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Box office report: 'The Hobbit' wins the weekend's battle

Although there were three huge wide releases in theaters this weekend, the third and final Hobbit beat them all by a landslide. The Peter Jackson film brought in $56.2 million over the weekend (and $90.6 million since its Wednesday opening), while Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb and Annie — all films showing in more than 3,000 locations — made almost $40 million less.

This is a win at the weekend box office, but compared to the rest of the Hobbit films, The Battle of the Five Armies didn’t fare as well: The first film in the trilogy made $84.6 million its opening weekend while the second took in $73.6 million.

Box office preview: 'The Hobbit,' 'Annie,' and 'Night at the Museum' arrive

It’s the battle of the three wide releases at this weekend’s box office: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, and Annie are all opening in at least 3,000 theaters each.

These huge releases will kick some of the top five mainstays, like The Hunger Games and Penguins of Madagascar, down on the list, and will kick off what’s likely to be a successful couple weeks at the box office: Unbroken, The Gambler, and Into the Woodsall films opening in at least 2,000 theaters eachare all opening Christmas week.

While Night at the Museum and Annie open Friday, The Hobbit already started arriving in theaters Wednesday and has made $24.5 million domestically.

As for smaller releases, Wild is expanding into over 1,000 theaters this weekenough to earn it a place closer to the top five, but not quite enough to earn it a place in the top five. Here’s the movies that should have top five-worthy weekends though: READ FULL STORY

Box office report: 'Exodus' beats out 'The Hunger Games'


After three weeks at number one, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 finally had to give up its top box office spot to the less teen-friendly, more controversial Exodus: Gods and Kings.

The Ridley Scott epic brought in $24.5 million over the weekend for a strong opening — but the Moses-based movie still has a while to go before it breaks even with its $140 million budget.

Chris Rock’s Top Five was the only other film with a wide release this weekend. But its numbers didn’t even come close to Exodus‘s, partly because it opened in 979 theaters compared to Exodus‘ 3,503. The comedy grossed $7.2 million. READ FULL STORY

Box office preview: 'Exodus: Gods and Kings' storms into theaters

The Hunger Games‘ days on top of the box office will be over when Exodus: Gods and Kings arrives in 3,503 theaters this weekend, attracting viewers who want to spend their days off watching Christian Bale re-enact biblical sequences.

Along with the bible epic, Chris Rock’s Top Five is also making its big-screen debut on nearly 1,000 screens while Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice hits theaters for the first timebut only in five locations, not enough to warrant any box office waves. But here are the movies that should gross enough to earn them spots in the top five: READ FULL STORY

Box office report: 'Hunger Games: Mockingjay' wins again

The Hunger Games continues to win at the box office: Mockingjay placed first this weekend with an estimated $21.6 million — $10 million more than the second place film, Penguins of Madagascar. Mockingjay has now grossed $257.7 million domestically and $560.5 million worldwide.

The Hunger Games series proved its staying power with its two previous films, so it’s not surprising that Mockingjay is still at number one three weeks past its release. Mockingjay benefits from star power (Jennifer Lawrence! Julianne Moore! Woody Harrelson!), family friendliness, and established popularity. Even so, its box office power is less attributable to esteem for the franchise than to the fact that it doesn’t have much competition right now.


Box office preview: No new wide releases means more time on top for 'Mockingjay'

There aren’t any huge wide releases this weekend, which means there probably aren’t going to be any huge changes in the box office lineup—so Hunger Games, you can get comfortable.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Part 1 started off strong with a $121.9 million opening weekend and dropped a predictable 53 percent last weekend, down to $57 million. But even with that significant drop, it didn’t suffer in terms of its top five placement: Penguins of Madagascar and Horrible Bosses 2 both opened during the Hunger Games‘ second weekend, but didn’t even come close to Mockingjay’s earnings.

Although there aren’t any films opening in 1,000 or more theaters this weekend, there are a few new offerings: Horror movie Pyramid opens in about 550 theaters, Reese Witherspoon’s Wild opens in 21 locations, and Leighton Meester and Gillian Jacobs’ comedy Life Partners debuts in just three cinemas. None of those are expected to crack the top five—but these are: READ FULL STORY

Box office report: 'Mockingjay' beats out new releases

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1, now in its second weekend, had two wide releases to compete against this weekend, Penguins of Madagascar and Horrible Bosses 2. But it wasn’t much of a competition at all: Mockingjay grossed $56.9 million, while Penguins brought in less than half that with $25.8 million and Horrible Bosses 2 with $15.7 million.

Mockingjay’s box office success is expected. The film, the third in the Hunger Games series, is part of a wildly popular franchise that younger and older crowds are both interested in thanks to its dark, gritty world and A-list stars ranging from Jennifer Lawrence to the late Philip Seymour Hoffman. Penguins, on the other hand, is also part of a franchise — but one not quite as beloved, apparently.  READ FULL STORY

Box office preview: 'Mockingjay' to top 'Penguins of Madagascar' and 'Horrible Bosses 2'

Two new films hit theaters this weekend—Penguins of Madagascar and Horrible Bosses 2—but they aren’t likely to knock The Hunger Games out of the top spot. Not even cute birds and funny sequels can beat the power of the massive franchise—or the power of Jennifer Lawrence.

Although The Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Part 1 didn’t do as well as previous Hunger Games films’ opening weekends, it did open stronger than any other film this year with a weekend total of $121.9 million. And that alone sets it up for a strong second weekend, even up against two wide releases.

Penguins is also a franchise film, the fourth in the Madagascar series, and, unlike Mockingjay, a completely family-friendly movie. Horrible Bosses 2 does not have the family friendliness going for it, but it is a comedy—a genre that doesn’t currently have too many offerings at the theater. READ FULL STORY

Box office report: 'The Hunger Games' wins the weekend (and the year)

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1 predictably topped this weekend’s box office — but less predictably didn’t do as well as the previous films in the franchise.

The previous Hunger Games film, Catching Fire, also opened on the weekend before Thanksgiving, but ended its weekend with $158 million. Mockingjay, though, grossed $123 million. Compared to $158 million, and to the original Hunger Games‘ $152.5 million opening in 2012, $123 million is disappointing. But in the context of 2014, it’s amazing: Mockingjay had a stronger opening than any other film this year, beating out Transformers: Age of Extinction’s $100 million debut.

And while Catching Fire’s domestic opening beat Mockingjay’s, Mockingjay takes the prize for foreign totals: Lionsgate premiered the film in 85 international markets this weekend and made an estimated $152 million in those markets — four percent more than the $146 million Catching Fire brought in internationally its opening weekend. READ FULL STORY

Friday box office: everyone's going to see 'Mockingjay'

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 looks like it just had the best opening day of the year.


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