Geek Deep Dive: 4 surprising things about the 'Star Trek Into Darkness' poster

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3. What’s in a name? Even with all the coyness about Cumberbatch’s character, the most curious creative decision about the sequel thus far has got to be its title. It’s understandable that Abrams and Co. would want to differentiate their Trek films from the TOS and TNG cast Trek films by hitting upon a title that doesn’t requite a roman numeral or a colon. But the odd syntax of Star Trek Into Darkness just doesn’t roll off the tongue the same way The Dark Knight Rises does, and it doesn’t play off a common turn of phrase like Die Hard With a Vengeance. Also, so, I mean, does this mean the stars themselves are trekking into a menacing inky gloom?

And yet by far the biggest words on this poster are “Into Darkness” — from a distance, you can barely even make out the words “Star Trek.” They are committed to making this title happen, people. Don’t try to fight it.

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