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Jane Lynch explains how to cope with 'A.C.O.D.' -- VIDEO


If you title your movie A.C.O.D., you might have to set aside some money in your budget for educating the public. After all, what is A.C.O.D., and will I need a vaccination before seeing it?

Fortunately, A.C.O.D. — which stands for Adult Children of Divorce — features a cast that can make such marketing extremely painless and fun. Adam Scott plays the Adult Child in question, a restauranteur who attends his younger brother’s wedding only to discover their divorced parents (Catherine O’Hara and Richard Jenkins) are still at war and to learn that his childhood therapist (Jane Lynch) turned his troubled family life into a book. Amy Poehler co-stars as Scott’s bitter stepmother, and Jessica Alba plays one of the other study subjects whose childhood has been used for literary fodder.

In the public-service announcement, Lynch explains in soothing tones how to cope with A.C.O.D: “The way to feel normal is to remind yourself that the person next to you is way more damaged.”

Watch the exclusive PSA below. READ FULL STORY

Amy Poehler plays Adam Scott's stepmother in new 'A.C.O.D' trailer -- VIDEO


We’ve seen plenty of flicks about children caught in the crosshairs of their parents’ divorce. But what happens when those children grow up? In A.C.O.D.Parks and Recreation star Adam Scott plays Carter, a seemingly well-adjusted young man who is forced to watch his divorced parents’ civil war reignite when his younger brother (Clark Duke) gets married.

Carter also finds out that he’s part of a study researched by Jane Lynch and tries to fight an attraction to the tattooed Michelle (Jessica Alba) while dating Lauren (Mary Elizabeth Winstead.) Oh, and it doesn’t help that Carter’s stepmother (played by his Parks and Rec love interest Amy Poehler) is the same age as him.

Check out the trailer below:

Sundance: 'The Spectacular Now' is a lovely and original teen movie. 'A.C.O.D.' is the comedy that Adam Scott fans have been waiting for

Remember how Elvis Presley looked when he was young? The perfect pompadour, the eyes a-twinkle, the smile so brightly and absurdly cocksure it seemed lit from within? Imagine Elvis reincarnated as a very tall and brainy American high school dude, with a quip for every occasion, and you’ll have an idea of the fresh yet slightly skewed charisma of Miles Teller, the gifted star of The Spectacular Now. He plays a high school senior about to graduate named Sutter, who would, at a glance, seem to have it all. Sutter already knows how to talk to the ladies — he looms over them — and the way he drops little aggressive jabs into his conversation could easily make him seem like a shark. Except that for all that snappy gift of gab, he exudes a sweetness that can’t be faked. He’s smart and clever and a little blissed-out, with a soft-edged understanding of other people. He coasts along in school, enjoys his part-time job (as a clerk at a men’s clothing store), and seems to get off on every moment of every day. So where’s the rub? During almost every one of those moments, he’s drinking (from a flask, or from a soda cup that he’s secretly spiked with whiskey). He’s precocious as hell, yet he lives in the moment, in the happy buzzed now, because he’s not interested in imagining a future. READ FULL STORY

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