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Neill Blomkamp reveals concept art for his take on 'Alien' universe

After debuting on the sci-fi scene with the impressive District 9 and its spiritual predecessor Alive in Joburg, director Neill Blomkamp seems to have been investing some time on one of film’s most influential science-fiction staples—even if he didn’t actually have a studio’s permission to start working on an Alien film.


EW's Horror Quintessentials: The 5 best extraterrestrial movies

With Halloween fast approaching, EW is picking the five best films in a variety of different horror movie categories. Each day, we’ll post our top picks from one specific group—say, vampire movies or slasher flicks—and give you the chance to vote on which is your favorite. On Oct. 31, EW will reveal your top choices. Today, we’re ready to talk about some extraterrestrial horrors.

In space, no one can hear you scream. But on Earth, aliens have been making film audiences hoarse for decades. Sure, there are plenty of friendly, E.T.-esque extraterrestrials—but more often than not, these beings from another planet seem intent on destroying mankind.

Aliens make such ideal villains in horror films because of their inherent unfamiliarity. When they attack, it’s often with superior and unknown forces that humans have no idea how to defend against. So while we continue to wait for concrete signs of alien life outside the fences of Area 51, filmmakers have made sure to warn us that what lies out there likely has little intention of coming in peace.


Scarlett Johansson debuts new look, terrifies in 'Under the Skin' trailer -- VIDEO


The official trailer for Under The Skin starring Scarlett Johansson has been released, offering audiences a glimpse of the actress as a brunette (really!) with a Scottish accent in writer-director Jonathan Glazer’s newest sci-fi offering.

Under The Skin –an adaptation of the Michael Farber novel of the same name – features Johansson as a human-eating alien in bombshell disguise who preys on the unwitting men of Scotland. And in the spooky full-length trailer, Johansson’s sex appeal is on full-display as she slinks in and out of water in a black bra and panty set, delivering lines like “Come to me,” while in another scene the 29-year-old coos “When was the last time you touched someone?”

Nonetheless, the film – which premiered at the Telluride Film Festival last summer – promises to fully terrify movie goers when it hits theaters April 4. Watch the trailer below: READ FULL STORY

'The Godfather' to screen in Cinemark theaters on Wednesday


Francis Ford Coppola fans, here’s an offer you can’t refuse: the opportunity to see The Godfather on the big screen.

Texas-based national movie theater chain Cinemark will screen the 1972 classic in over 120 locations this week. As previously announced, The Godfather will screen this Wednesday at two separate show times, 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. READ FULL STORY

Cool 'Prometheus' clip: Charlize Theron vs. Michael Fassbender


Here at, we’ve been going a little bit bananas over the impending release of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus — possibly because we’re intrigued by the mysterious trailers, possibly because we’re excited for anything that’s not a superhero sequel or Madagascar, possibly because we’re all just members of the Idris Elba fan club. If you’re somebody who wants to know just a little bit about the actual plot of the Alien pseudo-prequel, then you’ll love this clip that debuted on the Tonight Show, featuring Charlize Theron getting all up in the grill of Robo-Fassbender. We have no clue what they’re talking about. But boy, look at all that blue! Watch the clip below: READ FULL STORY

'Prometheus' international trailer: Finally, an actual glimpse into Ridley Scott's sci-fi adventure

First there was the ‘is it an Alien prequel?’ debate. Then there was that wacky TED talk stunt. Then a 20-second teaser for the trailer. Then a look at Michael Fassbender’s character in the film. What will those marketers at 20th Century Fox come up with next? Oh, how about the actual trailer? Considering the movie is out June 8, it’s about time for a real look at the film and maybe some semblance of the increasingly opaque storyline. In the international trailer below, we see Charlize Theron running a tight ship on a search for ties between ancient civilizations and the future. Watch the three-minute preview below, which gives us more insight as to who these people trying to save the world from ultimate destruction are — and how they got there: READ FULL STORY

'Prometheus' trailer: Yep, this is DEFINITELY an 'Alien' prequel

Ever since Ridley Scott started talking about his first foray back into science fiction since 1982’s Blade Runner, the geekosphere has been all Twitterpated over whether the film is, in fact, a prequel to Alien. First it was. Then it wasn’t. Then it was again, kinda. Well, now Scott has unveiled his first real peek at the film, and there should be no doubt: Prometheus is definitely a prequel to Alien.

Exhibit A: The photo to the right. READ FULL STORY

Rewatching John Carpenter's 1982 'The Thing': When special effects don't hold up

Like a lot of movie nuts, I love to watch movies more than once. It’s an experience that generally enhances the pleasure of what you saw the first time. But not always. One of the fascinating things about rewatching a movie that you haven’t seen for years is that the film in question may now look totally different — even though not a single frame of it has actually changed. What’s changed is you: your rhythm, your eye and your ear, your experience and sophistication. And, as much as that, the culture around you has changed, and that culture is part of your cell structure. It influences how you take things in. Which means that a movie, merely by standing still, really can change. READ FULL STORY

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