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Russell Brand: Does the bottoming out of 'Arthur' mean that he's not a movie star?

Now this has to be one of the oddest box office happenings since Mary Hart first beamed up her Miss America sparkle on Entertainment Tonight. I mean, really: When was the last time an actor starred in two movies that took the number one and number two slots — and he still looked like a loser? Hard to say, but that’s exactly what happened to the foppishly eccentric British cutup Russell Brand this week. He starred in a remake of Arthur, the drunken-rich-goofball romantic comedy that people still remember fondly from 30 years ago, when it featured the spit-take giggles of Dudley Moore. The movie — let’s not beat around the martini shaker — opened with a resounding thud. It’s not just that the $12.5 million it made was significantly below the $18 million that had been predicted. It’s that the $18 million “expectation” was itself a rather pathetic lowball figure, at least for a project that had the nostalgic pedigree, the built-in audience affection, and the ’80s-update curiosity factor that Arthur did — and one that was clearly geared to launch Brand into orbit as a major brand. READ FULL STORY

New 'Arthur' trailer keeps first one's funniest bits, adds John Hodgman

The new trailer for the Russell Brand-starring remake of Arthur plays better than the first one, in my opinion. It keeps the best bits (i.e. his bedtime ritual, his magnet one-liner), and adds in some new ones (like him working at a candy store underneath John Hodgman). It also focuses more on the woman he really loves (Greta Gerwig) than the one he’s supposed to marry to keep his fortune (Jennifer Garner), which gives nanny Helen Mirren’s line to his mother, “He’s stronger than you think,” more meaning. Check it out below:  READ FULL STORY

'Arthur' poster: Fun enough?

Like the movie itself, the one-sheet for the Russell Brand-starring remake of Arthur has a lot to live up to. A bunch of toys on the floor, while playful, can’t compare to that iconic shot of Dudley Moore in a bubble bath. That read decadence and total abandon. This reads man-child, which is a common theme nowadays and less exciting. I do appreciate the Magritte-inspired hat though.

Do you agree that the next poster for the April release needs to let loose a little? I suspect the studio wants to get Helen Mirren and Jennifer Garner on the poster for star power, but perhaps once we approach the release date, it can gamble on a Brand solo shot bold enough to make you stop in a theater lobby. This one seems like a wasted opportunity.

P.S. I know she’s playing a nanny, but even nanny Helen Mirren deserves better shoes. Click here for a larger image.

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