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When asked about James Franco’s less-than-successful turn as emcee, MacFarlane said he actually admired some of the past hosts who got slammed by critics.

“The people who have not done well, I would classify every single one of them as a noble failure, as an honorable failure, because at least they were trying something new,” MacFarlane said.

“Letterman was not well received when he hosted the Oscars,” he went on. “But I loved it. I remember watching that and thinking, ‘He’s doing something fresh,’ which is always a good thing. That’s going to be the challenge. And if I can do it without torpedoing my career and getting drummed out of the business … then that would be good, too. All I can do is work my very best.”

He thought for a minute, looking at the quiet faces of the students, then added: “That’s a lame f–king answer. Sorry.”

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