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Elizabeth Taylor: Icon, actress, activist

Years ago, during a periodic stylistic house-cleaning to scrub away overused words from the pages of Entertainment Weekly, an editorial ruling banned the word “icon.” Our top editor declared that EW writers were throwing the word around all too freely, bestowing the honor based on lowered standards. Artists and celebrities of the moment might be popular, or hot, or artistically inventive, or possessed of cool wardrobes and haircuts, but that did not automatically make them — in the definition approved by Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary and the EW copy department — “an object of uncritical devotion.”

Elizabeth Taylor was an icon — the mortal Hollywood actress for whom the grand Greek word might as well have been invented. READ FULL STORY

Dave Karger's Oscar picks for Best Actor/Actress

Each day leading up to Sunday’s 83rd Academy Awards, we will share Dave Karger’s Oscar picks in a major category, as well as his prediction of how the votes will break down (based on previous awards won and conversations with insiders and Academy members). Today, we have his picks for Best Actor and Actress. Check back tomorrow for his predictions for Best Director. READ FULL STORY

Jennifer Lawrence reacts to Oscar nod for 'Winter's Bone'

Jennifer-LawrenceJennifer Lawrence still can’t describe how it feels to be nominated for Best Actress for Winter’s Bone. “I’ve been trying all morning,” she tells EW. “I still can’t really get the words out, I just… I can’t.. Ooph… As you can see. [Laughs] I’m so grateful and happy and thrilled and… tired.” READ FULL STORY

Oscar nominations: The 5 biggest surprises

BiutifulImage Credit: Jose HaroThis morning’s Academy Award nominations ended up going mostly to plan. The King’s Speech with the most nods? Check. Tons of acting love for The Fighter? Check. But a few things caught my eye. Here are my five biggest surprises of the morning.

True Grit places second with 10 nominations Would mega-producer Scott Rudin ever have thought that his Coen brothers Western would earn more overall nods than his other contender, the critics-award-sweeping The Social Network? Thanks to the acting branch’s slight of Andrew Garfield and the inclusion of the Coens in Best Director, Grit ended up scoring two more nominations than Network. READ FULL STORY

Oscar nominations are in: 'The King's Speech' rules with 12 nods

oscar-awardImage Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty ImagesThe Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences unveiled its nominations for the 83rd annual Academy Awards. The King’s Speech led the way with 12 nominations, and the Coen brothers’ western, True Grit, scored 10. Check out the list below, follow-up with Dave Karger‘s take, then head over to PopWatch to let us know who you think got snubbed.

127 Hours
Black Swan
The Fighter
The Kids Are All Right
The King’s Speech
The Social Network
Toy Story 3
True Grit

Bening, Firth, and Bale: What size do you like your favorite Oscar-worthy acting?

the-fighterImage Credit: Jojo WhildenI have no problem telling you right now that I’d like Annette Bening to win this year’s Oscar for Best Actress, and I’d like to give the award for Best Actor to Colin Firth. But hey, if your favorite candidate wins instead of mine, I’ve got no hard feelings. Once we get down to the nominees — or even down to that list of finalists most likely to be nominees — we’re talking about good actors, all of them. At which point, what distinguishes one worthy candidate from another, for me, isn’t so much a calibration of goodness as a calibration of size. READ FULL STORY

'True Grit': Hailee Steinfeld for Best Actress?

Hailee-SteinfeldImage Credit: Wilson WebbThe fantastic box office performance of the Coen brothers’ True Grit only helps its Oscar chances. At this point I’d call the critically-acclaimed Western a great bet for nominations for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Adapted Screenplay. The question mark for me is 14-year-old breakout Hailee Steinfeld, utterly delightful as the film’s precocious heroine, Mattie Ross. Steinfeld received Best Supporting Actress nominations from the Broadcast Film Critics Association and the Screen Actors Guild Awards, but despite Paramount’s supporting campaign, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association put her in their Best Actress category, and she missed out on a Golden Globe nomination altogether. Now I’m hearing of more and more members of the Academy’s actors branch that plan to vote for Steinfeld in the lead category as well.

This of course has happened before: Two years ago, AMPAS ignored Kate Winslet’s supporting campaign for The Reader and nominated her in lead. And before that, another teen breakout, Whale Rider‘s Keisha Castle-Hughes, became the youngest Best Actress nominee in history after voters failed to heed her supporting campaign. When it comes to Steinfeld, I actually understand the arguments for placing her in either category. As the film progresses, True Grit does feel more like Jeff Bridges’ story with Steinfeld supporting him, but there’s no denying that Steinfeld dominates the first half.

Steinfeld actually could end up in the Best Actress race after all, since that category seems to have four sure things (Black Swan‘s Natalie Portman, The Kids Are All Right‘s Annette Bening, Winter’s Bone‘s Jennifer Lawrence, and Rabbit Hole‘s Nicole Kidman) and no clear contender for that fifth slot. There’s Michelle Williams from Blue Valentine, but some voters I’ve talked to are turned off by the film’s darkness. There’s Lesley Manville from Another Year, but not everyone has even seen that late-year release. And there’s Julianne Moore from The Kids Are All Right, who seems to have faded from the picture while her onscreen partner picks up all the accolades.

Could Steinfeld take advantage and steal that last spot? Quite possibly. We’ve seen in the past that no studio campaign (or Oscar blogger, for that matter) can really influence the Academy when it comes to voting for a performer in lead vs. supporting. My only fear is that Steinfeld will get as many votes as her competitors but that they’ll be so evenly divided between Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress that she’ll end up getting nominated for neither. In a letter accompanying their ballots, members of the actors branch are encouraged to vote a performance in both categories if they’re not sure where it belongs. Maybe Steinfeld’s Academy-member fans should do that just to be safe.

Natalie Portman: Does pregnancy help her Oscar chances?

natalie-portmanImage Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty ImagesYes, I know, it’s kind of a ridiculous question. But as we all well know, winning an Oscar isn’t just about delivering a worthy performance. It’s about how a performer is perceived within the industry. So on the heels of Black Swan star Natalie Portman’s announcement that she’s expecting her first child, I was curious: How have pregnant nominees fared over the years?

Rachel Weisz was noticeably pregnant when she won her Best Supporting Actress Oscar for The Constant Gardener. Catherine Zeta-Jones was too when she won the same category for Chicago. Same with Eva Marie Saint for On the Waterfront. And Meryl Streep had the future Mamie Gummer in her belly when she won Best Actress for Sophie’s Choice, though no one knew at the time. It’s been well documented that younger women have better luck with the Academy than their more mature counterparts. Could being pregnant only help an actress’ case?

Not always. Cate Blanchett was eight months along in 2008, when she lost in both the lead and supporting categories. Marcia Gay Harden also lost while pregnant, the year she was up for Mystic River. Same with Glenn Close for Fatal Attraction. Most interestingly, The Kids Are All Right‘s Annette Bening, who is Portman’s biggest competition this year, was almost nine months pregnant when she lost the Best Actress prize 11 years ago for American Beauty. With Black Swan now past the $30 million mark at the box office, Portman certainly has the momentum right now. Bening’s fans must surely hope Portman joins the list of Oscar’s pregnant also-rans come February.

OscarWatch: Can Hilary Swank muscle her way to an Oscar nod?

ConvictionImage Credit: Ron BatzdorfWhen it comes to two-time Academy Award winner Hilary Swank, you underestimate her awards chances at your own peril. When I chatted with the Conviction star in Toronto this year, she seemed more excited about her costar Sam Rockwell’s prospects than her own. But here she is on the SAG Awards list of Best Actress nominees alongside Annette Bening, Natalie Portman, Nicole Kidman, and Jennifer Lawrence. “Well, I wasn’t underestimated by my peers, which I really appreciate!” Swank told me today after hearing the news. “Any time I went to a screening, audiences were responding to the movie. They were moved and touched by it.” SAG voters clearly found Swank’s uplifting performance more appealing than moodier fare like Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine or Lesley Manville in Another Year. And of course it’s rich that she’s now a dark-horse contender for a nomination in a year when Bening, who’s lost two Oscars to Swank over the years, is a front-runner.

So will Hilary now land her third career Oscar nod? The SAG nomination puts her in the thick of it to be sure. I still think Williams or Manville might have a better shot with the Academy, but if today has taught us anything, it’s that you should never count Swank out of an awards-season race.

Jake Gyllenhaal exclusive: Anne Hathaway's congratulatory text to her Golden Globe-nominated costar

Jake-Gyllenhaal-Anne-HathawayImage Credit: Don Arnold/WireImage.comOne of the happiest results from this morning’s Golden Globe nominations in my mind was the recognition of Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway for their terrific performances in the comedic drama Love & Other Drugs. I had the pleasure of interviewing them together for our EW cover story and enjoyed seeing their unique friendship first-hand. Now that they’re both Golden Globe nominees (for Best Actor and Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical), Gyllenhaal — who’s never gotten a Globe nod before, strangely — got on the phone to discuss his competition (including two Johnny Depp performances, Alice in Wonderland and The Tourist) and what Hathaway had to say when she texted him after the big news.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You’ve had an Oscar nomination, a SAG Award nomination, and you’ve won a BAFTA. What took you so long with the Golden Globes?
JAKE GYLLENHAAL: [Laughs] It’s such a random thing! The irony of this one is that it isn’t the typical awards-season fare. Most movies that are acknowledged during awards season tend to be darker, and what’s special about this nomination is that it’s something about romance and hope.

So who’s your biggest competition for the win: Johnny Depp or Johnny Depp?
Right? Tell me about it. It’s a celebrity deathmatch with twin Johnny Depps. It’s pretty awesome that he was nominated twice. He’s such a badass.

I know you and Anne love to text each other all the time. So have you texted with her today?
She texted me this morning and I haven’t texted her back yet! Her text was…hold on a second, I’m going to grab my phone and I’ll tell you. This is an exclusive, hold on. [Rustles around for his phone.] She said, “Dude! Exclamation point. Congrats! Millions of exclamation points. You did it! Exclamation points. First Golden Globe nom, right? Millions of question marks. X.”

Wow, she knows her stuff.
She knows her awards history. It’s nice because the last movie we did [Brokeback Mountain] was acknowledged with awards. There’s something about us working together that seems to feel good and feel right.

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