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'The Fast and the Furious' helmer to direct 'Road House' remake

Rob Cohen, the man behind The Fast and the Furious, xXx and Alex Cross, has been tapped to direct a remake of Road House for MGM, EW confirmed Monday.

The 1989 original starred Patrick Swayze as a bouncer at a bar in Missouri. Rowdy Harrington directed the cult classic, which also featured Kelly Lynch, Ben Gazzara, and a particularly memorable Sam Elliott as the ever-quotable mentor Wade Garrett. Despite mixed reviews, Road House went on to gross more than $30 million domestically.

John Hughes' 'Weird Science' to get remake at Universal

In 1985 movie Weird Science, Gary Wallace and Wyatt Donnelly took some inspiration from Frankenstein to reanimate the dead to create their own not-so-monstrous perfect bombshell of a woman. Now Universal is reanimating Weird Science.

Universal is developing a remake of the sci-fi comedy with Joel Silver, who produced the original, EW has confirmed. Deadline first reported the news. The 1985 original, written and directed by the late beloved filmmaker John Hughes, starred Anthony Michael Hall, Ilan Mitchell-Smith, Kelly LeBrock, Bill Paxton, and Robert Downey Jr. READ FULL STORY

'Escape from New York' reboot may be on the way

Everybody who has ever walked out of an ophthalmologist’s office has prayed that their eyepatch would look as cool as Snake Plissken’s, and no one’s ever has. Kurt Russell’s character from Escape from New York looked like he could chew nails and spit bullets, and then chew those bullets into tiny metal figurines of him kicking your ass. Even his name’s serpent-y sibilance could send shivers down your ssssspine.

Now, Snake and the iconic 1981 John Carpenter movie he starred in are getting a makeover. Studio Canal and Joel Silver’s house Silver Pictures announced Monday that they intend on retelling (read: remaking) Escape from New York as a trilogy of films. The first would be a prequel that sets up the dystopian future of the original, in which the entire island of Manhattan has been converted into a massive maximum security prison. Presumably, there will be a bit of timeline recalibration since the first movie took place in a pretty grim 1988. Silver Pictures says it aims to recreate the success of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which similarly took a well-known sci-fi property and told the story before the story. (Hollywood’s fixation on origin stories kinda makes it like a five-year-old who keeps asking “Why?” until you’ve run out of cause-and-effect.)

Kevin Hart talks sex scenes on 'About Last Night' set -- VIDEO

Kevin Hart is ready — and I mean bursting at the seams — to be a sex symbol, and he may get his wish in the remake of About Last Night.

The ever-energetic comic gushed to EW recently while filming on the downtown Los Angeles set of his movie, which modernizes the 1986 original starring Rob Lowe and Demi Moore, based on the David Mamet play. Hart plays Bernie, a sidekick role inhabited by James Belushi in the original, who is friends with lead heartthrob Michael Ealy. Joy Bryant also stars, and Regina Hall plays Hart’s hot-cold love interest. The movie’s now in post-production.

“Being a comedian, I’m very clean cut in the roles that I’ve had thus far. This was actually a role that gave me an opportunity to be a little different,” Hart told EW. “I’m filthy, filthy to the point where my language is unacceptable, my opinion is very, I guess you could say, I’m outspoken, but about the wrong topics, … and I have sex in this movie, which is great! I’ve never had sex in a film. And the fact that I’m having sex is going to make me a sex symbol. I see it all. This is a big thing for me. … Ladies, you get to see my side profile!”

Check out our video interview with Hart, below!

'RoboCop' reboot teaser shows off updated vision of mechanized crime-fighting -- VIDEO

The original 1987 RoboCop hit theaters at a time when U.S. crime rates were rising, Cold War spending pushed military budgets ever higher, and Hollywood readily embraced bloody, hard-R violence. It was, in other words, the perfect time for a sneakily smart satire of the corporatization of the military-industrial complex dressed up as a glibly brutal sci-fi thriller, about a Detroit cop whose nearly fatal accident leads him to be transformed into a mechanized crime fighter.

Twenty-five years later, with crime rates way down, the Cold War long over, and Hollywood pretty well abandoning hard-R violence in favor of the bloodless (and more lucrative) PG-13, it may not seem like the most apt time for the upcoming RoboCop reboot.


'Vacation' scoop: 'Horrible Bosses' duo dish on reboot. (Rusty's going to Wally World!) -- EXCLUSIVE

Writing duo John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, the men behind the critically-lauded hit Horrible Bosses, received much-welcomed news this week when it was announced they would get a chance to helm the Vacation reboot they’d penned together. With the future of an adored franchise now at their fingertips, the first-time feature directors tell EW they hope the new Vacation will both honor the original (possibly with a Chevy Chase appearance!) and still act as a worthy introduction to a new generation.

“We had always wanted to direct from the get-go, basically. When we got the opportunity to write the script, we definitely could see how we wanted the movie to play out if we had the opportunity to direct it,” Daley, who currently stars on Bones, tells EW in an exclusive chat. So how will it “play out”? For one, the story finds grown-up Rusty Griswold hitting the road with his wife and two sons as he attempts to “recapture” what he recalls having with his own family. The best way to do so? Head for Wally World, of course. READ FULL STORY

'The Killing' star Joel Kinnaman offered title role in 'RoboCop' -- report

If you’ve exchanged pondering “Who killed Rosie Larson?” for “Who will play the next RoboCop?” you might just have the answer you’ve been looking for. reports that MGM has offered The Killing star Joel Kinnaman the chance to fill Peter Weller‘s iconic robo-shoes for the upcoming RoboCop remake. With Jose Padilha on board to direct (not Darren Aronofsky) a script from Josh Zetumer, Kinnaman, who recently appeared on the big screen in Safe House and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, would be the first major casting for the reboot.

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Jason Statham to produce, star in 'Heat' remake

EW has confirmed that Jason Statham is producing a reboot of Brian de Palma’s 1986 action movie Heat, and he’s cast himself in the lead role. William Goldman penned the original Heat screenplay based on his novel of the same name. Statham will take over the role originated by Burt Reynolds of an ex-mercenary-turned-gambling addict working as a bodyguard in Las Vegas. Steven Chasman (Killer Elite, the Transporter series) will also produce. Shooting is scheduled to begin later this year in France. No costars or release date has been announced yet.

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Ridley Scott (kind of) shoots down rumors of re-teaming with Harrison Ford in 'Blade Runner' project -- EXCLUSIVE

Earlier this week, a wildfire was set ablaze on the Internet when it was reported that Ridley Scott was in talks with Harrison Ford to reprise his role as replicant detective Rick Deckard in the director’s in-development Blade Runner sequel. The next day, the project’s producers quickly squashed those rumors. Who to believe? The whole thing was beginning to seem as confusing as the non-voiceover version of the 1982 sci-fi classic itself — minus the origami unicorn. So EW went straight to the source to weigh in on the rumors: Ridley Scott.

While meeting with director yesterday to discuss his upcoming 3-D is-it-or-isn’t-it-an-Alien-prequel Prometheus, we put the Harrison Ford question to him. Here’s what he had to say… READ FULL STORY

'G.I. Joe: Retaliation': the babes, bombs, and baddies of the Super Bowl trailer


Question: What do boys like?

A: Pretty girls who beat you up. (Check.)

B: Shooting a ninja’s throwing stars out of the air with a handgun. (Check.)

C. Ridiculous vehicles that are basically just bombs on wheels. (Check.)

D. Quoting rap lyrics like Bible passages. (Check.)

In these regards, the new Super Bowl ad for G.I. Joe: Retaliation has all the bases covered, including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson opening it by quoting Jay-Z’s soldier’s lament “Don’t Let Me Die.”

Click through for a not-so-serious (but affectionate) dissection of G.I. Joe mythology and the new footage.


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