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'Lay the Favorite': Catherine Zeta-Jones circles Rebecca Hall -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Catherine Zeta-Jones is the kind of actress who can throw a dagger stare better than most, and she does — with her hair fluffed up, her cleavage bared like a trashy Amazon — as Tulip, a gambler’s wife, in this exclusive clip from Stephen Frears’ new film Lay the Favorite, co-starring Bruce Willis, Vince Vaughn, Joshua Jackson, and Rebecca Hall. The movie comes out on VOD Nov. 2, and in theaters Dec. 7.

The object of Zeta-Jones’ competitive evil eye? Hall (The Town), playing pretty and bright-eyed Las Vegas gal Beth, taken under the wing of Tulip’s gambler hubby Dink, played by Willis. “Hi, I’m Beth,” says Hall, innocently plunging out her hand for a handshake. “You’re Beth?” bemuses Zeta-Jones, circling her like a shark wearing lipstick. “Uh-huh,” says Hall, to which Zeta-Jones only replies with a one-word “Oh.”  READ FULL STORY

'A Good Day to Die Hard' trailer: Bruce Willis says 'nyet' to subtlety -- VIDEO

“Welcome to Moscow!” enthuses a local taxi driver to a visiting John McClane before everything in the entire city explodes to the tune of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.” Of course, Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture” would have been more nationalistically appropriate, and no less overused, but it’s still a pretty impressive array of disarray. Willis and Jai Courtney (who plays McClane’s son) shoot at bad guys, trucks, buildings, helicopters, and grand pianos before jumping through a window at pretty much the same height it took to kill Alan Rickman in the first movie. Check it out below:  READ FULL STORY

'A Good Day to Die Hard' poster has the only tagline a 'Die Hard' movie set in Russia would ever need -- EXCLUSIVE

Here’s a first look at the new teaser poster for A Good Day to Die Hard, and while it’s about as minimalist as Bruce Willis’ hairstyle, it still tells us pretty much everything we need to know about the new movie: Bruce is back, most of the action will take place in Russia, and there’s a decent chance the franchise will remain PG-13 friendly, you no-good melon farmer. Oh, and Jai Courtney will be joining as Jack McClane, John’s estranged son — but that can presumably wait until the next batch of promotional materials.

The tagline is a thing of groan-worthy beauty, combining McClane’s trademark catchphrase and wit with his penchant for getting into trouble at an exponentially increasing rate: First a skyscraper, then an airport, then a city, then a country, and now finally the world. One can only assume this will be setting up the sixth film, where McClane hitches a ride on a Russian rocket to do battle with the third Gruber brother, Franz, aboard the International Space Station. Or something like that. Check it out below:  READ FULL STORY

Quentin Tarantino Blu-ray trailer: That's a BINGO!!! -- VIDEO

The holidays are coming early this year for the discerning cinephile in your life.

Arriving Nov. 20, Tarantino XX contains eight films chosen by Quentin Tarantino to illustrate the first 20 years of his career. The Blu-ray set includes Reservoir Dogs, True Romance, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill Vol. 1, Kill Bill Vol. 2, Death Proof, and Inglourious Basterds. Yes, yes, True Romance was directed by Tony Scott, but Tarantino wrote the script.

Tarantino XX will also feature two bonus discs with five hours of all-new material, highlighted by a critics’ retrospective and interviews with stars and other masters of cinema.

Check out the promotional trailer below. Remember: Shoot first, ask questions later. READ FULL STORY

'A Good Day to Die Hard' trailer: 'The 007 of Plainfield, New Jersey' -- EXPLOSIVE! VIDEO!

You’ll get no plot from the new trailer to A Good Day to Die Hard (i.e. Die Hard 5: John McClane is Apparently an Immortal Cyborg). Instead, you’ll get some blue-lit subterfuge involving helicopters and men in gas masks, shots lingering over both male and female impressive derrieres, and a whole! bunch! of! explosions! It’s all capped off with a winking admission from Bruce Willis as to what John McClane has become. Check it out below:  READ FULL STORY

'A Good Day to Die Hard': John McClane and son on a mission to Moscow -- PHOTO


A Good Day to Die Hard will be the fifth entry in the action franchise featuring irascible and still-not-yet-retired NYPD officer John McClane—other potential titles included Die Hard or Die Trying and You’re Going to Die Hard, Charlie Brown–but this time he’s got an unlikely partner. Sure, he had an unlikely partner in the last two Die Hard movies, but now it’s his son, okay? Spartacus‘ Jai Courtney plays John McClane, Jr. (a.k.a. Jack) alongside Bruce Willis as the McClane clan head to Russia.

“That’s the thing about the Die Hard franchise, John’s always a fish out of water,” says Courtney, who is also starring opposite Tom Cruise in this fall’s Jack Reacher. “What could be further out of water for him than Russia?” Making things even more complicated, father and son don’t necessarily get along. “The relationship isn’t always functional. These are two guys who have been estranged for some time. John likes to wing it, see what happens. Jack’s more of a strategist.”

Still, the McClanes are able to put their differences aside to fight some baddies, although what particular type of baddies is still unclear. “I can’t say much about the villains without giving it away,” Courtney says. Hmm, maybe there’s something to the fact that all previous odd-numbered Die Hards have featured a Gruber?

A Good Day to Die Hard is slated to hit theaters on Feb. 14, 2013.

'Fire With Fire' trailer: Josh Duhamel strips down, shoots guns with Rosario Dawson -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

He’s a tall drink of water, that Josh Duhamel, and he shows off his best assets — literally — as a firefighter who witnesses a murder in the official trailer for his upcoming action thriller Fire With Fire, also starring Bruce Willis, Rosario Dawson, and Vincent D’Onofrio.

The Lionsgate movie is being released Nov. 6 direct to Blu-ray, DVD, Digital Download, On Demand and Pay-Per-View, instead of in movie theaters.

Check out an exclusive peak at the official trailer, below.

Toronto Film Festival: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis at 'Looper' opening night premiere make audience gasp, cheer


Joseph Gordon-Levitt sat on the edge of his balcony seat, crouched forward, hands clasped, his dark double-breasted jacket draped next to him, as he, and his Looper costars Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt, along with close to 2,600 other people, watched the sci-fi thriller at Toronto’s enormous Roy Thomson Hall for its Toronto International Film Festival premiere, kick-starting the fest Thursday night.


Casting Net: Bruce Willis aiming to play CIA agent in 'American Assassin.' Plus: Chris Evans, Michelle Monaghan, Christopher Plummer

• Chris Evans will try to woo Michelle Monaghan in the oddball romantic comedy A Many Splintered Thing. The meet-cute premise: Evans (who is also exec producing) masquerades as a well-heeled benefactor at a charity event, and falls for Monaghan, already engaged to another man. Commercial director Justin Reardon will helm the film from a Black List script by Christ Shafer and Paul Vicknair. [Deadline]

Christopher Plummer and Rosamund Pike (Wrath of the Titans) have joined Hector and the Search for Happiness, an adaptation of the François Lelord novel about the titular psychiatrist (Simon Pegg) and, well, his search for happiness. Pike will play the love interest; Plummer will play a professor in Happiness Studies. Peter Chelsom (SerendipityShall We Dance) will direct from a script he co-wrote with Tinker Lindsay. [Variety]

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'Looper' clip: Joseph Gordon-Levitt would like Bruce Willis to 'do what old men do, and die'

In anticipation of its premiere at the Toronto Film Festival next week, the first clip from the sci-fi thriller Looper hit the Web today, featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis as the same man, 30 years apart. The younger man (Gordon-Levitt) is one of the titular Loopers, a class of mob assassin tasked with offing marks zapped from the future — until their loop is “closed” when they have to kill their future self (in this case, Willis).

Confused? Don’t sweat it too much. As Willis himself makes clear in this clip, trying to figure out the metaphysics of time travel is an exercise in futility. Much more important, to the characters and to the film: What would happen if you had to face down your future self?

Check out the clip below:  READ FULL STORY

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