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Baymax steals the show at 'Big Hero 6' New York Comic Con panel


Coming off the success of Guardians of the Galaxy, everyone wanted to get their hands on Rocket Racoon and Groot figures, plushies, posters–basically anything that evoked the breakout characters. But Disney may face some competition with…itself, and that’s all thanks to Baymax in Big Hero 6.

At Disney’s New York Comic Con panel, several new scenes were shown from the film, which releases on Nov. 7. And while all of the titular heroes enjoyed some time in the spotlight, from the first to the last scene, the film’s robotic healthcare specialist Baymax stole the show.


Watch Alec Baldwin playfully call his '30 Rock' mom Elaine Stritch a bitch in a new doc - EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


If you thought Alec Baldwin was cantankerous, even he pales compared to the veteran Broadway and TV star Elaine Stritch. In Chiemi Karasawa’s new documentary Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me, opening in limited release this Friday, the 89-year-old actress (and Today show F-bomb-dropper) recounts her turbulent life on the stage and screen, her battles with alcoholism, and her improbable comeback in the last decade. In this exclusive clip, we see Stritch on the set of 30 Rock, where she played the wasp-tongued mother of Alec Baldwin’s network exec Jack Donaghy (a role that earned the actress her third Emmy Award in 2008). On set, she mixes it up with Tina Fey and Baldwin, a kindred spirit who hilariously grumbles about the veteran scene-stealer in rehearsal. “Don’t you last-word me, you,” he says. “It’s my laugh-line, you bitch.” And her reaction to his grousing is just as priceless. READ FULL STORY

Sundance: Tracy Morgan 'doing much better' after collapse, says director

Tracy Morgan is “doing much better” after collapsing last night at the Sundance Film Festival, the co-director of Morgan’s film Predisposed tells EW. While visiting the EW photo and digital studio today in Park City, Utah, to promote his film, filmmaker Ron Nyswaner said that the 30 Rock star passed out while at the Creative Coalition Spotlight Awards due to “altitude sickness combined with his diabetes.” READ FULL STORY

Horror-comedy 'Tucker and Dale vs. Evil' director Eli Craig lists his top five funny fright flicks


Like a fat man lying down on a wide wall, the horror-comedy is a notoriously difficult thing to pull off. But that didn’t stop debut director Eli Craig making Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, a humorous twist on the crazed hillbilly genre which opens in theatres this Friday (and is currently available on VOD).

We asked Craig to list his top five movies which combine things-that-go-bump-in-the-night with things-that-make-him-laugh-until-he pukes.

Ghostbusters is the greatest comedy-horror movie of all-time. I was seven or eight when I saw that and it was as frightening as anything I had seen. But it has that heart of gold that I think is hard to find in comedies these days. There’s a lot of satirical comedy, a lot of comedy with a sort of bitter edge to it. But I’m a big fan of that sweet kind of comedy.” READ FULL STORY

'Wet Hot American Summer' 10th anniversary: David Wain, Michael Showalter, and Joe Lo Truglio remember their days at Camp Firewood

Think it’s impossible to make a comedy for just $1.8 million, get it into theatres, and still wind up with a financial disaster? Think again!!! It is almost exactly 10 years since writer-director David Wain did just that with Wet Hot American Summer, his camp movie spoof which starred co-writer Michael Showalter, Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper, Elizabeth Banks, Michael Ian Black, Janeane Garofalo, David Hyde Pierce, Christopher Meloni, and Joe Lo Truglio, amongst many others.

To mark the 10th anniversary of the movie’s release — and to celebrate the film’s elevation to cult classic status — Wain, Showalter, and Black are hosting a special Wet Hot event tonight at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, N.Y. The bad news? The event is sold out. The good? You can read the Camp Firewood reminiscences of Wain, Showalter, and Lo Truglio below.


Elizabeth Banks talks stuffing her bra and slobbering over Paul Rudd for 'Wet Hot American Summer'


Elizabeth Banks was a complete unknown when she was cast as “Lindsay” in the 2001 film Wet Hot American Summer. And she stayed that way for a while after, thanks to the dismal box office performance of David Wain’s camp comedy. But, over time, the movie’s growing cult would help Banks become one of the most in-demand actresses around.

To mark the tenth anniversary of Wet Hot American Summer, we spoke with the star of 40-Year-Old Virgin, Role Models, 30 Rock, and the forthcoming Hunger Games about her time at Camp Firewood.


'Human Centipede': Director Tom Six talks about the sequel, his plan for a threequel, and all those 'Centipede' parodies


The Human Centipede has proven to be a horror movie with, well, legs. This deranged and very NSFW terror tale — in which a mad scientist named Dr. Heiter stitches together three victims so they share a single gastrointestinal tract — was given a limited cinema release in the spring of last year. But since then, the movie has been referenced by Tosh.0, Stephen Colbert, 30 Rock, and most recently, South Park, whose season premiere featured the introduction of a disgusting new Apple product called the HUMANCENTiPAD. It has also been the subject of numerous Internet sketches — including a Funny or Die skit about a human centipede survivors group meeting — and has been turned into a full-length musical by Emerson College’s Chocolate Cake City Comedy Troupe. You can even buy a Human Centipede cat toy, which, like the film itself, boasts of being “100 percent medically accurate!”

“It’s really punk-rock,” says comedian Jon Daly, who wrote and starred in the Funny or Die sketch. “It pushed torture porn just one step further. It kind of took the Saw movies and went, ‘Oh yeah? Look what I can do. I’m going to sew people together and have them eat poop.’ My friends and I play a game that’s like ‘F—, marry, or kill,’ but with the Human Centipede and terrible celebrities. Like, if you’re human centipede-ing the Kardashians, who’s in the middle? Who gets it worst?”

But what does Human Centipede director Tom Six make of all this? And what future plans does the Dutch auteur have for the franchise? After the jump, Six talks about the growing impact of the film, and its forthcoming top secret sequel, the ominously titled Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence).


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