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Kim Kardashian, Brad Pitt, Peter Dinklage added to MTV Movie Awards presenters list

MTV is rounding out its list of presenters for Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards (airing live at 9 p.m. ET). EW has also confirmed that Kim Kardashian will introduce Selena Gomez performing her new single ”Come & Get It” (E! Online first exclusively reported the news). Also recently announced, Brad Pitt will present the award for Movie of the Year, and Peter Dinklage will hand over the Comedic Genius Award to Will Ferrell.

Kardashian, Pitt, and Dinklage join a glittery list of previously announced presenters including Steve Carell, Melissa McCarthy, Zac Efron, Kerry Washington, Amanda Seyfried, and the stars of This Is the End, Grown Ups 2, and Star Trek Into Darkness. Host Rebel Wilson will assemble costars from fall hit Pitch Perfect for the show’s opener.

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'World War Z' poster: Brad Pitt surveys the wreckage

There’s a new poster out for World War Z, Brad Pitt’s PG-13 zombie action thriller. Now, you might imagine that a gigantic movie about high-speed zombies would feature a few shots of ruined cityscapes. And sure enough, this poster finds Pitt’s character — whose name, I believe, is Dr. Chad Sexington — looking down on the wreckage of a zombie-tropolis. He’s also wearing impeccable soccer-dad cargo pants. Check out the poster below: READ FULL STORY

Casting Net: Zoe Saldana in talks for 'Guardians of the Galaxy'; Plus, Brad Pitt, Nicholas Hoult, Leighton Meester, more

 It’s looking like Zoe Saldana will join another intergalactic franchise. The Avatar and Star Trek actress is in talks to play the female lead in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. She would join a cast that already features Chris Pratt (Zero Dark Thirty) and mixed martial artist Dave Bautista. Saldana is in negotiations to play Gamora, who, in the comic books, is the sole survivor of her humanoid race, the Zen Whoberi. She’s known as “the deadliest woman in the whole galaxy.” Also of note: Gamora has a stint in the comic books as a minion and adopted daughter of sorts of Thanos — that purple-skinned alien which the closing credits of The Avengers seemed to set up as our heroes’ next arch-rival. Perhaps this is further reason to hope for some more franchise cross-overs in Marvel’s future? [THR] READ FULL STORY

Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender starrer 'Twelve Years a Slave' gets Oscar-friendly release date

Michael Fassbender scored plenty of acting honors (but missed out on an Oscar nomination) for his last collaboration with director Steve McQueen, the erotic drama Shame, and it looks like their pair’s latest pic is being set up to give the very busy Prometheus star another shot at golden glory: Fox Searchlight will open the duo’s slavery drama Twelve Years a Slave in limited release on December 27 – just in time to qualify for next year’s Academy Awards.

Twelve Years is based on the true story of Solomon Northup, played by Chiwetel Ejiofor (Salt, 2012), a free black man in upstate New York, who is abducted and sold into slavery in the pre-Civil War deep south. Fassbender plays a cruel slave owner in the film, which also co-stars Brad Pitt as a Canadian abolitionist.

Benedict Cumberbatch, Paul Giamatti, Sarah Paulson and Beasts of the Southern Wild Oscar nominee Quvenzhané Wallis also appear. READ FULL STORY

'World War Z' trailer: Brad Pitt experiences the horrors of flying Coach -- VIDEO

“Daddy, what’s martial law?”

This isn’t one of the cute family-fun word games that Brad Pitt’s United Nations’ researcher plays with his wife and two daughters in World War Z. Mankind is sprinting to the apocalyptic finish line in this steroid-zombie action thriller, and the latest trailer recycles plenty of urban mayhem as Pitt attempts to protect his family from hordes of the running dead.

Pitt ultimately leaves them behind to find a cure — perhaps in Russia — but at least now there’s a clue. “I think these things have a weakness,” says Pitt, as the camera dwells on a child who escapes a horrible death by simply crouching still. Eureka! Zombies are like Jurassic Park T-rexs!

Watch the clip below, and then decide if being sucked out of an airplane fuselage is the go-to action sequence of summer 2013. READ FULL STORY

Still Bakshi after all these years: Iconoclastic 'Fritz the Cat' director has another tale to tell -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTO

“Hey people, Ralphie needs money to draw. Let’s give him some so he can make a fool of himself again.” — Ralph Bakshi’s Miss America, in the Kickstarter campaign video for his new animated project

Making films has never been easy for Ralph Bakshi. The maverick cartoonist and filmmaker, who became famous — and infamous — after 1972’s smash X-rated ‘toon, Fritz the Cat, never liked to color within the lines, so to speak. He was the anti-Disney back then, filling his stories with provocative themes, raunchy humor, and curvacious broads that would make Russ Meyer blush. His bold 1975 blaxploitation satire Coonskin was driven from some theaters by critics who deemed its racial elements offensive, but filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino adored the film, and Bakshi’s artistic style and spirit lived on in the work of admirers who went on to make cartoons like The Simpsons, Ren & Stimpy, and Rango.

Now 74 years old, Bakshi has been in exile for more than a decade, focusing on his painting at his New Mexico home after one-too-many frustrating and disappointing Hollywood experiences. He hasn’t made a feature film since 1992’s Cool World, and he seemed to call it quits for good after his short-lived HBO series Spicy City went belly-up in 1997. But he still has a story to tell — a great one, he says, that will “push the boundaries of 2-D animation.” READ FULL STORY

Watch the Super Bowl trailer for Brad Pitt's zombie thriller 'World War Z'

With the June 20 release of its big-budget post-apocalyptic zombie thriller World War Z still months away, Paramount is ramping up the publicity machine another notch with a new 30-second trailer set to air during the Super Bowl. Adapted from Max Brooks’ 2006 bestselling novel, director Marc Forster’s film stars Brad Pitt as a UN researcher trying to save his family and the rest of not-yet-zombiefied humankind from a rampaging global zombie pandemic. The Super Bowl spot is essentially a shorter version of the trailer the studio released last November with a few new shots, but if you can’t wait until Sunday to get a glimpse of the mayhem, check it out here:

Box office preview: With 'Killing' set to open 'Softly,' 'Twilight' and 'Skyfall' aim for No. 1

This weekend, The Weinstein Co. is releasing Killing Them Softly, the Andrew Dominik-directed crime drama starring Brad Pitt and James Gandolfini into 2,424 theaters. But the well-reviewed art piece will likely have trouble breaking out — especially in a crowded field full of holdovers that are still raking in big bucks since last weekend’s record-breaking Thanksgiving frame. Also entering theaters is the little-known horror film The Collection, which is hitting 1,403 locations.

Neither film poses a legitimate threat to The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, Skyfall, or Lincoln, all three of which will duke it out for the top spot.

Here’s how I think the box office may shake out over the Friday-to-Sunday period: READ FULL STORY

Brad Pitt faces off against swarms of zombies in the 'World War Z' trailer

Director Marc Forster’s post-apocalyptic zombie thriller World War Z is still a long way away from its June 2013 release, but on the heels of EW’s first look at Brad Pitt as a UN researcher trying to save his family (and the rest of the planet) from a worldwide zombie pandemic, Paramount has released its first full trailer for the film. For fans of Max Brooks’ 2006 bestselling novel on which the film is based—or just anyone who’s ever wondered what it might look like if relentless waves of fast-moving zombies were rampaging across the entire globe (and really, who hasn’t?)– below, get a taste of the kind of epic big-screen zombie spectacle a reported $180 million budget can buy:

Brad Pitt amid the panic of 'World War Z,' and why its zombies are more 'predatory' than plodding -- PHOTO


It’s panic in the street in this exclusive new photo from next summer’s World War Z, the most expensive zombie project in Hollywood history and the most focused effort to date by Brad Pitt (center) to add something new to his varied career: the first multi-film popcorn franchise that he can claim as his and his alone.

Pitt plays Gerald Lane, a United Nations researcher watching civilization teeter on collapse in the face of a rapacious army of rasping death. How can the relentless hordes be stopped? To answer that question, Lane accepts a mission that pulls him away from his family (Mireille Enos of AMC’s now-terminated series The Killing plays his wife) and sends him on a global search for the plague’s dark origins — and, yes, that fact-finding odyssey just might take three PG-13 films to complete, if World War Z gets a lively response at the box office.

First the $180 million project will have to overcome a bumpy production that already has vultures circling overhead. Filming began in summer of 2011 with an eye toward a release this holiday season, but as weeks became months the disagreements grew between director Marc Forster (Finding Neverland) and producer-star Pitt. Earlier this year, the December release date was tossed out the window, and in the summer, the third act of Matthew Carnahan’s script got the same sort of farewell fling. Despite the third act footage that was already in the can, Prometheus writer Damon Lindelof was brought in to write a new ending — both literally and figuratively — for the venture. Of course, the new scenes and re-shoots pushed the film costs up as well, putting more pressure on all involved…


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