Nicolas Cage unleashes 'Rage' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


If you’ve seen enough of Nicolas Cage’s less prestigious work, you’re probably familiar with a phenomenon known as Cage Rage — bombastic, almost operatic outrage and violence that can be easily dismissed or analyzed from an academic perspective. I’m talking about movies like Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call — New Orleans, The Wicker Man, and Drive Angry, to say nothing of the cartoon-y Ghost Rider movies. So kudos to the crew that simply titled his next movie Rage.

In a script that heavily evokes the recent spate of Liam Neeson revenge thrillers, Cage plays a man with a dark and violent history who gets pulled back into that world after his daughter is kidnapped. In the exclusive clip below, the Oscar winner┬ácuts loose and becomes… Nicolas Rage.

Rage will be available on VOD on June 10, before opening in theaters on July 11.

Here’s the full trailer:

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