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Screen shot 2013-01-17 at 2.24.28 AM“Baby, you are gonna miss that plane…”

“I know.”

Roughly 18 years ago, July Delpy’s Celine and Ethan Hawke’s Jesse met on a train to Vienna in Before Sunrise, and nine years ago, Before Sunset faded to black on their relationship with those two lines, spoken in her apartment in Paris, which suggested the forces of fate would no longer be pulling them apart as easily.

Or did it? He was married with a child, and she was also in a relationship. Still, we don’t ever see those people in these two-person dramas, so it’s easy for moviegoers to root for Jesse and Celine to push past whatever obstacles are in their lives and finally be together. Or is there more beauty simply in the love story that never can be?

If there’s one film at Sundance that will be like revisiting old friends, it’s this one from director Richard Linklater. What has happened to Celine and Jesse over the past decade? We’ll soon find out, though everyone involved has kept the story strictly under wraps. Even the shoot was done in Greece on the sly.

All Linklater revealed in an interview with EW’s Solvej Schou is that he doesn’t expect to alienate any fans who have been asking him “what happens next?” for the past nine years. “I think people who really liked the first two will like this one,” he said. “They’ll appreciate it.”

There is a disconcerting finality to the title. We’ve had the “sunrise” and the “sunset,” and now we’re reaching the end of the day. Will there be a fourth movie nine years from now? You probably shouldn’t let anyone answer that question for you.

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