'Oz, The Great and Powerful': A deep dive into Sam Raimi's new trailer

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As the pace quickens, we see a quick collage of images. Fireworks. My guess: fireworks are the gimmick that Oz uses to convince Evanora and Emerald City that he has any magical power at all in the first place. Then, Oz and Theodora are racing across a collapsing natural bridge, Evanora elevates (without a broom), Oz rallies the troops, the “Oooooooh-e-ooooooh” guards advance in the dark, and then two witches exchange Jedi-like electric bolts. Evanora versus Glinda?

Obligatory flying-monkey 3-D shot.

A few scenes earlier, Oz tackled Glinda to protect her from an incoming fireball. Is it possible someone was riding that lightning? In the final shot, as Oz and Glinda look on, a ghastly figure emerges from the spitting flames: The Wicked Witch of the West. I’m not 7 anymore, but that silhouette still means something terrifying and exciting.

Any new theories about which witch goes all she-Hulk at the end, and how?

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