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'The Words': Bradley Cooper has a secret (and Jeremy Irons knows it) -- VIDEO


The Words, which stars Bradley Cooper as an overnight literary sensation with a dark secret, has one of the finest examples of whatever the opposite of a meet-cute is called. (A meet-cruel?) The fair-haired young man is catching up on some light reading in the park when a disheveled older man interrupts and starts asking questions. But it’s clearly not a chance meeting; Jeremy Iron’s character has something to say, something he’s aching to say. Watch their introduction below: READ FULL STORY

Casting Net: Bradley Cooper looks to play detective in ‘Bad Blood and Trouble.’ Plus: John Goodman, Rafe Spall, Megan Park


• Bradley Cooper is in negotiations to star in the crime thriller Bad Blood and Trouble, a 1950s noir about a Miami detective who falls for a married woman. J. Blakeson is directing, and also wrote the screenplay. [Variety]

• John Goodman is in talks to play a small “bad guy” role in The Hangover Part III. The franchise’s director Todd Phillips is returning to direct the third installment of the over-the-top wacky buddy series, with Hangover II  screenwriter Craig Mazin co-writing the script with Phillips. [Variety]

• Rafe Spall (Prometheus) and Megan Park (The Secret Life of the American Teenager) have joined the cast of the romantic comedy The F Word, starring Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan as young folks who hit it off at a party, though Kazan has a boyfriend, played by Spall. Michael Dowse is directing from a script by Elan Mastai. [THR]

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'Hangover 3': New logo proves the threequel is happening


The Hangover Part II grossed more than $500 million worldwide, an impressive feat for a movie that basically took the screenplay for Hangover Part I and added “…but this time in Bangkok” to the end of every sentence. A third Hangover film will arrive next May, and Legendary Pictures has released the first promotional image for the threequel on the franchise’s Facebook page. The image doesn’t reveal anything about the plot — although we already know that at some point the characters will return to Las Vegas. (That corresponds perfectly to the Joseph Campbell Monomyth Rule of Trilogies: See also, Luke Skywalker returning to Tatooine in Return of the Jedi and Bruce Wayne returning to deep holes in the ground in The Dark Knight Rises.) Check out the image in a larger size below. READ FULL STORY

Toronto Film Festival: 10 films with Oscar dreams

As it has been for most of the last dozen or years, the Toronto International Film Festival was a major Academy Awards feeder last year: Three of the nine eventual Best Picture nominees (The Artist, The Descendants, and Moneyball) played there, while Beginners, which won Best Supporting Actor for Christopher Plummer, premiered at the festival in 2010. Now that much of this year’s lineup has been announced, here are the 10 movies I’ll have my eye on when I head up north in September.

Anna Karenina
The first two times Joe Wright and Keira Knightley collaborated, it resulted in a nomination for either Best Picture (Atonement) or Best Actress (Pride and Prejudice). Adapting Tolstoy’s classic novel with the help of Oscar-winning screenwriter Tom Stoppard seems Academy-friendly to the max.

Ben Affleck’s latest directorial effort is a true story of international terrorism, cooperation, and heroism. Early buzz surrounds Alan Arkin’s scene-stealing turn as a hot-headed movie producer who mounts a fake sci-fi flick in order to rescue six hostages from Iran. READ FULL STORY

'The Words': Bradley Cooper can't hide behind his own words -- EXCLUSIVE POSTER

Just how far are you willing to go to fulfill your dreams? To fulfill the dreams of those that you love and to live up to their expectations? It’s a question at the heart of The Words, a Sundance film that stars Bradley Cooper as a frustrated New York writer who is crumbling under the realization that his best might not ever be good enough. But then, before he can contemplate the ramifications, success lands in his lap. As Balzac wrote, “Behind every great fortune there is a great crime.”

Check out an exclusive motion poster for the drama, which opens Sept. 7, below.


Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper get their awkward on in 'Silver Linings Playbook' trailer

Jennifer Lawrence is keeping busy filming and promoting her roles in two major franchises, but she’s still finding time to create chemistry with Bradley Cooper in the upcoming David O. Russell film, Silver Linings Playbook. The movie’s first trailer hit the web today.

Lawrence and Cooper play next-door neighbors who bond over their bouts with mental illness. It starts off with some adorably awkward encounters, then leads into Lawrence following Cooper on his morning run (and hey, who wouldn’t be tempted to chase after a neighbor that looked like Bradley Cooper, even if he is inexplicably donning a trash bag?). The clip continues with some glimpses of the pair trying out ballroom dancing.

Silver Linings Playbook also reunites Cooper with Robert De Niro (they both starred in last year’s Limitless). Watch the trailer below: READ FULL STORY

Casting Net: 'Thor 2,' 'Iron Man 3' land new villains. Plus: Anthony Hopkins, Bradley Cooper, Owen Wilson, Olivia Wilde

• Speaking of Thor 2, that sequel may stand in the way of Anthony Hopkins joining another sequel, RED 2. Hopkins would play a baddie in the latter film — which will star Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker, and Catherine Zeta-Jones — but his involvement hinges on his ability to schedule around playing Odin in Thor 2. [Deadline]

• Elsewhere in the Marvel-verse, two actors have signed onto Iron Man 3, which just started filming this week. One is quite familiar: Jon Favreau will return to play Tony Stark bodyguard Happy Hogan, notable since Favreau passed the directing reins for the franchise to Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang). And actor Ashley Hamilton (Sunset Beach) is in talks to get in Stark’s way as the cyborg Firepower, alongside villains played by James Badge Dale and Ben Kingsley. [THRVariety]


Bradley Cooper has a way with 'The Words' -- VIDEO

In Limitless, Bradley Cooper played a struggling writer who stumbles upon the secret to genius. It’s a theme that reappears in The Words, Cooper’s Sundance film about a semi-talented novelist who, in a moment of desperation, cuts some corners to become the celebrity scribe he’s always dreamed of being. “I’m not who I thought I was and I’m terrified that I never will be,” he confesses to his gorgeous wife (Zoe Saldana) before a fateful opportunity presents itself. In this case, it’s not a magic pill that opens the door to fame; rather, he finds an abandoned manuscript and decides to publish it as his own. But with every gift, there is a curse. Watch the trailer below. READ FULL STORY

'Hit and Run' trailer: Dax Shepard is sorry for that thing that happened to Bradley Cooper in prison

The trailer for Hit and Run opens with an adorable intro from real-life couple Dax Shepard (who co-wrote, co-directed, and stars in the road comedy, out this August) and Kristen Bell (who costars as Shepard’s girlfriend). It’s got buffoonery from Tom Arnold as the federal officer overseeing Shepard’s witness protection, and it features Bradley Cooper in blond dreadlocks, barging in on a senior-citizen swinger party.

But your feelings about the film likely hinge on how funny you find prison rape.

Check out the trailer below:  READ FULL STORY

Casting Net: Penelope Cruz may romance 'The Counselor.' Plus: Bradley Cooper, Tony Danza

Bradley Cooper is in talks to join Christian Bale in the MPAA-baiting American Bulls—, about “Abscam,” the F.B.I. sting that resulted in the conviction of a U.S. senator and several U.S. congressmen in the early 1980s. David O. Russell is attached to possibly direct. [Deadline]

• Best double-take news of the day: Joseph Gordon-Levitt has cast his Angels in the Outfield costar Tony Danza in Gordon-Levitt’s untitled directorial debut, about a 21st-century Don Juan (Gordon-Levitt) out to mend his ways. Scarlett Johansson and Julianne Moore costar. [Variety]

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