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Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann don't want you to pre-judge Kate Upton (but explain why it's okay if you do) -- LISTEN

Have you seen Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton discuss bikini waxes on Moviefone’s Unscripted? If so, you know that Diaz has promised to teach Upton how to give herself one, but also that the media tour for their film The Other Woman has been an entertaining one. Diaz and Mann stopped by Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM 105) to talk with “Women on Pop” hosts Melissa Maerz and Sara Vilkomerson about the revenge comedy’s spot in the “9 to 5 genre,” the best way to get over a cheater in real life (bonus: Mann outs a guy who crossed her by name), and how many interviewers have asked Upton about her boobs. “It’s shocking what people say,” Mann says. “The camera goes on, and the interviewer asks about her boobs…. I said once, ‘Well, how is your vagina? What’s your vagina like?’”

Diaz, a model-turned-actress herself, has felt pre-judged and underestimated in the past. “But it’s awesome,” she says, “because then you’re at an advantage. They’re projecting onto you what they think that you are. The position that you’re in is to be able to be who you are and to put it on them to have to accept that. If they can’t, then that’s their problem, but you get to still just be who you are, instead of having to be who they want you to be. But sometimes,” she continues, “you can pretend to be who they want you to be, which is the best part, because then they’re at a disadvantage because you’re so much more than what they think and you kinda have the upper hand…. [You're smarter] than they give you credit for, which is really what happens with Kate all the time.”

Listen to the interview below. In the second clip, Diaz, a Game of Thrones fan, weighs in on the controversial scene between her Other Woman co-star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime) and Lena Headey (Cersei) in the April 20 episode and what she’ll be watching for next.  READ FULL STORY

'Sex Tape': Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel share their love in NSFW trailer -- VIDEO


As everyone knows, personal sex tapes are only meant for you, your loved one, and people with an active PayPal account. They aren’t for your boss or your neighbor, or heaven forbid, your mother. But that’s what happens to Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz in Sex Tape, the raunchy new comedy from director Jake Kasdan (Bad Teacher).


New 'Annie' trailer: Quvenzhane Wallis sings, Cameron Diaz sasses -- VIDEO

It’s a hard knock life for Annie in the new official trailer for Will Gluck’s modern-day update of the classic comic and musical.

Beasts of the Southern Wild breakout Quvenzhané Wallis stars as the orphaned heroine who gets rescued from Miss Hannigan’s (Cameron Diaz) care to be used as political bait for Jamie Foxx’s wealthy Benjamin Stacks.

For those fond of John Huston’s 1982 classic, this new take on Annie might be a little bit of a shock. The costumes and sets are bright and over the top, “Tomorrow” sounds ever so slightly Auto-Tuned, and the current pop culture references seem to fly fast and furiously.

Check out the trailer after the jump. READ FULL STORY

'The Other Woman' trailer: Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton form unlikely bond -- VIDEO

The first theatrical trailer for upcoming film The Other Woman finds Leslie Mann, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Upton teaming up to get back at the man who’s been stringing all three of them along at once.

The trailer for the upcoming comedy sets up the storyline for the film, in which a successful lawyer (Diaz) finds out her boyfriend (Game of Thrones‘ Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) is actually married. After meeting his wife (Mann), the two women form an unlikely friendship and team up to get revenge on the man who scorned them both, only to find out that he’s been cheating on both of them with yet another woman (Kate Upton). The two women quickly recruit the other and the three of them set out to get even with the man who’s been lying to them all.

Watch the trailer for The Other Woman below:

Cameron Diaz is the H-bomb as 'Annie's Miss Hannigan -- PHOTO

It didn’t take Cameron Diaz long to make a splash on Twitter. Since belatedly joining the social network last week, she’s attracted more than 214,000 followers. She’s bound to pick up a few more with her most recent tweet on Tuesday, which included a selfie and an introduction. “I want you to meet someone. Her name is Ms. Hannigan. She ain’t nice and she ain’t pretty.”

Diaz, of course, is playing Miss Hannigan in the upcoming remake of Annie, which stars Quvenzhane Wallis and Jamie Foxx. Wallis will certainly be different from the traditional red-headed orphan of old, and Diaz will understandably be a little different, too. But I think we know all that we need to from her cockeyed stare and bling-y H-Bomb necklace. I love you, Miss Hannigan. READ FULL STORY

Michael Fassbender, Javier Bardem and more act naughty in 'The Counselor' trailer -- VIDEO


Have you been bad?

Michael Fassbender certainly has, as noticed in The Counselor‘s new trailer (which is thankfully in English this time.) The star-studded flick features performances by Fassbender, Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz, Brad Pitt and Cameron Diaz — not to mention a screenplay by Cormac McCarthy, all brought together under the guidance of director extraordinaire Ridley Scott.

Obviously Fassbender’s character has been up to no good and even though he has a beautiful fiancee (Cruz) and a seemingly fanciful life, the drug world is just a little too dark to keep your hands completely clean. Check out the trailer below: READ FULL STORY

'The Counselor' trailer: Michael Fassbender makes bad look good in Cormac McCarthy thriller -- EXCLUSIVE


“Have you been bad?” Penélope Cruz asks of her fiancé, the titular lawyer played by Michael Fassbender, at the end of the new trailer for The Counselor. From the looks of things, the answer is a resolute “Yes.”

Despite the fact that the title sounds like an adaptation of a middling John Grisham novel, Ridley Scott’s latest feature was written by Cormac McCarthy in what is his first original screenplay. Fassbender stars as a man seduced by the promise of easy cash who eventually gets drawn into a seedy world of vicious criminals, international drug-running, beheaded motorcyclists, and at least a couple of cheetahs. The cast also includes Javier Bardem, Brad Pitt, and Cameron Diaz, who looks like she’s gotten her hands on a pretty meaty role. Check out the trailer below.

Cameron Diaz to play Miss Hannigan in 'Annie' -- Report

Cameron Diaz will reportedly play the boozy shrew who manages the run-down orphanage in Annie, the upcoming cinematic adaptation starring Quvenzhane Wallis (Beasts of the Southern Wild) as the adorable orphan and Jamie Foxx as an updated Daddy Warbucks named Benjamin Stacks. Deadline reported that the Bad Teacher star would join the musical, which is being directed by Will Gluck (Easy A) and produced by Will Smith and Jay-Z. Sandra Bullock reportedly had been in talks for the role, which was most famously played by Carol Burnett in the 1982 movie-musical.

Read more:
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'The Counselor': First look at Michael Fassbender, Penelope Cruz, and Cameron Diaz in Cormac McCarthy thriller -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS

It’s never too late to sell your first script. Of course, it helps if you’re Pulitzer Prize-winning prose maestro Cormac McCarthy. While a number of McCarthy’s novels have been successfully translated into films — All the Pretty Horses, No Country for Old Men, The Road — Ridley Scott’s upcoming The Counselor is the first to be based on an original screenplay by the author himself. Scott had previously circled an adaptation of McCarthy’s 1985 masterpiece Blood Meridian, a project that has been killed more times than the characters in its pages.

The director re-teams with Prometheus’ Michael Fassbender, who stars as a lawyer looking to make a little extra money by getting involved in a one-off drug deal. Unsurprisingly, things do not exactly go well. More specifically, they devolve into a nightmarish imbroglio of backstabbing and existential violence. Based on the dialogue-free pages of the screenplay excerpted earlier this month in The New Yorker, the film appears to share the sparse, bloody undertones of 2007’s similarly Southwest-set No Country for Old Men. Brad Pitt, McCarthy alum Javier Bardem, Cameron Diaz, and Penélope Cruz all round out the impressive cast. Check out these another exclusive image from the film below and ponder all the terrible, vivid ways in which these characters are probably going to die.

Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender speak Cormac McCarthy's language in Russian trailer for 'The Counselor' -- VIDEO

All trailers for Ridley Scott movies based on Cormac McCarthy screenplays must be in Russian!

The Counselor, which stars Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender, Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz, and Cameron Diaz, opens in the U.S. on Oct. 25, but the Kremlin got the first look at this dark tale. Fassbender plays the counselor in question, who learns the hard way that you can’t be just “a little” involved with the drug trade. The mere plucking of that wire-clothesline — essentially a highway garrote — sets the tone for this dusty, stylistic journey into the heart of McCarthy’s west.

Plus, cheetahs. The visuals alone look like McCarthy penned his own southwest version of Scarface. READ FULL STORY

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