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'Ass Backwards' trailer: Alicia Silverstone is a beauty queen mean girl

No one wants to run into the mean kid from childhood as an adult. Especially if that mean kid is now a mean adult.

For best friends Kate (Burning Love’s June Diane Raphael) and Chloe (Happy Endings’ Casey Wilson), that person is Laurel. Played with a vicious coolness by Alicia Silverstone, Laurel is a former beauty queen who eviscerated a younger Kate and Chloe at pageants. “I love the way the two of you aren’t embarrassed about where you are in life,” she says to Kate and Chloe.

But, these two don’t seem easily dismayed and accept the opportunity to go back to their old pageant stomping grounds for another chance to compete at the anniversary show. And the girls hit the road with a killer soundtrack, some fabulous hats, and an optimism that we haven’t seen since Romy and Michele went to their high school reunion. Written by Wilson and Raphael, first trailer for Ass Backwards looks like silly fun. There’s even a pantless scene.


'Clueless' reunion: Alicia Silverstone, Paul Rudd, and the rest of the gang get back together -- VIDEO

When she first walked onto the screen in July of 1995, it was love at first sight. America was immediately smitten by a ditzy, glitzy Beverly Hills ¬†fashion plate named Cher Horowitz. Well, almost everyone. When Alicia Silverstone first read writer-director Amy Heckerling’s script for Clueless in the back of a limo coming home from shooting one of her iconic ’90s Aerosmith videos, she didn’t get Cher. “I thought, ‘Who is this girl?'” says Silverstone. “I had nothing in common with her at all. I thought she was a materialistic, annoying little bitch.” As if!

Over the past 17 years, Silverstone and the rest of the cast (which also includes Paul Rudd, Stacey Dash, Donald Faison, Jeremy Sisto, Breckin Meyer, and the late Brittany Murphy) have not only come to embrace Cher in all of her well-intentioned matchmaking adorableness, they’ve also come to appreciate how a little $15 million high-school comedy changed their lives. In Rudd’s case, that mean teenage guys coming up to him for years, saying, “Dude, you got to make out with Alicia Silverstone!”

Check out video of the cult teen comedy’s class reunion.


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