First Look: Liam Neeson targeted for revenge in 'Taken 2' -- EXCLUSIVE

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Magali Bragard

A higher ante than saving his daughter from forced prostitution? What’s happening to her now?
I was joking with Jimmy Fallon the other night, and he said, “Let me guess, let me guess… She’s not taken this time, he’s kicked her out because she’s such a pain in the ass, right?’ [Laughs.]

That would definitely be a twist! From what I understand, the survivors of the people you exterminated in the first movie are coming after you.
Yeah, I took out a lot of Albanian guys — smugglers and sex traffickers. They met grisly ends. So now it’s their uncles, brothers, fathers, who have motive to find this guy, come hell or high water.

So last time he was seeking them out, and this time they’re on his trail.
taken — let’s put it that way. They kidnap him to humiliate him, torture him, and ultimately bring him back to the village in Albania where the boys from the original film came from. With the help of my daughter… she wants to help me escape from where these bad guys have me.

NEXT PHOTO: Neeson plays a game of forced peek-a-boo with a bad guy.

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