Geek Deep Dive: 4 surprising things about the 'Star Trek Into Darkness' poster

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2. London calling. Enter “London” into Memory Alpha, the massive Star Trek wikipedia, and all you’ll get back is basically a bunch of references to various holodeck-themed Trek episodes. Which is to say, the famed British capital does not cast much of a shadow in the Trek universe. But thanks to the presence of some key structures in this poster — the Gherkin (above, center), the Eye (on the previous page, at far left) — it’s clear that London is ready for its big Trek close up. Also, apparently the city has undergone something of a major architectural expansion through the 23rd century, but it’s still not immune to the occasional blitz of smoldering rubble.

Given Cumberbatch’s British heritage, one’s also left to wonder how the fanboy certainty that he must be playing Khan — a genetic superman who ruled over much of Asia and the Middle East and was first played with a regal Latin accent by Ricardo Montalban — could be reconciled with the possibility that Benny Batch will keep his own regal British accent and appears in this poster to be gazing covetously upon the seat of British power.

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