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'Blood Ties' poster: Clive Owen and Billy Crudup's not-so-brotherly love -- EXCLUSIVE


The latest poster for French director Guillaume Canet’s upcoming crime thriller Blood Ties plays up the family angle with a scrapbook-style layout featuring cast members Clive Owen, Zoe Saldana, Mila Kunis, Marion Cotillard, James Caan, and Billy Crudup.

Set in 1970s New York, Blood Ties follows 50-year-old Chris (Clive Owen) as he attempts to put his life back together after being released from prison, where he was serving time following a gangland murder. Waiting outside the prison gates for him is his younger brother, Frank (Billy Crudup), a cop with a bright future who’s hoping his brother has changed his ways. Despite setting Frank up with a job and a roof over his head, and reconnecting him with his children and ex-wife (Marion Cotillard), Chris just can’t seem to shake the life of crime he had before. Upon the discovery of Chris’ relapse into crime, Frank banishes his brother from his life only to find that despite not wanting anything to do with Chris, he can’t escape their joint destiny.

Blood Ties, which premiered at Cannes last year, hits theaters and VOD on March 21.

Cannes 2013: 'Blood Ties' is an authentic '70s-set crime movie that gives Clive Owen his best role in years

When film directors stage a scene from the mid-1970s, we all know how it’s done: They’ll clear everything out of a shot — commercial signage, etc. — that violates the period, and then they’ll plunk down a bunch of 1970s parked cars. Yet what they end up with still doesn’t usually look like the period — it looks prefab — and watching Blood Ties, a rivetingly scuzzy and authentic New York cops-and-crime drama (it’s set in 1974), starring Clive Owen as a hard case who has just gotten out of prison and Billy Crudup as his straight-arrow policeman brother, I realized what those shots are usually missing. In Blood Ties, it’s not just the cars, or the clothes, that look right — even the garbage on the streets looks right. It looks like ’70s trash. (It’s New York before the city got a makeover.) Blood Ties was directed by Guillaume Canet, who made the mesmerizing 2008 French mystery-thriller Tell No One, and while you might think that a 40-year-old European filmmaker would be the last person to get America in the ’70s right, Canet obviously knows the place, and has studied his movies. A tale of how the small-time underworld really operates, Blood Ties evokes the brilliantly ramshackle, down-and-dirty spirit of Sidney Lumet, which Canet blends with his own inquisitive heart. The movie takes its time, and it’s two-and-a-half hours long, but if you roll with it, it pays off. READ FULL STORY

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