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Release date shuffles for 'Robopocalypse,' 'Lone Ranger' and 'X-Men' prequel sequel


Further confounding the Mayan calendar, the Robopocalypse has been postponed another year until summer 2014.

Steven Spielberg’s film about the epic collapse of our civilization at the mechanical hands of soulless automatons was originally due July 3, 2013, but 20th Century Fox (which is co-financing the film with DreamWorks, and Disney’s Touchstone distributing) announced today the movie has been shifted to April 25, 2014.

That will give Spielberg and Co. more time to develop the project, and hopefully persuade his Lincoln star Daniel Day-Lewis to cameo as a bloodthirsty, killer version of Disneyland’s “Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln” animatronic attraction. (Hey, we can dream.)

Disney announced soon after that Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer’s The Lone Ranger would move back about two months from May 13, 2013 into the July 3 spot vacated by Robopocalypse, while Thor 2 inched forward from Nov. 15 to Nov. 8.

Fox also announced that Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, a sequel to last summer’s acclaimed hit Rise of the Planet of the Apes, will debut roughly a month later on May 23, 2014, evolving just in time for Memorial Day weekend. And the studio laid out dates for a new X-Men prequel sequel, and a re-release of 1996’s Independence Day in 3-D. READ FULL STORY

'G.I. Joe: Retaliation' pushed to 2013, will be converted to 3-D


Just over a month before its original premiere date of June 29, Paramount Pictures has pushed G.I. Joe: Retaliation to March 29, 2013, in order to convert the film into 3-D, EW has confirmed. (Deadline first broke the story.)

Starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Bruce Willis, and Channing Tatum, the sequel just had a splashy showcase at the movie exhibitor confab CinemaCon, and posters for the film have been appearing in movie theaters for weeks (although the film is touted only as “Coming Soon,” with no release date listed). READ FULL STORY

'There's a twelve foot great white shark in here!': Check out the red band trailer for 'Bait 3D'

Some people regard 3D as the future of cinema. And some think its only useful purpose is to enhance the kind of low budget horror movie in which people say things like, “There’s a twelve foot great white shark in here!” Those of the latter persuasion are unlikely to change their view any after seeing the new red band trailer for the Australian movie Bait 3D, not least because someone actually does say, “There’s a twelve foot great white shark in here!”

Who is responsible for what appears to be a gloriously shlock-tastic fusion of Jaws and The Mist? The credit for the film must in large part go to cowriter Russell Mulcahy, who most recently helped oversee MTV’s Teen Wolf but back in the day directed cult classic monster-pig flick Razor Back (for more on which I would encourage you to check out the terrific Ozploitation documentary Not Quite Hollywood).


Sandra Bullock, George Clooney sci-fi drama 'Gravity' pushed to 2013

One of the most intriguing movies of 2012 is now one of the most intriguing movies of 2013. Gravity, the 3-D sci-fi drama starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as astronauts stranded in open space, has been pushed from its Nov. 21 release to 2013 by Warner Bros., EW has confirmed.

The studio remains bullish on the movie, director Alfonso Cuarón’s first film since his highly acclaimed 2006 sci-fi drama Children of Men. But between a lack of available 3-D IMAX screens and a highly competitive holiday moviegoing season that includes a new Bond movie, the final Twilight movie, and The Hobbit, Warner Bros. execs wanted to be sure the unusual film had the best possible platform for success.

A new firm release date has not yet been set.

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Peter Jackson responds to complaints about 'The Hobbit' footage -- EXCLUSIVE

Peter Jackson says the negative reaction this week over new technology he’s using to shoot The Hobbit won’t hold him back, and he hopes moviegoers will give it a try and judge for themselves.

“Nobody is going to stop,” he said. “This technology is going to keep evolving.”

When Warner Bros. showed off 10 minutes of footage this week at CinemaCon, the annual convention for theater owners, many attendees complained that this version of Middle Earth looked more like a movie set than the atmospheric, textured world seen in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

There was a lot of love for Jackson’s storytelling — the scenes of young Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman, from the British version of The Office) battling a trio of goblins, and Ian McKellen’s Gandalf exploring the tombs of the now-reanimated wringwraiths, received universal praise. Complaints only centered on the technology used to capture and project the footage.

Jackson hopes critics of the format will change their minds when they see the finished film, but notes that it will also be available in traditional formats in many theaters.

“At first it’s unusual because you’ve never seen a movie like this before. It’s literally a new experience, but you know, that doesn’t last the entire experience of the film–not by any stretch, [just] 10 minutes or so,” Jackson tells EW. “That’s a different experience than if you see a fast-cutting montage at a technical presentation.”

So what does he say to people who just decide they don’t like the glossy new look of the format he’s using?


CinemaCon 2012: Dim reaction to high-def look of Peter Jackson's 'The Hobbit'

Based on the deflated reaction to 10 minutes of footage shown today from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Peter Jackson’s state-of-the-art high-definition epic may or may not forever change the way we view movies, but it will definitely revolutionize the way we talk about that strange, hard-to-describe fluorescent look HD video can sometimes have.

There are two ways to look at the clips featured at the annual gathering of theater owners: As storytelling, the first half of Jackson’s two-part adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit is perfectly in sync with the tone and quality of his groundbreaking The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

But as a platform for new cinematic technology, the clips received an underwhelming reaction at best. Read on for more details after the jump.


'The Cabin in the Woods': How Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard's 'insane frolic' became the year's most buzzed-about fright flick

“I still smell the blood in my sleep,” says Drew Goddard. The filmmaker is talking about the psychic aftershocks of shooting his debut movie, The Cabin in the Woods, a horror comedy he co-wrote with Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator and Avengers director Joss Whedon. That Goddard’s subconscious is still haunted is testament to the volume of fake red stuff in his movie, which is released tomorrow and stars Chris Hemsworth, Bradley Whitford, and Richard Jenkins. Why? Because Goddard shot Cabin in Vancouver way back in 2009, only to see its release delayed by more than two years due to the bankruptcy of the film’s original studio, MGM. That’s long enough for Hemsworth to have played the role of Thor twice, the second time in Whedon’s Avengers, which arrives in cinemas just three weeks after Cabin. “We shot the film and had an amazing time,” says the Australian actor. “Then it disappeared for three years.”


'Titanic 3D' leaves port with $4.4 million on Wednesday, so was the 3-D conversion worth it?


The 3-D redux of James Cameron’s 1997 epic Titanic opened to an estimated $4.4 million on Wednesday, or $4.7 million if you include its Tuesday-night preview showings. That’s a solid but not spectacular start to Titanic 3D‘s voyage, which is likely on pace for a weekend gross of about $20 million (and a five-day tally of around $30 million).

Keep in mind that these are early projections, but let’s assume for a moment that Titanic 3D does collect $30 million during its first five days, and therefore finishes its theatrical run with at least $70 million. In that scenario, was the 3-D re-release worth it? Was Cameron justified in spending $18 million and 60 weeks to convert the film into three dimensions? In this case, the answer would be yes. But that doesn’t mean it will be “yes” for every blockbuster itching to find an excuse to return to the silver screen. READ FULL STORY

Box office update: 'Titanic 3D' cruises to $425,000 from preview and midnight showings

Titanic has officially left port for the second time, as the 3-D re-release of James Cameron’s 1997 blockbuster brought in an estimated $425,000 from preview and midnight showings on Tuesday, according to Paramount.

By comparison, February’s 3-D re-release of Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace earned $1.1 million from midnight screenings. It’s not really a fair comparison since Titanic 3D‘s Tuesday-evening preview screenings ran on approximately 300 screens (Phantom Menace previewed on 1,300). Furthermore, considering that even die-hard Titanic fans might not want to stay up past 3:00 am on a Tuesday night, the film’s midnight screenings were never expected to play a big role.

Titanic 3D officially opens today at 2,674 theaters — exactly the same number of locations it originally debuted at in 1997. Check back tomorrow for an update on its box office performance, plus our predictions for the weekend.

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'Katy Perry: Part of Me' trailer: Baby, she's a 3-D! -- VIDEO

Katy Perry is taking the whole firework metaphor to the extreme as her new concert movie, Katy Perry: Part of Me hits theaters July 4 weekend. In the first trailer for the much-anticipated 3-D concert documentary, we see Perry (and the various shades of her technicolor hair) backstage, on stage, and through all of her hits on the path to superstardom over the past few years, including her divorce from comedian Russell Brand. She tells a crowd in the clip below, “Thank you so much for believing in my weirdness.” Fair enough, Katy. Check out the trailer below: READ FULL STORY

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