Sundance 2012: Angry moviegoers storm out of 'Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie'

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Heidecker then pointed at a senior citizen sitting in the audience. “I have a question … Can you come up here?”

The woman shrank in her chair, but he walked off the stage to escort her up. “Come on, I want to see what you thought,” he said.

“I’m just wondering if I’m the oldest person in here,” said the woman, who was smiling through her fear.

Heidecker cradled her close. “Ladies and gentlemen, my wife is here tonight!” he declared. Holding the microphone to her lips, he asked: “What’d you think?”

“It was … okay,” she sighed. As she returned to her seat, the audience applauded.

Someone asked what they liked better: Making people laugh or making them squirm?

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