'This Is Where I Leave You': Six movie revelations from BookCon

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Another change to the book takes place later in the story, when Judd is at the hospital with his brother Phillip (Adam Driver) and his sister Wendy, only to come face-to-face with his ex-boss Wade (Dax Shephard), who gets pushy over his affair with Judd’s wife.

In the novel, Wade ends up getting decked in the face by Phillip (seen here getting the dreaded Purple Nurple in another scene.) But Levy and Tropper decided it might be more interesting if the sister stepped in instead. “I’m certified in stage combat,” Fey joked.

“Wendy is always giving advice to Judd, but we thought it would be good to have Tina make Wendy stand up for her brother and take out Wade,” Levy said.

The actress didn’t just clock Shephard, she made up the insults that provoke the character to throw the punch. “You won’t find many actors who give an insult about themselves to another actor to say to them!” Levy said.

“The way I saw it is, we were getting some free writing from Tina Fey,” Tropper added. “And I could take credit for it!”


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In both the movie and the book, Jane Fonda’s character of the widowed mother is uncomfortably frank about her sexuality, and has recently had … augmentation. The way they created that in the film is with kind of rubber chest-plate that had anatomically correct (and massive) breasts.

“Jane said, ‘I want to see the top prosthetician in L.A. and get really, really big boobs,” Levy said. “They look completely real, and we would be sitting at lunch and she would just go, ‘Oops …'” He mimed a robe falling open.

“To Jane, it was like wearing a chest plate,” Levy said. “She would, like, flash passing-by cars!”

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