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Oscar Predictions: EW's final forecast for all 24 categories


There’s no award given for Best Oscar Predictions — and if there were, I’m sure somehow Argo would figure out a way to win that, too.

But we at EW have done our best homework and legwork to try to gauge which films will triumph at Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony.

We talked to scores of voters, factored in guild wins and other pre-Oscar prizes, weighed critical assessments, checked our guts, flipped coins, threw darts at a board, prayed to St. Vitriol, patron saint of award season pundits, and watched an octopus and a gorilla repeatedly arm wrestle while they wore top hats emblazoned with the names of the two frontrunners in each category.

Science, baby.


Quentin Tarantino offers up his picks for the best movies of 2011

With every film critics’ group, major Hollywood organization, and pajama-clad movie blogger making their lists of the best films of 2011, Quentin Tarantino wanted to get in on the action, so, for the second year in a row, he’s served up his own personal ranking of the best cinematic offerings of the year. You might expect a hardcore cinephile like Tarantino to go with some obscure choices for his favorites—an Indonesian women-in-prison exploitation movie, say, or a Korean horror flick—but his picks are surprisingly mainstream. Last year Tarantino named Toy Story 3 as the best film of 2010, and this year his choice for the top slot is Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris. That’s not to say his choices are all conventional: Rise of the Planet of the Apes at number 2? The Artist and Our Idiot Brother tied for 10th place? The Three Musketeers at number 11? (We’re guessing that one’s a joke.)

Here is Tarantino’s top 11 list, along with other films he liked (which includes some critically slammed movies like Green Lantern and The Hangover Part II), and a few more he’s given his “Nice Try Award.” Take a look and let us know how your own best-of-2011 lists match up with QT’s:


'MI:4' director on filming in IMAX and how Christopher Nolan is 'throwing down the showmanship' with 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Brad Bird wanted to be a filmmaker since the moment he learned to draw. “I didn’t realize this until later,” says the 54-year old director of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, “but the very first drawings I did when I was a kid at age 3 were sequential. They weren’t great drawings – they were just stick figures – but they were meant to be viewed in a certain order. So from the very beginning, I was trying to make films.”

The pictures have only gotten got more sophisticated — and larger — since then. Bird made a name for himself in animation with The Iron Giant, then won Oscars with two Pixar blockbusters, The Incredibles and Ratatouille, both of which he wrote and directed. His winning streak has continued with his first live-action effort: Ghost Protocol, the fourth installment in Tom Cruise’s signature spy-fi franchise — and the second to be shepherded by producer J.J. Abrams — has received rave reviews (EW’s Owen Gleiberman even has it on his 10 best of ’11 list) and is poised to be one of the biggest movies of the holiday season. (The film, which opened in theaters nationwide on Wednesday, grossed over $17 million during a 6-day run on 425 IMAX screens.) Bird took a few minutes to speak with EW about the animation-to-live-action-to-IMAX transition. READ FULL STORY

Lisa and Owen talk about their No. 1 movies of the year (and a few other surprises)

I know people who don’t take top 10 lists very seriously. But really, what do they know? I’ve always felt that our critical judgments — not just mine or Lisa’s, but anyone’s — are far from infallible. That’s why the end of the year offers such a great, and essential, opportunity for a critic to take stock, to look at the movies that really mattered to us the most. To see Lisa and my complete Best and Worst lists, you’ll have to go to the print issue of EW, but below, we talk about our No. 1 choices (think: cosmic) and a few others that made our lists. And once you’ve heard ours, don’t be shy (as if any of you could be). What were your favorites this year?

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