'Star Trek Into Darkness' trailer: A deep dive

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Now here we go. The final shot of the trailer looks like a hyper-precise callback to one of the most famous scenes in The Wrath of Khan. POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT: I’m, of course, talking about the scene when Spock dies of radiation poisoning after bravely rescuing the Enterprise. The scene in the original movie was wrenching — even now, years after Spock was revived, you can’t help but choke up when Leonard Nimoy says, “I have been, and always shall be, your friend.” We don’t see any faces in this shot, but that’s pretty clearly someone wearing a science officer’s uniform making the Vulcan V.

So, to recap: We’ve got a couple of characters who appear to be playing characters from The Wrath of Khan, and we have a shot that is absolutely identical to a sequence in Wrath of Khan. Is this all an elaborate game being played by J.J. Abrams? Is Into Darkness going to continue the recent franchise trend of killing off characters? And if it does, will it be Spock again? Or someone else? McCoy? Chekhov? Green Lady? Not the Green Lady!

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