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Shawn Levy to produce 'Man Made' book about toughened-up dad -- EXCLUSIVE

Many fatherhood comedies feature a hard-edged old man who’s tougher than he needs to be, but producer Shawn Levy has picked up a story about a new dad who needs to grow a pair.

Levy’s 21 Laps Entertainment production company and Fox 2000 have acquired the upcoming book Man Made by Joel Stein (out May 15), about a guy trying to learn how to be a man so he can be a better role model for his infant son. READ FULL STORY

'Trishna' trailer: Freida Pinto gets 'Tess'-ty in new Michael Winterbottom movie -- VIDEO

Likes: Long walks on the beach, Bollywood dancing, handsome upperclassmen.
Dislikes: The caste system, servitude, controlling boyfriends.

That’s the skinny on the heroine of Michael Winterbottom’s India-set Tess of the d’Urbervilles adaptation as told through its new trailer. Immortals‘ Freida Pinto and Riz Ahmed (Four Lions) play the class-crossing lovers, and much of the clip focuses on the two leads’ searing chemistry. It takes an ominous turn at the end, of course, and if you’ve read Thomas Hardy’s 1891 novel, I needn’t tell you any more. Simply enjoy the eye candy below. READ FULL STORY

‘Bel Ami’ trailer: Frenchman gets frisky (and Robert Pattinson gets shirtless)

Now that I’ve enticed you with my devilish headline, prepare yourself for the most French thing since Jean Dujardin.

In the new trailer for Magnolia Pictures’ Bel Ami, everything you’ve ever loved and hated about uppity Parisian bourgeois period pieces comes together in a story about a young man (Robert Pattinson) who snoozes his way to the top by sleeping with wealthy women (Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci and Kristin Scott Thomas, among others) in 19th-century France. The Pattinson vehicle, based on the 1885 novel by Guy de Maupassant, premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival last month, but will finally see wide release in the US on June 8.

Watch the trailer below, and decide for yourself whether a fangless Pattinson can win you over with his antique couture:  READ FULL STORY

'The Hunger Games': The sequels won't be rated R, but 'Mockingjay' still might be split in two


Where the Harry Potter series started off in a brightly lit world of wonder and whimsy before descending into a world of warfare and washed-out color, The Hunger Games starts off gritty and violent and goes from there. As written, Suzanne Collins’ two sequels — Mockingjay in particular, with its many scenes of all-out combat — don’t shy away from building upon the brutality established in the first book.

Understandably, many fans are wondering whether this could mean that the inevitable movie adaptations might garner an R rating from the MPAA. But according to producer Nina Jacobson, it’s pretty much out of the question that any subsequent films would receive anything harsher than the PG-13 given to The Hunger Games. READ FULL STORY

'Fifty Shades of Grey': E L James explains Anastasia's traces of Bella Swan

Anastasia Steele, half of the hot couple in E L James’s runaway erotic bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey, bites her lip a lot. The habit may remind a lot of readers of what some call the Kristen Stewart Lip Bite, so much a part of the character of Bella Swan in the movie adaptations of the Twilight saga. Coincidence? James, who gave her first American interview exclusively to Entertainment Weekly, describes herself as a Twihard who began her mid-life literary career after devouring Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight trilogy. The married mother of two teenage sons posted an early version of the current novel on a Twilight fan fiction website under the title Master of the Universe; at the time, she says, she still called her characters Bella and Edward. “You’ll find a lot of erotic stories about Edward on [those sites],” she says.

So is Ana’s mannerism left over from Fifty’s first online incarnation? READ FULL STORY

A Visit From the 'Goon' Squad: How a hockey player who 'couldn't skate worth s--' became the subject of a sports biopic


When 23-year-old Doug Smith first tried out for a professional ice hockey team, the East Coast Hockey League’s Carolina Thunderbirds, in October 1988, he knew his chances were slim. For one thing, Smith had never put on a pair of skates until he was 19. For another, well, there’s really no need for another reason. If you want to play hockey, it’s a good idea to learn to skate around the same time you learn to walk. When Wayne Gretzky was 19, for example, the so-called “Great One” won the first of eight consecutive Most Valuable Player awards in the National Hockey League. Though Smith had practiced hard in the four years since he first laced up his skates, he was no Wayne Gretzky. Far from it. This fact was bluntly confirmed by the Thunderbirds coaches. “They said, ‘The goddamn goalies are beating you, in full equipment, in drills’,” recalls Smith, who was cut after a few days of training camp. “ ‘You can’t skate worth s—’,” he was told.


'Fifty Shades of Grey' movie rights acquired by Universal and Focus Features


The erotically charged novel Fifty Shades of Grey has already become a phenomenon among eBook readers, but now it will be titillating on a much larger screen.

Universal Pictures and Focus Features announced this morning they have acquired film rights to the novel authored by TV executive and mother of two, E.L. James, with plans to create a trilogy out of the novel and its two sequels. “At its core, this is a romance of the most emotionally resonant, but delicate, order — and we look forward to working with our colleagues at Universal to transform E.L. James’ vision into a great film,” says Focus Features chief James Schamus.

The book is about wealthy 27-year-old, Christian Grey, who engages in a dominant/submissive love affair with 21-year-old college student Anastasia Steele. READ FULL STORY

First Look at Judy Blume's 'Tiger Eyes' movie -- EXCLUSIVE

It’s taken over 30 years to get Judy Blume’s classic 1981 novel Tiger Eyes on the big screen. In fact, this is the first time any of her 25 wildly successful books (with sales exceeding 80 million copies) have been turned into a movie. Maybe she was waiting for the right director? READ FULL STORY

'The Hunger Games' breaks a 'Twilight' ticket sales record; hundreds of showings already sold out

As far as being a record-breaking box office champ is concerned, it looks like the odds are already in The Hunger Games‘ favor.

Advanced tickets went on sale for the hotly anticipated release and already the film is showing impressive numbers a month before it even hits theaters. On Wednesday, the day advance tickets went on sale to the eager public, Fandango reported that The Hunger Games accounted for 83 percent of the site’s totals. In fact, sales were so high, the movie has already trumped another beloved adaptation: The Twilight Saga. The Hunger Games toppled Eclipse for Fandango’s top first-day advanced ticket seller, previously set on May 14, 2010.

Oscars 2012 Behind the Scenes: Casting 'The Help' nominees Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer, and Jessica Chastain

Each year, the Oscars recognize A-list talent we regularly see on screen, on the red carpet, and in tabloids. But the Academy Awards also reward those who work behind the scenes: the writers, editors, costume designers, and others who help create trophy-worthy movie magic. This Oscars season, we’ll be toasting those off-screen artists by delving into the hidden secrets that helped create the on-screen magic that we — and the Academy — fell in love with. For more access backstage during this Oscars season, click here for’s Oscars Behind the Scenes coverage.

Only one film has three acting Oscar nominations this year: Tate Taylor’s The Help. We asked the movie’s casting directors, Kerry Barden and Paul Schnee, to tell us how Best Actress nominee Viola Davis and Supporting Actress nominees Octavia Spencer and Jessica Chastain each landed their roles. READ FULL STORY

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