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'Bad Country' trailer premiere: Contract killers, Neo-Nazis, and Bayou noir


If you want to bring down a crime ring, you have to start thinking like a criminal. Any good movie cop knows that, and Willem Dafoe’s Bud Carter is no exception.

In Bad Country, Bud Carter teams up with Matt Dillon’s Jesse Weiland, an incarcerated man with Aryan Brotherhood affiliations, to try to uncover a larger, more sinister organization plaguing the Bayou environs. “He’s the ticket to something big,” Bud tells his fellow cops. Bud needs Jesse, and Jesse just wants to get back to his wife (played by Amy Smart) and his kid, so he becomes an informant for the people who put him behind bars in the first place. There’s a hit list, a body count, and a number of exploding cars.

The 1983-set film is the directorial debut of Boondock Saints producer Chris Brinker, who died suddenly in February at the age of 42 while the movie, previously titled Whiskey Bay, was in post-production. Tom Berenger, Neal McDonough, and Christopher Denham also star.

With its mysterious plot, shifting allegiances, moody music, and mustachioed men with agendas, Bad Country looks like a fun tribute to late 70s and early 80s-era crime thrillers. The stakes are real, and so are the awesome Southern noir hats and pinstripe suits. Take a look at EW’s exclusive premiere of the trailer after the jump and let us know what you think.


'Boondock Saints' producer Chris Brinker dies suddenly from aortic aneurysm

Forty-two-year-old producer and director Chris Brinker died suddenly Friday morning, EW confirmed. According to a report, Brinker began experiencing chest pains late Thursday night. Doctors were unable to treat the extensive damage from the aortic aneurysm.

Producer Lloyd Segan, who was working with Brinker on his next project Baby Proof, told EW “He was a dear friend of a whole lot of people including me. It’s very tough. I want people to know what an amazing person he was and an inspiration too. I’ve known him since he was in college, since he was an intern for me. So it’s a long time. He’s a phenomenal human being. He was an extraordinary man in every single way.”

Brinker’s directorial debut Whiskey Bay, with Matt Dillon and Williem Dafoe, is currently in post-production, but he is perhaps best-known for producing The Boondock Saints and its sequel. Segan, who also served as a producer on both films, called Brinker and Troy Duffy “the heart and soul of the Boondock Saints franchise. It was Chris who really pushed — every way believing in that movie. I would not have been involved in that film at all but for him.”

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