Sundance Film Festival's 13 must-see movies

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Image credit: Scott Gardner

Image credit: Scott Gardner

Think of this as The Odd Couple, but set in a burnt-out wasteland as the two combative main characters try to repair a remote road devastated by a wildfire.

Paul Rudd plays the uptight, quiet one, while Emile Hirsch is his girlfriend’s brother — needy and not-so-bright. They leave their lives behind for a slow-motion roadtrip — doing minor repairs along the expanse of the fried freeway. Often, the biggest obstacle is each other, although it would be a lot lonelier without the other guy, too.

Prince Avalanche is directed by David Gordon Green, who made the indie films Snow Angels and All the Real Girls, but has lately devoted himself to more mainstream comedic fare with Pineapple Express, Your Highness, and The Sitter.

This movie, adapted from the Icelandic film Either Way, marks a return to lower budget, scrappier filmaking for Green — a longtime favorite son of Sundance.

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