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Jon Hamm lands first leading-man role in 'Million Dollar Arm'

EW has confirmed that Jon Hamm will headline Disney’s Million Dollar Arm, as first reported by Deadline. The Mad Men star will play sports agent-turned-reality show creator J.B. Bernstein, whose reality show Million Dollar Arm documented his search to find promising baseball players in India’s thriving cricket community. The show resulted in the signing of the MLB’s first two Indian players, though neither has yet advanced far in the Pittsburgh Pirates’ minor-league system. Oscar nominee Thomas McCarthy (Win Win) scripted the film. No further production details have been disclosed.

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Alice Cooper talks about his 'Dark Shadows' cameo -- and his many other memorable onscreen adventures

It doesn’t come as a huge surprise to discover horror movie-lovers Alice Cooper and Tim Burton had plenty to talk about when the rocker turned up to film a cameo in the director’s new, Johnny Depp-starring movie Dark Shadows. “We had dinner one night in London and we both knew every point of reference,” Cooper recalls. “If he would say, ‘Suspiria’ I would say ‘Dario Argento.’ I see the humor in horror as much as Tim or Johnny does, so we really do fit together.”

The “School’s Out” star plays himself in Burton’s big budget adaptation of the bizarre, supernatural soap opera, which opens May 11. It says a great deal about the eccentric nature of the rock star’s filmography that Dark Shadows is likely to stand as one of its less insane entries. In this week’s Entertainment Weekly, Cooper talks at length about appearing in such cinematic curios as the Mae West vehicle Sextette, the infamous musical Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and the werewolf farrago Monster Dog — as well as his roles in better-received projects like Prince of Darkness and Wayne’s World. READ FULL STORY

Tribeca Film Festival: Elizabeth McGovern on playing English matriarchs

In Cheerful Weather for the Wedding — the kind of fun, exceedingly British film where the humor is the only thing drier than the Sunday roast — Elizabeth McGovern plays the matriarch of an English estate during the early half of the 20th-century trying to make sure her daughter gets married to the right man. Now if that sounds familiar, that means you’re a fan of Downton Abbey, in which McGovern plays Lady Grantham, the show’s Made-in-the-USA queen of the castle.

“It’s definitely in a style, a riff, that’s reminiscent of Downton,” says McGovern, who sports an English accent in the film. “And it’s great if that’s what people think.” READ FULL STORY

Jonathan Frid, original 'Dark Shadows' star, dies at 87

UPDATED: Johnny Depp comments below …

Just a few weeks before his most famous character was to be reborn, the original Barnabas Collins from Dark Shadows has died.

Jonathan Frid, the Canadian actor who brought the suave bloodsucker to life on the 1966-71 gothic soap opera, passed away from natural causes on April 13 in his hometown of Hamilton, Ontario, according to MPI Home Video, which releases the Dark Shadows DVDs.

Dark Shadows inspired a generation of boys — Tim Burton and Johnny Depp among them — to become obsessed with a show originally aimed at their mothers. On May 11, Burton and Depp will debut their passion project: a big-screen version of the tale, with Depp taking on the role Frid originated. READ FULL STORY

Whitney Houston's 'Sparkle': Trailer debuts on 'Today'

The wait to catch a glimpse of Whitney Houston in Sparkle is finally over: The Today show premiered a preview clip that showcases Houston in the upcoming musical remake of the 1976 film, in which Houston plays the matriarch of a family of musicians who also battle addiction. Watch the video below:


Owen Wilson, Zach Galifianakis to star in 'Mad Men' creator's feature debut

Mad Men creator and executive producer Matthew Weiner will time-trip back from the ’60s  — and road trip as well — for his feature debut, You Are Here, starring Owen Wilson and Zach Galifianakis. Weiner is directing the film, based on a script he penned eight years ago. The plot centers on childhood best friends who return to their hometown after Galifianakis’ bipolar character learns that his estranged father had died. Back home, he finds out that his father left him with a sizable inheritance and much more. (Parks and Recreation‘s Amy Poehler is also in negotiations for a costarring role.) The movie is slated to begin shooting in May, during Mad Men‘s hiatus, and marks Weiner’s first time in the film director’s chair, though he has helmed multiple episodes of the Emmy-friendly AMC drama, which aired its fifth-season premiere on Sunday.

'24' movie delayed -- UPDATE

Despite star Kiefer Sutherland’s hopes that the 24 movie would begin shooting next month, no amount of Jack Bauer beatdowns can get the seemingly cursed production off the ground, according to TheWrap. Production on the long-awaited big-screen version of the addictive TV show has been pushed back to 2013. UPDATE: Per a rep at Fox, the film has not been delayed to 2013. In fact, there is still no set date for filming to begin on this next installment, period. They are still working on scheduling and other logistics.

Sutherland recently said as much to Jay Leno, when he told The Tonight Show host that the script (written by 24 scribe Howard Gordon and The Hunger Games‘ Billy Ray) was all systems go and that scheduling had become the biggest stumbling block. Add budget negotiations and Sutherland’s reported salary demands to the mix, and you’ve got a non-starter.


Amy Poehler-Adam Scott comedy 'A.C.O.D.' taps Adam Pally of 'Happy Endings'

Happy Endings‘ Adam Pally will join Parks and Recreation‘s Amy Poehler and Adam Scott in the big-screen indie comedy A.C.O.D., EW has learned exclusivelyShort for Adult Children of Divorce, A.C.O.D. features Scott as a subject in a study about the offspring of divorced parents, while Poehler (who, like Pally, is a veteran of the Upright Citizens Brigade) stars as the new and third wife of his father, played by Richard Jenkins. (Yes, that means that Poehler is serving as Scott’s stepmother, which sounds like a far cry from the love nerds that the pair embody on Parks.)

“They asked me and I was like, ‘Yeah, I will do whatever you guys want! I will show up as a key grip,” Pally quips to EW. Luckily, Pally was asked to stay in front of the cameras in a supporting role. Jessica Alba, Jane Lynch, and Catherine O’Hara are among the other actors in the film, which has begun filming in Atlanta.

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'Dark Shadows' trailer: Johnny Depp/Tim Burton vampire soap opera plays for laughs

The beginning of the trailer is straight-up gothic horror: an 18th-century romance, a jealous witch, a freshly born vampire crying blood, a hushed ghost whispering “He’s coming …”

Then Johnny Depp and Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows turns on the laugh track.

This movie, based on the 1966-1971 supernatural soap opera, turns out to take its source material not so seriously. When the buried undead bloodsucker Barnabas Collins is freed from his tomb in the year 1972, he finds the time period … a little funky.


SXSW: Seth MacFarlane previews footage, and a special surprise guest, from his feature directorial debut, 'Ted'

After conquering television with his Family Guy/Cleveland Show/American Dad empire, could Seth MacFarlane become a titan of big screen comedy too?

That’s the impression left today at SXSW, after MacFarlane screened over ten minutes of footage from Ted, his feature directorial debut. The story of a thirtysomething guy (Mark Wahlberg) who still hangs out with the teddy bear his childhood wish brought to life 25 years before, Ted, MacFarlane explained, is what would happen after the end of a family-friendly Disney movie…about a young boy and his living teddy bear. To illustrate his point, MacFarlane then debuted the first eight minutes of the film, which unfolds as a family-friendly Disney story would, but in miniature. READ FULL STORY

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