The secrets of 'The Maze Runner' trailer: A deep dive with author James Dashner -- EXCLUSIVE

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Dashner: I love the calming, leader-like voice of Alby (Aml Ameen) as he first talks things through with Thomas. I feel like it gives an immediate depth and realness to the movie behind the trailer.

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Dashner: You also hear a brief roar of the Griever, which is exactly how I imagined it.

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Dashner: People are going to go nuts when they hear Newt (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) speak for the first time. He and Minho are fan favorites in the books by a long shot.

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Dasnher: Appropriately, right after that you see Minho (Ki Hong Lee) run into the Maze, then you see him studying a model scale of the maze that was one of my favorite set pieces. That’s a perfect example of a small change from book to movie that makes such good sense. In the book, the maps were on paper. Well, that’s beyond boring on the big screen. Much better to have a big, 3-D model!

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Dasnher: Next, you get two really quick shots that will make people howl and speculate. First, walls closing on someone inside the Maze. I don’t wanna say who that is, but fans will probably guess…

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…Second, right after that, you see a very metallic looking leg. I just love that! We’re giving fans the briefest, slightest glimpse of a Griever, but saving the best for the actual movie going experience.

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