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Johnny Depp's Dr. Seuss biopic will co-star the storyteller's best-loved characters

Picture a combination of Finding Neverland and Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

That’s sort of what Johnny Depp has in mind for a new biopic of Dr. Seuss, a.k.a. Theodor Geisel, with the movie plunging into the imagination of the author to see his creative process unfold through interaction with his most famous characters.

“A lot of writers I know have a tendency to talk to themselves or talk as the character — and then talk as the other character. You know what I mean? They can have a whole dialogue with themselves,” Depp tells EW. “There’s something interesting about bringing these characters to life and maybe even witnessing him have a relationship with them.”


Baseball legend Hank Aaron getting biopic treatment with 'The Natural' director Barry Levinson

EW has confirmed that producers Mike Tollin (Varsity Blues, Coach Carter) and Glenn Rigberg (Struck By Lightning) have obtained the rights to make a feature film biopic about Henry “Hank” Aaron, the baseball legend who broke Babe Ruth’s decades-long career home-run record on April 8, 1974. This project has instantly become one of the hottest sports movie projects in Hollywood.

Barry Levinson (The Natural) is attached to direct, working with screenwriter Adam Mazer, who wrote Levinson’s HBO biopic on Jack Kevorkian, You Don’t Know Jack, which Rigberg exec produced. Based on Howard Bryant’s book The Last Hero: The Life Story of Henry Aaron, the film will trace the two years from 1972 to 1974 during which Aaron chased, and bested, Babe Ruth’s record — an accomplishment that was met with both breathless media coverage as well as death threats.  READ FULL STORY

Ashton Kutcher to play Steve Jobs in indie film

In what appears NOT to be an April Fool’s Day joke, Ashton Kutcher is set to play Steve Jobs in an upcoming indie pic from Swing Vote director Joshua Michael Stern, EW confirms.

The film, titled Jobs, will be written by Matt Whiteley and chronicle the late Jobs’ journey “from wayward hippie to co-founder of Apple,” according to Variety, who first reported the news. He is said to start filming in May after Two and a Half Men wraps its current season. (It is worth noting, as well, that Kutcher is not yet officially set to return for another season of the CBS hit.)

Jobs died in October after a battle with cancer.

A Visit From the 'Goon' Squad: How a hockey player who 'couldn't skate worth s--' became the subject of a sports biopic


When 23-year-old Doug Smith first tried out for a professional ice hockey team, the East Coast Hockey League’s Carolina Thunderbirds, in October 1988, he knew his chances were slim. For one thing, Smith had never put on a pair of skates until he was 19. For another, well, there’s really no need for another reason. If you want to play hockey, it’s a good idea to learn to skate around the same time you learn to walk. When Wayne Gretzky was 19, for example, the so-called “Great One” won the first of eight consecutive Most Valuable Player awards in the National Hockey League. Though Smith had practiced hard in the four years since he first laced up his skates, he was no Wayne Gretzky. Far from it. This fact was bluntly confirmed by the Thunderbirds coaches. “They said, ‘The goddamn goalies are beating you, in full equipment, in drills’,” recalls Smith, who was cut after a few days of training camp. “ ‘You can’t skate worth s—’,” he was told.


Ol' Dirty Bastard movie to star 'Boardwalk Empire' actor Michael K. Williams -- EXCLUSIVE

As the deadly stick-up man Omar Little on The Wire and the fearsome bootlegger Chalky White on Boardwalk Empire, actor Michael K. Williams has played his share of tough SOBs. Now he’s going to take on a bastard.

An Ol’ Dirty one.

EW has learned exclusively that Williams, 45, will star in an upcoming film about the legendary Wu-Tang Clan rapper and all-around troubled soul Russell Jones, a.k.a. Ol’ Dirty Bastard, whose impressive mic skills and outrageous showmanship were eclipsed by his erratic offstage behavior, assorted arrests, and an early death.

Joaquín Baca-Asay, the cinematographer on We Own the Night, Roger Dodger and Jay-Z’s video for 99 Problems, is also joining the project, making his feature directorial debut.

The movie is based on the final years of ODB’s life – that is nonetheless stranger than fiction.


Naomi Watts to play Princess Diana in biopic

Oscar-nominated actress Naomi Watts has just been given the royal task of bringing the late Princess Diana to the screen in the upcoming biopic Caught in Flight. The British-Australian star, who recently played Helen Gandy in Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar, said in a release, “It is such an honor to be able to play this iconic role — Princess Diana was loved across the world and I look forward to rising to the challenge of playing her on screen.”

The film, which will be produced by Ecosse Films, directed by Downfall‘s Oliver Hirschbiegel (who stated, regarding Watts’ casting, “‘I am delighted to have such a truly exceptional actress who embodies the warmth, humanity, and empathy of such a global icon as Princess Diana”) and written by The Libertine‘s Stephen Jeffreys, will reportedly focus on “the last two years of the princess’ life and charts how finding true personal happiness for the first time allowed her to evolve into a major international campaigner and humanitarian.” Previous reports cited that Jessica Chastain was going to play the iconic figure and that the film itself  didn’t “cast [Lady Di] in a particularly favorable light.” (A notion that, perhaps, gave some EW readers reservations.)

The project is expected to begin production later this year.

[Originally reported in Variety]

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Sarah Jessica Parker replaces Demi Moore in 'Lovelace' -- EXCLUSIVE

Filmmakers Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman tell EW that Sarah Jessica Parker has stepped into the role of feminist icon Gloria Steinem in the pornstar biopic Lovelace, replacing Demi Moore, who dropped out of the film this week.

It has been a unsettling couple of days for the film, which stars Amanda Seyfried as X-rated actress Linda Lovelace, who became a household name after her 1972 sex film Deep Throat went mainstream. Epstein and Friedman (Howl) announced Moore was joining the project on Jan. 2, but she had not yet shot any scenes for the movie. READ FULL STORY

'FDR: American Badass': The @#$% truth behind our werewolf-fighting president -- NSFW

Don’t watch this trailer around your kids. Or your boss. (Unless they’re awesome.)

And don’t watch this if you believe the man who steered our nation out of the Great Depression, helped lead the Allies to victory over fascism in World War II, and strengthened America’s social safety net through Social Security deserves to be treated with only total, unwavering respect.

But if you like your history served with a hefty helping of crack, then by all means — enjoy this profanity and blood soaked trailer for FDR: American Badass, starring Barry Bostwick as the man with the cigarette holder clenched in his smile.

If the Tim Burton-produced Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is the responsible older brother who went to college, started a nice family, and went on to a great and respectable career, then FDR: American Badass is the drug-addled little bro who gets arrested for disorderly conduct every time he leaves his parents’ basement. I mean both of those things as compliments.

Right now, FDR: AB doesn’t have a release date, but it may play an upcoming festival and sales agents are negotiating with studios to secure distribution for this landmark of American cinema. So watch the trailer embedded after the jump, and click through for EW’s exclusive Q&A with director Garrett Brawith, as well as a first-look at this movie’s take on Abe Lincoln, a.k.a. Hercules star Kevin Sorbo. READ FULL STORY

'Jersey Boys' movie hires 'Gladiator' screenwriter John Logan

Two-time Oscar nominee John Logan has written about ancient Rome (Gladiator), 1870s Japan (The Last Samurai), and 1930s-era Paris (Hugo). Now he’ll be turning his attention to early-’60s New Jersey.

The screenwriter has been hired by producers Graham King (an Oscar-winner for The Departed) and Tim Headington to adapt a film version of the hit Broadway show Jersey Boys, a jukebox musical about the unlikely stardom of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. (See a video clip.) READ FULL STORY

Amanda Seyfried as sex starlet Linda Lovelace in porn biopic -- FIRST LOOK

If you already know the true story, looking at this first official photo of Amanda Seyfried in the 1970s pornstar bio-pic Lovelace may recall the lines of a Smokey Robinson song from just before this era.

“Take a good look at my face / You’ll see my smile looks out of place …” READ FULL STORY

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