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'Aftershock' teaser: Introducing Eli Roth's violent post-earthquake tale

Ah, Chile — land of unspoiled natural beauty, perfect weather, and gorgeous locals wearing little but bathing suits. Nothing could ever go wrong here… right?

Well, unless you’re horror virtuoso Eli Roth, and you’re co-writing and starring in a new thriller set within its borders. In that case, Chile isn’t just the “indie station of Latin America,” whatever that means — it’s a place where a devastating earthquake is just a preamble to the violence committed by the quake’s victims. Call it a disaster movie meets Lord of the Flies, encapsulated by this line from the film’s new teaser: “The only thing more terrifying than mother nature is… human nature.”

Watch a lovely, sun-soaked vacation devolve into a horrific, fire-filled, ax-wielding nightmare in the clip below. Shades of Hostel, anyone?


Q&A: Eli Roth swoons over his haunted Vegas Goretorium hotel, and talks working with RZA


Eli Roth’s Goretorium in Las Vegas may just be the kind of gruesome, bloody year-round destination horror fans have been salivating for, and Roth himself is as giddy as a twisted school boy about it.

The director-writer-actor behind the Hostel and Cabin Fever franchises, and upcoming Netflix series Hemlock Grove, brainstormed the mock haunted hotel and casino called The Delmont, aka the Goretorium, for five years. Located across the street from the City Center and The Cosmopolitan, on the Vegas strip, already the land of dark-edged glitz and mayhem, it opens Sept. 27. Complete with techie and makeup-fueled special effects, a lounge called Baby Dolls with caged zombie dancers, and a bar called Bloody Mary’s, the two-story high Goretorium sounds like a go-to Halloween hangout for adults. It will even house a chapel where star-crossed, gore-hungry lovers can get married. Zombie Elvis as a wedding officiant?

Stuck at the Burbank Airport, about to board a plane to Vegas, Roth talked to about Goretorium being the “Disney World for horror fans,” working with rapper RZA on RZA’s upcoming directorial debut, the martial arts movie The Man with the Iron Fists, which Roth co-wrote with RZA and co-produced, and Roth’s new horror flick The Green Inferno, set to start filming later this year in Peru. Chilean earthquake thriller Aftershock, co-produced, co-written and starring Roth, premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival. Even over the phone, Roth oozed as much unbridled horror-loving passion as a puss-filled sore on a zombie’s thigh. Seriously.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Tell me about Goretorium. Frightening!
ELI ROTH: I’ve always dreamed of having a year-round haunted house. I’ve gone to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights about 12 years in a row. And to Knott’s Scary Farm. READ FULL STORY

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