'Iron Man 3': The 10 weirdest things in the new trailer

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In one quick shot, we catch a glimpse of what appears to be the back of the Mandarin’s head as he lowers his hood.

The robe and hairstyle certainly seem to match, but there’s something weird on the back of his neck. It’s hard to tell what it is, unless you’re looking at the trailer in large-format HD, and zoom in.

A bulls-eye of some sort?

No … it appears to be a Captain America shield. And it has an Avengers “A” in the middle. (Others think it’s the “A” symbol of Anarchy.)

Is the Mandarin causing grief for Iron Man because of some crazy, unrequited fanboy love for Cap? (Those two never did get along!) Unlikely.

There’s one other thing that doesn’t add up, here. Where are the rings? Does Mandarin ever go around without his bling? It’s likely this character is an imposter, someone in disguise, perhaps trying to infiltrate the Mandarin lair? But that doesn’t add up either — if you were trying to sneak into the White House would you disguise yourself as Barack Obama?

Furthermore, who’s a big enough Cap fan to have a tattoo like this? Dare I speculate … dear Captain America trading-card collector Agent Coulson?

Nah. Couldn’t be. Or … Nah.

Or …?

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