'The Dark Knight Rises': The Blu-ray/iPad app is a deep dive into the film for action movie fans

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TDKR app prologue

Reading about gadgets like Bane’s mask, scanning through concept art of Bane’s underground lair and getting a close look at the detail of Batman’s suit in high-res stills that you can zoom in on all make the most of tablet technology, but where the dual screen experience really gets to show off is in the app’s Scene Explorer section. The app provides a deep dive into five of the movie’s most ambitious, jaw-dropping scenes — supplying storyboards, script pages, concept art and maps of filming locations to peruse on the portable device while the scene plays on the TV. Especially fascinating for movie fans curious about what goes on behind the scenes is watching the film’s opening plane hijacking scene while reading five pages provided from the script. Check out what is exactly as it is written on the page, what memorable lines made it into the film without first making their way onto this version of the script, and be wowed by just how much the completed epic scene still blows away whatever anyone picturing it while reading the script could have imagined.

The app also has a few features outside of the Second Screen section. For anyone who missed checking out the Batmobiles at Comic-Con this year, the app can make a Camo Tumbler appear in any video you shoot on your device (so, yes, you can make it look like Bane’s thugs are tearing through your backyard). There’s also a feature that previously existed on the app before WB added on the content to sync to the Blu-ray – this one is called Gotham City’s Most Wanted and puts the masks of Dark Knight Rises characters on the face of anyone standing in front of the tablet or phone’s camera. For the record, it is very amusing to see your friends in Bane’s mask.

The Dark Knight Rises FX App is free on the iTunes store and is only available on iPads and iPhones, not Android devices. Syncing the app with the disc requires a Blu-ray player that can connect to the same broadband Wi-Fi network as the device using the app.

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