'Les Miserables': Reigniting the eternal heartache of Eponine and Marius

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What was it like, working on your first film with this cast?

With Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe, you’re not starting off lightly. I was like “I don’t know what they’re going to be like! I’ve never worked with anybody on this scale!” So I was petrified.

But having somebody like Hugh as the foundation of it? I couldn’t think of anyone better. He’s the perfect cross-section for what we were doing. He’s got so much musical theater experience and so much film experience. And you also felt like you were in safe hands with a director like Tom Hooper.

Did you bond with the cast?

I so instantly connected with everyone in very different ways.

Amanda (Seyfried) is so much fun! I’d spent a few weeks on the barricade with just the guys, so by the time she arrived for “A Heart Full of Love” I was so excited to have another female on set! I just wanted to talk about girly things like cupcakes and stuff.

Eponine and Fantine don’t overlap in time in Les Mis. Did you get to interact with Anne Hathaway at all?

Yes! We’d have these situations where we were like, “Me too! Me too!” We had so much in common and we’d send each other vegan and vegetarian recipes. Also we were all kind of losing a lot of weight for the film, so we’d all be there to support each other on that and talk about diets and exercise regimes.

Me and Annie love singing together too. We were like, “Can we just sing together always?” It was really fun.

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