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“Imagine time and space under the mastery of man …” Wilkinson says. “Power that makes emperors and kings look like fools.”

And with that, we see a group of men arrayed around a meeting table in what seems to be a passenger rail-car. These are fat-cat types. Big-money men. The kind who might be getting rich, rich, rich for every inch the railroad stretches toward the Pacific.

But wait. Wilkinson said, “power that makes emperors and kings look like fools.”

Suddenly Rich Uncle Pennybags and his brethren are being machine-gunned to death in a very Godfather-esque mass assassination.

“… Whoever controls this, controls the future,” Wilkinson concludes.

So whoever he is, it’s safe to assume that character is consolidating his power and taking out the competition, or his partners. Gotta control that future, right?

The trailer keeps it deliberately vague who exactly is committing this violence, but it lets us know in general terms that a big bad is coming and an even bigger bad is taking control of it.

Now, in these tough economic times, maybe an image of some rich jerks getting their top hats shot off isn’t enough to make you root against this anonymous villain. So the trailer gives us one final image — two working stiffs, engineers who are just doing their jobs piloting one of these locomotives.

As one pulls his head back inside the train, we see a shadowing figure standing atop the coal tender, training a gun on them. As it cuts to black, we hear a shot.

Suddenly the innocent are dying, and a hero is needed …

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