21 Sundance hits that tanked at the box office


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Son of Rambow (2007)

In all fairness, Harvey and his posse at The Weinstein Company weren’t the only ones to go a little gaga at Sundance 2007. Paramount Vantage also got caught up in the post-Little Miss Sunshine madness, snatching up Son of Rambow, a quirky, ’80s-set British comedy about a boy obsessed with Rambo: First Blood, for just under $8 million. But the movie proved to be a weakling compared to the muscle-y hero its protagonist worshipped. Rambow topped out at $1.8 million. —MS


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Grace Is Gone (2007)

Another Sundance, another massive miscalculation from Harvey Weinstein. The exec paid $4 million for this low-budget drama, starring John Cusack as a husband and father in denial about his wife’s death in Iraq. The ink barely dry on the contract, Weinstein immediately started promising an Oscar nom for Cusack. Needless to say, that nomination never came. The movie grossed a painfully slim $50,899. Ouch. —MS


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Murderball (2005)

ThinkFilm’s documentary about paraplegics who play rugby (or ”murderball”) in tricked-out wheelchairs was an early surprise hit at the 2005 fest. It won the Audience Award, a special jury prize and, later, an Oscar nomination. For the summer release, ThinkFilm teamed up with MTV in an effort to appeal to young viewers. The $1.5 million gross wasn’t shameful, but well below expectations. —MS


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