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Chris Pine as Jack Frost

Jack Frost is literally too cool for school. He doesn’t have a holiday, but kids love the unexpected vacations he supplies through snow days.

Chris Pine provides the voice of the character, a ghostly blue and white 14-year-old boy with no memory of his past apart from waking up one night floating in a frozen lake. He discovers he has the power to control wind and ice, and sets about using this strength mainly for the purposes of pranks.

He likes to annoy people, so blame him for your ice-encrusted windshield or burst water pipes in the winter.

When Joyce was pitching the idea of a Guardians movie, DreamWorks Animation chief Jeffrey Katzenberg suggested adding a character who is new to the team, someone to be the audience’s eyes and ears to this strange world.

“We talked a lot about The Magnificent Seven and The Seven Samurai, which are about a bunch of guys who are already doing their thing, and one guy who’s new at it,” Joyce says. “Since Jack Frost was the least known, and he doesn’t have a holiday, it makes perfect sense that he’d be the outsider coming in.”

It also makes the story about someone who, though he’s physically stuck as a kid, can come to embody the bravery and selflessness the Guardians represent. “I love the Peter Pan story, and there’s something heartbreaking about being a kid forever. He’s stuck at 14 , which is not the best outcome,” Joyce says. “He has never belonged to anybody. That’s fun on a certain level, but he yearns for more.”

Also, he may not be the good guy everyone hopes. “He hasn’t really taken a side. And nobody really believes in him,” Joyce says. “But that’s something he longs for.”

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