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That’s funny because as you say that, I realize how true that was for me as a young reader. I wouldn’t have identified myself as a “cosmic” fan — I was more of a Spider-Man and Daredevil fan — but if you asked me my favorite cover ever it would be Silver Surfer No. 4 and if you asked me what my favorite Marvel story ever was in that era, I might have to say the Korvac saga, which was cosmic as it gets.

BB: That is exactly how I felt about myself. Where I came from, my crime-comics roots, came from loving Frank Miller’s Daredevil — but if you say what else was there with it? It’s all this stuff, the cosmic stuff, and it seeps into all my work. So I feel exactly what you’re saying, you’re exactly right.

JL: The impact of the cosmic stuff goes everywhere, too. In the 1960s the Marvel books, especially, were new concepts on top of new concepts on top of new concepts; you were going to new worlds, meeting new characters, finding a new mythology, and it was just amazing. Imagine picking up Journey into Mystery No. 83 and finding Thor and trying to figure out his world as Stan and Jack [Kirby]. It must have been super-cool and it just expanded the possibilities. And that’s one of the things that’s really hitting home for us right now as creators [across Marvel] — these are not the same toys in the same box that we usually play with. Having had the luck to write the Hulk, Spider-Man and the Avengers, that stuff is awesome, but then to go work on characters like this? It’s a different kind of awesome.

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