'The Maze Runner': Patricia Clarkson joins cast of dystopian saga -- EXCLUSIVE

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Spoiler ahead … Don’t say you weren’t warned:
Clarkson’s role in The Maze Runner will be Chancellor Ava Paige, the highest ranking member of the organization trying to test children to find the strongest, most intelligent warriors.
The world has been decimated twice over — first by a solar flare that roasted the planet, and then by a disease that wiped out much of the population. Faced with this devastation, the governments of the world joined forces to experiment on children 12-to-17 who may have a natural resistance to the disease.
Paige heads the organization known in the books as WICKED (World In Catastrophe: Killzone Experiment Department). Despite the sinister acronym, it’s not clear that the organization is an evil one. (They might want their P.R. department to try a little rebranding, though.) In the film, they drop the “experiment” and go by WICKD.
She has a special interest in O’Brien’s fear-defying character Thomas, but what exactly she and her group hope to gain from the maze trials is something best left for the movie to explain. We may have said too much already …

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