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Photo: Chuck Zlotnick

Farrell’s character, in contrast to Harrelson’s heavy, is a lightweight, a Hollywood fluff writer who has had success financially, if not artistically.

“Life is good, then it all gets turned on its head,” Farrell says.

When EW visited the set of Seven Psychopaths, things were still good for the character. Farrell was costumed in comfortable, clean clothes and looked rested – but that’s only because the scene he was shooting takes place at the beginning of the story, when he’s not in trouble.

“No, not yet,” says the actor, who’s seated in an empty movie theater, where he and Rockwell’s character will be watching a cheesy Hong Kong action flick. “I’m really enjoying this because my first seven weeks on the film were s—t. Not my experience on the film — don’t get me wrong. But what my character was going through. It was uncomfortable, and frustrating, and he was not having a good time.”

The moment pictured above — with a bedraggled Farrell staggering away from a gun-wielding Harrelson — captures some of that.

As for the rest of the cast, Precious star Gabourey Sidibe turns up as an unlucky dog-walker who faces Harrelson’s wrath, and Bond girl Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace) turns up as the mobster’s girlfriend.

Abbie Cornish (Bright Star) co-stars as Kaya, the screenwriters patient and supportive girlfriend, nursing him through his writer’s block, and Tom Waits turns up as Zachariah, a rabbit-petting weirdo who offers up strange stories from his past for the Seven Psychopaths screenplay.

McDonagh tends to stick with the same actors through multiple projects. Not only is Farrell back after In Bruges, but Rockwell and Walken both worked with McDonagh previously on his Broadway show A Behanding in Spokane, about a man searching for the severed hand he lost years ago.

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