        * ‘Friends with Benefits’ – $35M budget, $144M worldwide gross

        * ‘Bad Teacher’ – $20M budget, $215M worldwide

        * ‘Yogi Bear’ – $80M budget, $200M worldwide

        * ‘Shrek the Third’ – $160M budget, $798M worldwide

      • @Channing

        Out of the four films you mentioned, only “Friends with Benefits” was the only successful film you mentioned in which Timberlake was a major draw. People went to see “Shrek 3″ because it was a “Shrek” movie, he had a supporting role in “Bad Teacher,” and “Yogi Bear” succeeded because it was a kid’s movie, and most kids could care less about who is in a movie.

      • Enough Already!

        Even if you count just “Friends With Benefits’…that discounts the theory that he has never had a give up on all the hate!

      • The Truth

        “Besides the social network no film he has made has turned a profit. He does not bring anything to a film.” . Markinnyc that is your opinion not a fact, “Friends With Benefits” proves that wrong, you don’t like him, fine, but stop making stuff up to prove your point!

      • Channing

        The original thesis presented by markinnyc: “Besides the social network no film he has made has turned a profit.”

        Four pieces of evidence that that thesis is wrong. Timberlake may not have been the star of those movies, but the original thesis was just saying “made,” not “starred in” or “headlined.”

        Markinnyc’s thesis is wrong.

    • Nelly

      Justin Timberlake shoud stop making movies. He almost ruin The Social Network. He had one of the best characters and he basically played himself.

      Dear Hollywood don’t give him any more roles please.

      • David+

        ” He almost ruin The Social Network”….Nelly you ruin the english language everyday!

    • BLT

      His acting skills may limited, but his music certainly is not bad. He needs to get back in the recording studio, where he belongs.

    • Adwina Lambert

      J.T. isss soooo over-rated and over-exposed… just like Beyonsh*t!!! but EW love dem both so we all suffer!! tee-hee!

  • LOL

    America loves crap.

    • america hates LOL

      read my name

      • America hates america hates LOL

        Read my name. And learn about capitalization.

      • meestermajick

        Uh oh. america hates LOL becomes the burger patty here!

      • rachel

        @meestermajick you know what, America hates your trolling ass too!

      • Brahms

        @America hates america hates LOL…Learn how to use the word and.

    • You weren’t first

      .. your influence is slipping, my friend.

      • LOL

        What are you talking about? Look at those numbers for In Time and The Rum Diary, my influence is only growing.

    • Shannon

      I am America and I love LOL.

  • Andrew

    If these estimates hold “Puss in Boots” will have broken “Saw III”‘s record for the highest opening weekend for a film that debuted Halloween weekend.

  • Zo

    The East Coast storm DID impact my movie-going this weekend. I normally would have seen 1-2 of the current offerings. Instead, yesterday (Saturday) we hunkered down at home with a horror movie marathon and today (Sunday), we’re doing Halloween activities, like going to Haunted House attractions. So for this regular movie patron, 2/3 issues you mentioned DID change my mind about seeing a film this weekend.

    • LOL

      It’s too bad it took a storm to keep you away from the movies, but good, now rent Fast Five tonight and show Hollywood you want quality films.

      • Cameron J

        *insert comments about raping/killing me based off of the assumption that I might be LOL when you have no proof*

      • LOL

        You’re definately not me, but I have no doubt you have posed as me on here. Shame on you Cameron J, shame.

      • meestermajick

        @LOL You need to check your mental health. Talking to yourself is not a very good sign.

      • Kurt

        I was thinking the same thing..this is too weird, did not even see anything about raping or killing, I think they/he are heading over the edge!..get some help Cameron J aka LOL

      • meestermajick

        Cameron J sound like a pop singer (oops, that’s Jessie J) or a tv character (and it’s Holly J).

        @Kurt He should read The Bell Jar to alarm him.

      • anonymous

        just curious to get your thoughts lol if fast five is as great as you say it is how do you think fast six and seven will hold up?

      • LOL

        Well, all the Fast and Furious films have been top notch. But Fast Five took filmmaking to another level, so I only hope the sequels can live up to it. But considering the talent involved, I’m sure they will be top quality.

  • DavidJ

    Wow, really would have expected Puss in Boots to do better. I guess the rest of the country is just as bored and tired of the Shrek franchise as I am.

  • Michael

    I expect Puss In Boots will have a ridicuosly small decline next weekend because of the snow and world series

  • Spider

    Awesome news for, ‘Puss In Boots’. I’ll be checkin’ it out!!

    • meestermajick

      It might stomp on you.

      • Michael

        meestermajick I think I hate you!

  • Flip

    C’mon and greenlight Paranormal Activity 4! The PA films are my new Halloween movie tradition.

  • Michael

    How come everyone gets happy when a film fails or doesnt meet expectations?

    • meestermajick

      “America loves crap.” – LOL/Cameron J

    • Cameron J

      Ignore him. I am bummed about Puss in Boots. I thought it’d turn out better. Moreso with In Time. I had high hopes it would be better than everyone says it did.

      • meestermajick

        Really, Cameron J? High hopes? As in Oscar-high hopes?

      • Cameron J

        As in enjoyable movie made out of a great concept. I didn’t count on a masterpiece, just… enjoyable

      • Daniel

        I gurantee you that if it wasnt for the storms, Puss In Boots would have made $40 million this weekend, even with Game 7 on Friday.

      • Cameron J

        Well that’s what I was thinking, but I’m no expert.

      • The Truth

        yes Cameron J you are no expert, but you are LOL!

  • LOL

    America loves cats!

    • meestermajick

      America loves LOL!

  • Mya

    I was expecting a total collapse for Puss N Boots given the snowstorm in the east, the World Series finale Friday, and Halloween festivities going on all weekend. That it may still set a Halloween record at the box office despite all of that is impressive. How it performs throughout the week and next weekend will determine if it has blockbuster potential or not. That CinemaScore number suggests that it could be a huge hit.

    • Michael

      Monday will be pretty brutal due to it actually being Halloween, but the rest of the week and next weekend it should catch on with more audiences.

    • meestermajick


    • Kurt

      @Mya cinemascore means nothing to a films boxoffice, “Monte Carlo” recieved an A rating, yet does anyone even remember it?

      • meestermajick


      • Kurt

        @meestermajick i had to loook it up Mr. Majick…and DON’T YELL AT ME!

      • meestermajick

        I’m not yelling. I just want emphasize that. Chill, Kurt. Sing with Rachel. XD

      • Kurt

        @meestermajick actually maybe you should chill a little, your trolling has gotten worse than LOL / Cameron J, every other comment is yours just go watch “Like Crazy” again I am sure you will have the theater all to yourself!

      • Mya

        Yes meestermajick , you are getting a little annoying, you think you are funnier than you really are!

      • Brian

        Mya, I second that!

      • LOL

        Nothing worse than the old gay man, that thinks he is funny but is just annoying, Nathan Lane is this you?

      • David

        @meestermajick Caps usually mean you are yelling but maybe you are too old and senile to know that..poor guy!

      • meestermajick

        Awww. You guys. I’m sorry. You know what, I’ll chill. I’ll go back to reading The Bell Jar. :)

  • rachel

    Hey all the movies were bad…and the people didn’t want to spend their money ..what’s happens?..

    • meestermajick

      I don’ts knows, Rachels.

      • rachel

        @meestermajick.ha..ha.. so funny ,that s” ,by the way I didnt say nothing about you,I saw a comment with my name talking about you..but it wasn’t me.

      • Rachel

        no it was me, believe it or not there is more than one person named Rachel!

  • rachel

    And EW”..could you take off that Ryan G photo of 42 unforgettable scene please..I’m tired of him

    • meestermajick

      He’s definitely not tired of you, Rachel McAdams.

    • David

      Agree Rachel it needs to go…..and meestermajick, still not funny!

      • Danyela

        Happy 40th! I’m just a few months benihd you! Of course, in our family, birthdays are so low-key that mine may pass with barely any acknowledgment from any of us. I may just have a little quiet, reflective me time when that day comes.

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